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Listings for Cbeebies on Tuesday, February 25 2020

06:00Something Special Woof! Justin and his friends take Bonnie the dog for a wash and blow dry at the local dog groomers. Meanwhile, Mr Tumble attempts to dog train the Puppy. Also in HD. [S] 
06:20Baby Jake Baby Jake Loves Waving. The adventures of magical Baby Jake and friends. Baby Jake and Nibbles the Rabbit go on a countryside adventure and play waving. Also in HD. [S] 
06:35Twirlywoos Upside Down. Stop-motion programme. The Twirlywoos learn about upside down when they watch a gallery owner hanging paintings. They help put the Very Important Lady the right way up. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
06:45Raa Raa the Noisy Lion Raa Raa and the Funniest Laugh. Animation set in the Jingly Jangly Jungle. The gang are looking for things that make funny noises, but they can't find one that makes everyone laugh. Also in HD. [S] 
07:00Numberblocks Now We Are Six to Ten. Children's animation. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin a story all about Numberblocks Six to Ten. Learn all about the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Also in HD. [S] 
07:05Bing Presents. It's Christmas Day, and everyone is celebrating and opening presents at Bing's house. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
07:10Bing Snow. Bing can't wait to try out his new sledge, but the garden is too flat for sledging! Also in HD. [S,AD] 
07:20Hey Duggee The Sailing Badge. Animated preschool series. A giant, regal sailing ship runs aground on the beach, so the Squirrels go to investigate. Also in HD. [S] 
07:25Hey Duggee The Honey Badge. Animated preschool series. Duggee's made some delicious pancakes, but the clubhouse is out of honey. Time for the bees to get busy! Also in HD. [S] 
07:35Bitz & Bob Bevel Genie's Home Sweet Home. Animated preschool series. Bitz, Bob and Purl's treasure hunt turns into a hunt for Bevel Genie's lost genie lamp. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
07:45Peter Rabbit The Tale of the Puddleduck Disaster. Animated series. When Jemima is short on flapjack ingredients, she misunderstands Peter's advice and heads to Mr McGregor's garden. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
08:00Go Jetters Mount Rushmore, USA. Animated adventure comedy series. When the Grimbots add Glitch's face to those of the presidents on Mount Rushmore, they cause a major mudslide. Also in HD. [S] 
08:10Octonauts Leafy Sea Dragons. Animated deep sea adventures with Captain Barnacles and his explorers. Two young leafy sea dragons are accidentally brought onboard the Octopod. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
08:20Biggleton Lost Treasure. Preschool series. When a pirate arrives in town, the people of Biggleton help her find lost treasure. They soon realise it may not be gold coins she's looking for. Also in HD. [S] 
08:35Justin's House Super Justin. Justin Fletcher entertains with singing, dancing and comedy. When everybody decides to dress up as superheroes, Robert is disappointed as he doesn't have a costume. Also in HD. [S] 
09:00Tee and Mo Tomato. Preschool animation about a baby monkey and his mother. Mo wants Tee to try new food, but Tee is not convinced. Can Mo get him interested? Also in HD. [S] 
09:05Yakka Dee Top. Dee encourages a friend to say 'top' and we go on a whirlwind word adventure! We see lots of different tops - a new top, a soft top, a scratchy top and some matchy tops! Also in HD. [S] 
09:15Alphablocks Van. The adventures of 26 lively letters who can make words come to life by holding hands. J is convinced she's a jaybird - but she just can't seem to fly. Also in HD. [S] 
09:20It's Timmy Time Timmy's Snowman. Yabba makes a fantastic snowman, so Timmy tries to outdo her with one of his own. Also in HD. [S] 
09:25Bing Fireworks. Children's animation series. Sula and Amma go round to Bing's house to watch the fireworks, and Bing thinks he is brave enough to watch the fireworks from the garden. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
09:30Twirlywoos More About Over. Stop-motion preschool programme. At a garden fete, the Twirlywoos watch a girl try to knock over a stack of cans with three balls and help her win a prize. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
09:45Something Special On the River. Justin and his friends paddle a bell boat, and Mr Tumble goes duck spotting. Also in HD. [S] 
10:05Teletubbies Custard Chaos. Preschool series. The Tubby Custard Machine careers crazily out of Home Dome and goes on a messy ride around Teletubbyland. Also in HD. [S] 
10:20The Baby Club Bath Toy. Nigel and Baby Bear invite babies and their grown-ups to explore bath toys through discovery, play, song and story. Also in HD. [S] 
10:35Hey Duggee The Key Badge. Animated preschool series. Roly is digging in the garden when his spade suddenly hits something. It's a key. But what does it do? Also in HD. [S] 
10:45Mister Maker's Arty Party Episode 21. Preschool art series. Mister Maker, Scrappz and the Mini Makers from Medway throw a party all about food! Also in HD. [S] 
11:05New: Let's Go for a Walk Bees and Compost Walk. Ranger Hamza and the Ramblers meet a fence-eating tree and wiggle like bees, all on a walk to a meadow to put vegetable cuttings in the composter. Also in HD. [S] 
11:20My Pet and Me Ducks. Series showing children what it really means to have a pet. Ferne visits Aaron and his pet ducks. Also in HD. [S] Followed by My Petsaurus. 
11:35Our Family Ottalies Grandma and Grandad Come to Visit. Preschool observational documentary series. Four-year-old Ottalie is visited by Grandad and Grandma and helps make an apple pudding. Also in HD. [S] 
11:45Tinga Tinga Tales Why Zebra Has Stripes. Stories telling a young audience how animals got their distinctive parts. Zebra tries on a black coat to hide better in the savannah, but it is too tight. Also in HD. [S] 
12:00My World Kitchen Aniyah's Brazilian Feijoada. Feijoada is a Brazilian stew containing black beans and... Also in HD. [S] Followed by Dipdap; The Line draws some smelly socks. Dipdap tries to get away from the smell. 
12:15Waffle the Wonder Dog Waffle Misses Doug. Preschool comedy drama series. Doug's mum Zoe brings surprises for the Brooklyn-Bells, but Waffle is sad because Doug is going to stay with her for a few days. Also in HD. [S] 
12:25Molly and Mack Big Hairy Spider. Daisy wants Mack to see Tara the Tarantula, but Mack is petrified. Molly realises why Mack is avoiding Daisy and helps him overcome his fear of big hairy spiders. Also in HD. [S] 
12:45Melody Little Blue Butterfly. Mixed-media music show. Mum and Melody visit a butterfly park, and Melody listens to Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin, imagining a little blue butterfly. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
13:00The Furchester Hotel Wake Up Call. Preschool puppet show. Funella has to remember to crow like a cockerel when a guest needs to wake up on time. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
13:10Yakka Dee Teddy. Dee encourages a friend to say 'teddy' and we go on a whirlwind word adventure! We see a rainbow teddy, a flying teddy, a fluffy teddy and even a flower teddy! Also in HD. [S] 
13:15Numberblocks Four. The animated adventures of friends who can always count on each other. Four is the new block on the block and he can't wait to share how much he loves to be square. Also in HD. [S] 
13:20Bing Bye Bye. Children's animation series. Bing plays enthusiastically with a new orange balloon and bursts it. Flop helps him put the fragments in the Bye Bye Box. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
13:30Twirlywoos Fitting Together. Stop-motion preschool series. The Twirlywoos learn how to fit pipes together when they create a surprising water feature, and the Very Important Lady falls apart. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
13:45Something Special: We're All... ...Friends. On the River. Justin and his friends paddle a bell boat, and Mr Tumble goes duck spotting. Also in HD. [S] 
14:05Teletubbies Circus. Preschool series. It's Teletubby Circus time! Tinky Winky balances on the tight rope, Dipsy juggles, Laa-Laa flies on the trapeze and Po is a funny clown. Also in HD. [S] 
14:20The Baby Club Wooden Spoon. Giovanna and Baby Bear invite babies and their grown-ups to explore wooden spoons through discovery, play, song and story. Also in HD. [S] 
14:35Pablo The Gift. Uncle John gives Pablo a toy car, but Pablo already has one that is exactly the same and thinks one of them needs to go back to the shops. But how to choose? Also in HD. [S,AD] 
14:45Our Family Maia Plans a Party. Preschool observational documentary series. Maia helps her family prepare for her little sister's birthday party. They play pass the parcel and dance together. Also in HD. [S] 
15:00Catie's Amazing Machines Underwater Machines. Preschool series. Catie tests out three amazing vehicles that travel underwater: a submarine, a speedboat that can go underwater and a scuba scooter. Also in HD. [S] 
15:15Swashbuckle Seafood a la Slurp. After boasting that he can make anything, Cook has to try and work out how to make Captain HeyHo's favourite meal - Seafood a la Slurp. Also in HD. [S] 
15:35Hey Duggee The Fashion Badge. Animated preschool series. Duggee's uniform is getting old and worn out. It's time he made himself a new outfit. Also in HD. [S] 
15:45Octonauts Manatees. Animated deep sea adventures with Captain Barnacles and his explorers. Running out of air, Barnacles struggles to free his paw from the mouth of a giant clam. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
16:00Love Monster Accidental Elder Day. Mistakenly believing that he has become an elder, Love Monster gets a job. Also in HD. [S] 
16:05New: Andy's Aquatic Adventures Andy and the Caimans. Andy embarks on an adventure to Bolivia in South America in search of a caiman eggshell. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
16:20Maddie's Do You Know? Traffic Lights and Emergency Lights. Maddie learns how traffic lights help vehicles travel safely through road junctions, then visits a factory making emergency warning lights. Also in HD. [S] 
16:35Peter Rabbit The Tale of the Angry Cat. Animated series. Peter accidentally brings home Mr McGregor's cat rather than a cart of freshly-picked brussels sprouts. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
16:50Go Jetters Caernarfon Castle, Wales. Animated adventure comedy series. How will the Go Jetters retrieve Xuli's treasured 'Academy Ace' flying trophy from Caernarfon Castle? Also in HD. [S] 
17:00Gigglebiz Gail Goes to Space. Gail Force rockets into space, Keith Fitt attempts to break a spacehopper world record, and Professor Muddles parties with some dancing animals. Also in HD. [S] 
17:15Waffle the Wonder Dog Waffle's Playdate. Evie, Waffle, Ruby and Jelly have a playdate. Mrs Hobbs has a delivery disaster. Also in HD. [S] 
17:30Molly and Mack The Great Detective. When Molly can't find Mack she decides to... Also in HD. [S] Followed by My Petsaurus; Chloe teaches Topsy to balance a treat on his horn, but it's a bit too tempting for Topsy. 
17:45Moon and Me Everything Smells Lovely. In the little Toy House, Pepi Nana shows everybody a book about the rain. In Storyland it's raining, so all of the friends share the umbrella. Also in HD. [S] 
18:10Clangers The Box. Stop-motion animation. Small finds some 'space treasure' but doesn't know what it is for. Then Tiny too finds her own space treasure - a strange box. Also in HD. [S,AD] 
18:20In the Night Garden Igglepiggle's Blanket in Makka Pakka's Ditch. Series for young children about a magical place. When Igglepiggle loses his blanket, Upsy Daisy helps him look for it. Also in HD. [S] 
18:50CBeebies Bedtime Stories Tom Odell - Bathroom Boogie. Shake your bristles with Tom Odell as he reads tonight's Bedtime Story. Find out what happens in your bathroom when everyone has gone. Also in HD. [S] 
18:58..programmes start at 6.00am  
00:58..programmes start at 6.00am No programme information available 
05:30This Is CBeebies This Is CBeebies. Welcome to the CBeebies channel. Programmes start at 6.00am. 
06:00Something Special Fruity Fun. Justin and friends go fruit picking, and Aunt Polly judges the Fabulous Fruit Competition. Also in HD. [S]