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Listings for 4music on Tuesday, July 14 2020

03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00All The Hits, All Summer Long! We've got the biggest hits and the hottest videos right now to last you all summer long! 
08:00Fresh Mornings Your day starts here! Join us as we've compiled for you all the freshest hits from your favourite artists that'll help you get ready for the day ahead in no time! 
09:00Top 10: UK Hotlist: Kiss Edition We count down the UK's 10 hottest new beats, as compiled by Spotify. Check out this mix of rap, R&B, soul, grime and more. Keep it locked. 
09:504Music's Latest Vids We're bringing you the newest and best videos right now to see you through the night! 
10:0020 Songs Famously Written By... Box Hits' Alex Mansuroglu brings you a playlist full of the tunes that were sung by your favourite popstars but WRITTEN by your other favourite popstars including Maroon 5, Beyonce & Ri-Ri 
12:00The Showdown: Calvin Vs Sigala Two of dance music's biggest stars Calvin Harris & Sigala go head to head in a showdown of their biggest hits! Will Calvin give you the 'Feels'? Or will you have 'Easy Love' for Sigala? 
12:15Charmed Valhalley of the Dolls (Part 2/2): Phoebe, Paige, Leo and Darryl have escaped from Valhalla, but Piper has decided to stay behind and live as a Valkyrie. Leo is deeply suspicious of Chris. 
13:10Sabrina the Teenage Witch Salem's old acquaintance Duke arrives after having finished his exile from witchdom. He wants to fit in, but his magic isn't what it used to be. (S4e16) 
13:35Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sabrina finds out that Salem's daughter is getting married in the Other Realm and Salem hasn't seen her in decades. (S4e17) 
14:00Don't Tell the Bride Chris wants his bride to jump through hoops and plans to turn his wedding into an obstacle course. But tomboy Charlotte wants to feel girly on her big day. 
15:00Don't Tell the Bride Australian-born Adam is taking a risk planning an '80s Aussie soap' wedding when bride-to-be Rachel is hoping for something classy and sophisticated. 
16:00Charmed Forget Me... Not: When baby Wyatt brings a dragon to life, entities known as the Cleaners kidnap the youngster and erase all memories of his existence. Leo gives Chris a new assignment. 
17:00Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm suffers under his father's roller skating tutelage while Lois is sidelined with a nasty back injury. (S1, ep13) 
17:30Malcolm in the Middle While Lois goes out of town to visit Francis,Malcolm and his friends decide to build a robot.But the project gets hijacked by Hal,who reverts to his pre-marriage,wild-man persona. (S1,ep14) 
18:00Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sabrina has to fight a bad case of spring fever and deal with Dreama who has been turned into a mouse. (S4e18) 
18:30Sabrina the Teenage Witch When upset with all the rules in her life, Sabrina is sent to an old west town that has no rules. (S4e19) 
19:00Scrubs My Moment of Un-Truth Carla hounds Turk for checking out other women, while Elliot is put on the spot by Cox and Kelso. 
19:30Scrubs His Story II Turk is starting to feel nervous about his wedding day and accidentally cuts a young patient's nerve. Kelso and Cox fight for the attention of a new female doctor. 
20:00How I Met Your Mother No Questions Asked Daphne sends a text message to Lily revealing the truth about Marshall becoming a judge. Marshall begs Ted to sneak into Lily's room and delete it. (S9 Ep7/24) 
20:30How I Met Your Mother The Lighthouse When Robin and Loretta's conflict escalates, Barney is caught in the middle. Marshall and Daphne deal with a stowaway on their road trip. (S9 Ep8/24) 
21:008 Out of 10 Cats Uncut S16, E08. An extended edition of the show. Host Jimmy Carr and team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are joined by Lorraine Kelly, Freddie Flintoff, Josh Widdicombe and Rob Beckett. 
21:50Tattoo Fixers on Holiday In the sunny Mediterranean, Glen licks Gabriela's tattoo into shape, Sketch covers Eileen's saucy self-portrait, and Alice gives Aimee a confidence-boosting original. 
22:50Celebrity Coach Trip Day 5 and the coach has reached Savona in Italy, where some animal yoga gets Vicky's goat and a kayak game descends into predictable chaos. (S2 Ep5/10) 
23:50First Dates Abroad In Ireland, shy student Barry has his eyes opened by self-styled work of art Jordan, and outspoken office manager Kirk forgets his manners with fun-loving Carolyn. 
00:50Anger Management S01, E39. The popular US comedy starring Charlie Sheen as a former professional sportsman with anger management issues who now works as a therapist 
01:20Anger Management S2 E79. Charlie tries to help Patrick through a crisis of confidence by getting him stoned, and Ed and Lacey try to join forces to find a way to get revenge on Sean. 
01:45Anger Management S2 E80. When Charlie tricks Lacey into believing her father is broke, she gets engaged to an obnoxious billionaire. Meanwhile Nolan makes a business arrangement with Sean's strip club. 
02:10Anger Management S2 E81. Charlie tries to surprise Ed by inviting his wife to Thanksgiving dinner, but Ed shows up with his new girlfriend. 
02:35Confess Based upon the novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover. Auburn agrees to dinner with Owen, and finds herself falling for him, when she knows she shouldn't. 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.