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Listings for Channel 4 on Saturday, February 23 2019

05:45The King of Queens Wish Boned Doug agrees to take Arthur on a trip to St Louis on the condition that he never has to see his naked back again. But all does not go to plan. 
06:10The King of Queens Van Go Doug upsets a waitress so much that she demands to have a fight with him once he has finished his meal. 
06:35Everybody Loves Raymond Robert's Rodeo When Robert is injured in the line of duty, Ray realises that he is partly, although unwittingly, responsible. 
07:00Everybody Loves Raymond The Tenth Anniversary When Debra discovers that Ray taped over their wedding video with the Super Bowl, he has to go to extreme lengths to make it up to her. 
07:25Frasier Space Quest Frasier is having a tough time finding some privacy, while Roz is busy debating the virtues of human contact. 
07:50Frasier Dinner at Eight Frasier and Niles decide to take Martin out for a tip-top meal but end up at his favourite restaurant - the Timber Mill House of Beef. 
08:15Frasier I Hate Frasier Crane When Frasier becomes the target of a hate campaign organised by a local newspaper columnist, Martin and Daphne encourage him to fight back. 
08:40The Big Bang Theory The Countdown Reflection Bernadette decides that she wants to get married to Howard before his Nasa space mission takes place, but can they get organised in time? (S5 Ep24/24) 
09:05The Big Bang Theory The Date Night Variable Howard gets caught in a row between his mum and Bernadette while he's at the International Space Station. Sheldon invites Raj along on a date with Amy. (S6 Ep1/24) 
09:35The Big Bang Theory The Decoupling Fluctuation Sheldon intervenes when he learns that Penny is thinking about breaking up with Leonard, but he is hampered by his inability to keep a secret. (S6 Ep2/24) 
10:00The Simpsons That 90s Show Homer reminisces about how he gave up his dreams of being a musician so that Marge could go to Springfield University. 
10:30The Simpsons I Love Lisa On Valentine's Day, Lisa takes pity on Ralph and gives him a card. But when Ralph falls in love with Lisa it leads to a bitter feud. 
11:00The Simpsons Love, Springfieldian Style On Valentine's Day, the Simpsons gets stuck in a tunnel. To pass time, Homer tells a romantic tale about Bonnie and Clyde. 
11:25The Simpsons Lady Bouvier's Lover Grampa and Mr Burns compete for the affections of Marge's mother. Can she resist Mr Burns' marriage proposal? 
11:55Four in a Bed The competition kicks off in north Norfolk at The Hero, run by best mates Harry and Rowan, who both quit university to follow their dream of becoming hospitality entrepreneurs. 
12:30Four in a Bed The second visit is to The Cleasewood Guest House in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, a labour of love for rookie B&B owners Debbie and Arthur Callaghan. But are towels hiding some dirty secrets? 
13:00Four in a Bed For the third visit of the week the B&B'ers head to Peel Hey on the Wirral, where boss Helen Holmes and assistant Suzanne hope their seven decades of experience will give them the edge. 
13:30Four in a Bed The final visit is to Four Saints Brig Y Don in Llandudno, where Egyptian-born owner Shoukry - with best friend Waguih believes his 'international standard' hotel will scoop him the prize. 
14:00Four in a Bed It's the final day and the B&B owners are meeting for the last time. Amid recriminations, accusations, and flaring tempers, the payments are revealed and the winner announced. 
14:30A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Rosemarie and Jeff from London are looking for the perfect holiday home on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Danni Menzies shows them five properties for their budget of 175,000. 
15:35Sun, Sea and Brides to Be In this episode, high heels and steep steps cause one bride a headache, and will a wedding cake mix-up spoil planner Aaron's best laid plans? (Ep5) 
16:35Location, Location, Location Phil Spencer catches up with Lauren and Paul in Hertfordshire - who previously struggled to find a house they both liked. There's also a return to Dave and Kerrie in Somerset. (S31 Ep8) 
17:35The Secret Life of the Zoo Tortoises Burt and Terrance, who've been best mates for 70 years, compete for the affections of breeding female Smooth Sides. Pregnant okapi K'Tusha is due to give birth. (S6 Ep7) 
18:35Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00The First Brit: Secrets of the... ...10,000 Year Old Man: This documentary follows an ambitious project that uses cutting-edge DNA analysis to accurately recreate the face of Britain's oldest complete skeleton, Cheddar Man. 
20:00Fantastic Four Film (2015) Marvel Comics' superhero adventure. After entering an alternative dimension, four people gain unwanted and dangerous superhuman powers, which they must use to save the human race. 
22:00The Boss Film (2016) Comedy starring Melissa McCarthy. A rich but unpleasant businesswoman must start again from nothing after she's jailed for insider trading. Very strong language/violence/drugs. 
00:00Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Film (2016) Jane Austen's classic romance meets violent, gory horror and deadpan comedy. Zombies have overrun 19th-century England. Lily James and Sam Riley star as Elizabeth and Mr Darcy. 
01:50The Last Leg The award-winning live satirical comedy. Host Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined by Michael Sheen and Roisin Conaty to dissect the week's news. (S16 Ep5/10) 
02:45Hollyoaks Omnibus Hollyoaks High hosts an 'inspiration' fundraising ball, but one resident crashes the party and Misbah discovers a shocking meme has been posted on social media that labels her a killer. [SL] 
04:50Come Dine with Me This edition comes from Bristol, where the competitive dining features a bit of manhandling, some dodgy 80s disco moments and an enormous handmade sausage. 
05:40Jamie's Comfort Food Jamie Oliver takes the nation's favourite dishes to the next level. In this episode Jamie cooks ravioli with a meat sauce. 
05:55The King of Queens Ice Cubed Carrie gets stranded in the snow, while Doug upsets a couple who offer him shelter from the bad weather.