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Listings for BBC 2 on Wednesday, June 3 2020

02:30This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two. 
06:30Jay Blades' Home Fix 7/10. Jay demonstrates how to make a closet organiser, Danny Clark gives us a lesson in hedge trimming, and Alyse Folwer shows how easy it is to grow your own cucumbers. Also in HD. [S] 
07:15Garden Rescue 12/35. Single mum Nicky wants a fun, practical and social garden where her kids aren't embarrassed to bring friends... and she can proudly display her gnome collection! Also in HD. [S] 
08:00See Hear Yvonne and Julian get a sneak peak into life on the frontline through personal stories from the British Sign Language community. Also in HD. [S] 
08:30Close Calls on Camera 6/20. A group of friends are hiking the Lake District when one falls 650 feet. Also in HD. [S,AD,SL] 
09:00Canterbury Cathedral 3/3. A year in the life of Canterbury Cathedral. Canon Clare travels to York for the vote on women bishops and the cathedral remembers the First World War. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
10:00BBC News Twenty-four hours a day, the latest national and international stories as they break. Also in HD. [S] 
11:15Politics Live Jo Coburn and guests discuss the big political issues of the day. Includes live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions from midday. Also in HD. [S] 
13:00Letterbox 13/15. Mel Giedroyc presents the game show where pairs of contestants go head to head to crack a series of passwords in an attempt to take home 2,500 in cash. Also in HD. [S] 
13:30Nigel Slater's Simple Cooking Nigel Slater explores successful food marriages in the kitchen, turning the spotlight on surf and turf - the classic culinary pairing of fish and meat. Also in HD. [S] 
13:50Big Dreams Small Spaces 5/6. Monty Don helps gardeners transform their outdoor spaces. Monty visits two sets of ambitious gardeners, each facing challenges on a very different scale. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
14:50Carmen Jones Film Carmen, a worker in a wartime factory, falls in love with a soldier (Harry Belafonte). Also in HD. [1954] [S] 
16:30Len and Ainsley's Big Food... ...Adventure. 3/10. The pair hit central London, where Len has his first taste of Middle Eastern food. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
17:15Flog It! Flog It! celebrates its 1,000th episode, from Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire. Paul Martin and many of the experts look back at their favourite moments. Also in HD. [S] 
18:00Eggheads Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on probably the greatest quiz team in Britain. Also in HD. [S] 
18:30Animal Park 13/20. Kate and Ben find out if a blossoming giraffe bromance will have fatal consequences and meet an orphaned penguin forced to overcome a disability. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
19:00Your Home Made Perfect 5/8. Two architects compete using virtual reality to win a commission to remodel a home in Wiltshire. Will the finished build live up to the hopes of the family who live there? Also in HD. [S] 
20:00Springwatch Gillian Burke reveals the extraordinary camouflage tactics of some rock-pool inhabitants, and Chris Packham reveals how snails can use their shells to help them remember. Also in HD. [S] 
21:00Cardinal 1/6. Cardinal and Delorme are back on duty to investigate a truly chilling series of crimes. Contains some violence and some upsetting scenes. Also in HD. [S] 
21:45Cardinal 2/6. The kidnapper strikes again, and this time the choice of victim is particularly cruel. Contains some violence and some upsetting scenes. Also in HD. [S] 
22:30Grand Tours of Scotland Paul visits some of the most beautiful and remote spots in Britain. Crossing the Sea of the Hebrides, Paul heads to the Isle of Ewe, and onto the Summer Isles. Also in HD. [S] 
22:45Newsnight The day's important national and international news stories. With Emily Maitlis. Also in HD. [S] 
23:25Weather Weather bulletin. Also in HD. [S] 
23:30A Black and White Killing: The... ...Case That Shook America. 2/2. Mobeen Azhar travels to the heart of Oregon's racist prison gangs. Contains some strong language and some upsetting scenes. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
00:30See Hear Yvonne and Julian get a sneak peak into life on the frontline through personal stories from the British Sign Language community. Also in HD. [S] 
01:00Your Home Made Perfect 4/7. Two architects pitch their vision for remodelling a family home with a baffling layout. Also in HD. [S,SL] 
02:00The Real Marigold Hotel 2/4. The group travel to India's largest golden temple to explore Hinduism before taking a night train to Madurai to experience the sights and sounds of the Chithirai festival. Also in HD. [S,AD,SL] 
03:00This is BBC Two Highlights of programmes BBC Two.