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Listings for Channel 4 on Friday, July 29 2016

05:45Draw It! Mel Giedroyc hosts as two teams, made up of one contestant and one celebrity, put their drawing skills to the test. Today it's the turn of Brian Conley and Myleene Klass. 
06:10Dare to Believe: Ali Jawad Intimate profile of the Paralympic powerlifter who went from being born in the Lebanon without legs to competing on the biggest stage. He faced upset in 2012, can he turn it around in Rio? 
06:153rd Rock from the Sun World's Greatest Dick Dick forces a reluctant Tommy to attend a special school for gifted students. Sally is mistaken for a drag queen, while Harry learns how to do magic tricks. 
06:403rd Rock from the Sun My Mother the Alien Dick discovers he lacks nurturing skills when he accidentally kills Mary Albright's pet fish while she is away at a conference. 
07:053rd Rock from the Sun Gobble, Gobble, Dick, Dick The aliens are puzzled by the Thanksgiving holiday, but they invite Mrs Dubcek and her daughter to their first celebration. Tommy visits the local pool hall. 
07:30Everybody Loves Raymond Ray's Ring When Ray loses his wedding ring he is propositioned by an attractive woman at the airport. When Debra finds out what happened, she too pretends to be single... 
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond Frank Goes Downstairs After hurting themselves during a tryst, Ray and Debra say they fell down the stairs. But after Frank gets hurt doing some DIY they begin to feel guilty. 
08:30Frasier Frasier Crane's Day Off Frasier is off work sick with just his paranoia to keep him company, leading him to believe that everybody is after his job. 
09:00Frasier My Coffee with Niles After a year in Seattle, Frasier settles down with Niles to discuss what it has been like to be back together again. 
09:25Dare to Believe: Hannah Cockroft Portrait of the wheelchair athlete whose dad welded her first racing chair after she decided to follow her sporting dreams in spite of doctors saying she'd never live an independent life. 
09:30The Big Bang Theory The Extract Obliteration Sheldon gets excited when Stephen Hawking agrees to play against him in an online game. Penny signs up for a class at community college. (S6 Ep6/24) 
10:00The Big Bang Theory The Habitation Configuration Amy is upset when Sheldon fails to defend her in an argument with Wil Wheaton during the filming of a new episode of Fun with Flags. (S6 Ep7/24) 
10:30The Simpsons Fraudcast News When Mr Burns is reported dead, all the newspapers and news stations say what they really think of him. But the announcement is premature, and Burns takes his revenge. 
11:00The Simpsons Bart-Mangled Banner The family are arrested after Bart accidentally moons the American flag and Marge says on national television that all of Springfield hates America 
11:30Come Dine with Me In Dudley wannabe WAG Amanda takes on podium-dancing plumber Sophie, grow-your-own fan Ian, and super-critical Khakan in the culinary contest with 1000 at stake. 
12:00Channel 4 News Summary Includes news headlines and weather. 
12:05Come Dine with Me Grow-your-own fan Ian hosts the second dinner party in Dudley. 
12:35Come Dine with Me Super-critical Khakan hosts in Dudley, and his psychic reading gets short shrift from Ian, while Amanda reveals some surprising skills in order to put Khakan in his place. 
13:05Come Dine with Me It's crunch time in Dudley as the competition comes to an end. Podium-dancing plumber Sophie hosts, bringing the week to a climax with a spot of good old fashioned burlesque entertainment. 
13:35Glorious Goodwood Channel 4 Racing Nick Luck and the team present day four of Glorious Goodwood, including the King George Stakes, one of the fastest five-furlong sprints of the season. 
16:00The Question Jury New juror Natalie adds extra spice to the discussions that doesn't go down well with all other jurors. As they face their last chance to win any money the group becomes more divided. (Ep15) 
17:00Couples Come Dine with Me In and around Newcastle, Jamie and Georgi think Laura and Kevin's steak and chips is too basic, but is that just their posh palette? And someone's dessert almost goes up in flames! 
18:00The Simpsons The Joy of Sect The family joins a cult that brainwashes its disciples into believing they will be taken to the planet Blisstonia, but Marge manages to escape and stage a rescue. 
18:30Hollyoaks Darren allows Maxine and Minnie to stay, much to Nancy's annoyance. Mac is becoming more conscious of the age gap between him and Neeta. The Osbornes begin a hate campaign against Warren. 
19:00Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
20:00Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year George Clarke returns to present the 2016 Shed of the Year competition. The first two categories are Unique and Historic, including a Saxon longhouse and rotating shed. (S3 Ep1) 
21:00Celebrity First Dates Jess from Made in Chelsea, weather presenter Sian Lloyd, Daniel Brocklebank (vicar Billy from Corrie) and Musharaf from Educating Yorkshire go on dates with members of the public. (Ep4) 
22:00Friday Night Dinner The Carpet Cleaner It's Dad's annual hinge oiling evening but when he spills oil on Mum's beloved carpet, it's a race against time to clean it up before she finds out. (S4 Ep2/6) 
22:35Rude Tube: Super Pranks Alex Zane delivers a Top 50 countdown of Super Pranks from the worldwide web, featuring Zac Efron, who gets pranked in his own limo, and quite possibly the greatest drive-thru prank ever. 
23:35Man Down Big News Dan struggles to get his 'news' taken seriously, Brian meets the woman of his dreams, Nesta has a big problem to deal with, and 'Daddy' takes thing up a gear with Dan. (S3 Ep3/6) 
00:05Dare to Believe: Hannah Cockroft Portrait of the wheelchair athlete whose dad welded her first racing chair after she decided to follow her sporting dreams in spite of doctors saying she'd never live an independent life. 
00:10District 9 Film (2009) Sci-fi action-thriller. Extraterrestrials are stranded and maltreated in South Africa. And when they are moved to a detention camp, things turn violent. Very strong language. 
02:00Peep Show Mark's determination to get the woman of his dreams isn't hindered by the fact that she has a husband. (S9 Ep4/6) [SL] 
02:30I'm Spazticus Second series of the hidden camera show with a cast of disabled talent. This time, celebrities endorse a bizarre charity, a blind man walks a guide pig, plus some old favourites return. [SL] 
02:55Dare to Believe: Jordanne Whiley The Paralympic tennis player broke her legs 26 times as a child and was bullied due to brittle bone disease. Now she has Grand Slam titles, a bronze in 2012 and is going for gold in Rio. 
03:00Location, Location, Location Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer visit the prime commuter territory of Hertfordshire, helping newly-engaged Liz and Neil in Tring and David and Claire in St Albans. [SL] 
03:55George Clarke's Amazing Spaces George Clarke celebrates small design spaces. George meets a couple who plan to transform a 1960s ambulance into a campervan; and another who want to turn their basement into an aquarium. 
04:50Draw It! Mel Giedroyc hosts as two teams, made up of one contestant and one celebrity, put their drawing skills to the test. This time it's Brian Conley and Myleene Klass. 
05:10Phil: Secret Agent Down Under In Sydney, Phil Spencer helps Courtney Phipps and Craig Wright search for a two-bed apartment in the highly sought after Central City area.