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Listings for BBC Parliament on Friday, July 19 2019

00:45House of Lords: Trade Unions Business in the House of Lords from Thursday 18 July, including debates on the future of trade unions, and on the funding levels of public services that interact with young adults. 
07:50Transport Questions Questions in the House of Commons to the transport secretary Chris Grayling and his team of ministers, from Thursday 18 July. 
09:00Thursday in Parliament Highlights of proceedings in Parliament from Thursday 18 July presented by David Cornock. [S] 
09:30Lords Questions - Thursday Questions in the House of Lords from Thursday 18 July. 
10:00Live House of Lords Live coverage of the day's proceedings in the House of Lords, including the second reading of the EEA Nationals (Indefinite Leave to Remain) Bill. 
15:00Mayor's Question Time Recorded coverage of questions in the London Assembly to Mayor Sadiq Khan from Thursday 18 July. 
17:45BOOKtalk Mark D'Arcy in discussion with historian Katie Hickman about her new book "She-Merchants, Buccaneers and Gentlewomen: British women in India 1600-1900". 
18:00BBC Annual Report Committee Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee's session on the BBC annual report 2018-19 and TV licences for over-75s, from Wednesday 17 July. 
21:00Foreign Affairs Committee Foreign Affairs Committee's session on from FCO secure communications and handling of classified information, from Thursday 18 July. 
21:55This Week Andrew Neil reviews the political week with Michael Portillo, Alan Johnson, Miranda Green and Piers Morgan, and some of the team will also appear in a series of Grease-inspired films. [S] 
23:00The Week in Parliament A look back at the week in Westminster, presented by David Cornock. [S] 
23:30Prime Minister's Questions Coverage of questions in the House of Commons to Prime Minister Theresa May from Wednesday 17 July. 
00:15Politics Live (Later) Jo Coburn and guests discuss the big political issues of the day. [S] 
01:00House of Lords: European Nationals Business in the House of Lords from Friday 19 July, including the second reading of the EEA Nationals (Indefinite Leave to Remain) Bill. 
06:00Westminster Hall House of Commons proceedings in Westminster Hall from Tuesday 16 July.