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Listings for 4music on Saturday, August 18 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping 
07:30The Morning Hitlist Your day starts here! Join us as we count down all the greatest hits from your favourite artists that'll get you out of bed in no time! 
08:55VOTW: M & Diplo Check out The Box Plus Network's Video Of The Week! This is M & Diplo with their video for Sun In Our Eyes. 
09:0010 Hottest Tracks Right Now Tune in for your daily dose of the 10 hottest chart hits around! 
09:45Big Hits & Hot Vids If music videos are what you want then this is the place to be! We're playing nothing but the biggest tracks of the moment, non stop! 
10:00All-Star Summer Takeover Our favourite music stars are taking over the channel to control the tunes. Jason Derulo requests Flo Rida, Professor Green wants Rudimental, and The Vamps love a bit of Bruno Mars! 
11:00UK Music Video Chart Top 10 We've teamed up with YouTube to compile a chart of the most watched videos that's packed with future hits and all the biggest tracks around! 
11:50Fresh Focus: Grace Carter Welcome to the home of brand new music! We meet Grace Carter, who performs live and exclusively for Box Fresh. 
12:00UK HOTLIST Top 20 Will Best counts down the UK's most-streamed tracks of the week, as compiled by Spotify. 
13:40Everybody Wants Summer Hits We head out to find your favourite tracks of the summer! 
14:50Xena: Warrior Princess Joxer's wins at a gambling palace set him up for a con and then a beating. Xena drafts the con artists to avenge the beating, with their less-than-wholehearted cooperation. 
15:50Xena: Warrior Princess When Julius Caesar captures Vercinix, Xena captures Crassus to trade for him. But Crassus plays with Gabrielle's head during the trip, leading her to doubt Xena's motives and judgment. 
16:45Charmed Cheaper by the Coven When Paige and Phoebe summon Grams, she puts a spell on Wyatt and Chris to end their sibling rivalry that backfires and turns the Charmed Ones into bickering teens. 
17:35Charmed Charrrmed! Paige meets an 18th-century pirate captain who is cursed to grow old but never die. She inherits his misfortune and her siblings must save her by finding the Fountain of Youth. 
18:25Charmed Styx Feet Under Paige casts a spell that inadvertently blocks all deaths as she attempts to stop a demon murdering his human relatives. Then an annoyed Angel of Death turns up to complain 
19:20Charmed Once in a Blue Moon: The Elders assign a new whitelighter to the sisters, but the newcomer is immediately put in grave danger. Brody tells Paige about a powerful new threat to the family. 
20:05Keeping Up With The Kardashians When Kris sees how deeply Khlo is struggling, she urges Rob to reconnect with his sister and best friend. Kourtney worries that she will give Scott mixed messages if she joins him in Vegas 
21:008 Out of 10 Cats S18, E01 Jimmy Carr returns with team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock for a new series of the popular panel show. Guests: Jack Dee, Rob Beckett, Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney, Jamie Laing. 
21:508 Out of 10 Cats S18 E2. Jimmy Carr hosts the comedy statistics quiz, with team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson and guests Henry Winkler, Henning Wehn, Romesh Ranganathan and Rebecca Adlington. 
22:40King Of The Hill Hank and his friends work to build a haunted house for the school's Halloween celebrations, but they cross swords with a local church leader who disapproves of the holiday. 
23:05King Of The Hill Hank finds himself facing a possible jail sentence after mistakenly buying crack cocaine to use as fish bait. 
23:35King Of The Hill When Bobby gets the opportunity to be a model for a plus-sized clothing line, Hank worries that his son will be humiliated and tries to discourage him from taking the job. 
00:00Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents Welcome to the town of Magaluf as two very different groups of friends go on their first holiday without their parents. This time it's fitness fanatic Rhys and gymnast Kiran. 
01:20Vampires Suck Film Comedy spoof from the makers of Scary Movie. Becca Crane finds her heart torn between an attraction to two boys: Edward Sullen and Jacob White, both of whom harbour supernatural secrets. 
02:45King Of The Hill Hank and his pals get into a squabble with a group of teenage rock music fans and attempt to beat them at a game of paintball. 
03:054Music's Latest Vids We're bringing you the newest and best videos right now to see you through the night! 
03:30Teleshopping Teleshopping 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping