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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Sunday, July 19 2020

06:00Everybody Loves Raymond Marie's Meatballs Ray asks Marie to teach Debra how to make her famous meatballs, to cure his wife's culinary inferiority complex. But Ray's plan has consequences... 
06:25Everybody Loves Raymond The Checkbook Ray runs into money trouble when he takes over the family finances to show Debra how easy it is. 
06:50Everybody Loves Raymond The Ride-Along Ray is initially bored when he goes for a ride in Robert's police car, but his disinterest is replaced by terror when they get caught in a hold-up. 
07:15The Big Bang Theory The 43 Peculiarity The guys notice that Sheldon disappears for 20 minutes after lunch every day. Filled with curiosity, they attempt to work out what he's been doing. (S6 Ep8/24) 
07:40The Big Bang Theory The Parking Spot Escalation When non-driver Sheldon finds out that his unused parking space at the university has been reallocated to Howard, he feels undermined. (S6 Ep9/24) 
08:00The Big Bang Theory The Fish Guts Displacement Sheldon begrudgingly takes care of Amy when she is sick. Bernadette arranges for Howard to go on a fishing trip with her macho father. (S6 Ep10/24) 
08:30Bake Off: The Professionals It's the quarter-final and the five remaining teams make macarons, cocktail-inspired desserts and a playtime-inspired showpiece, as they compete for a place in the semi-final. (S3 Ep8) 
09:30Live: Sunday Brunch Keith Duffy, Brian McFadden, Jimmy Akingbola and Lianne La Havas join Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer for food, music and chat. 
12:30The Simpsons That 90s Show Homer reminisces about how he gave up his dreams of being a musician so that Marge could go to Springfield University. 
13:00The Simpsons Who Shot Mr Burns? (Part 1/2): Mr Burns is shot - and everyone in Springfield has a motive. But which of his many enemies is the culprit? 
13:35Step Up All In Film (2014) The fifth movie in the Step Up dance drama series. The Mob split and Sean puts together a new crew to take part in a TV competition, leading to some ill-tempered confrontations. 
15:50Jimmy's Forest It's autumn. Jimmy Doherty meets a man who claims he can speak to owls, gets up close with a kestrel, makes ink from oak galls and discovers the natural properties of deer antlers. (Ep3) 
16:55A Place in the Sun Retired teacher Colin dreams of owning a Spanish bolthole where he can enjoy getaways in the sunshine. Ben Hillman lines up five properties for 100,000 on the eastern Costa del Sol. 
18:00Channel 4 News Channel 4's flagship news programme. Including the weather. 
18:30Escape to the Chateau It's wedding season, and Dick and Angel are busy with bookings. They also tackle a circus tent, plan two giant aviaries and take inspiration from Monet for a water lily pond. (S6 Ep3/8) 
19:30F1 Hungarian GP Highlights No one has won more times at the Hungaroring than Lewis Hamilton. He's looking for his eighth win this time, which would mean he's won almost a quarter of the races ever held here. 
22:00X-Men: Days of Future Past Film (2014) Violent action fantasy. In a post-apocalyptic future, mutants are being hunted to extinction by giant robots, so Wolverine's consciousness is sent back in time to destroy the threat. 
00:35Victor Frankenstein Film (2015) Fantasy horror. James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe star in an exploration of the life of the young medical student who discovers how to reanimate corpses. Gruesome scenes/violence. 
02:25Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA The saga of Boston eatery La Galleria 33 comes to a dramatic conclusion, as Gordon Ramsay gives restaurant owners and sisters Rita and Lisa an ultimatum. 
03:15Couples Come Dine with Me In Warwickshire, Katie and Clive, Hannah and Levi, and Bianca and Dave compete in a week featuring funny facial hair, soppy pet names and a saucy discovery. 
04:05Celebrity Snoop Dogs The celebrity property show with a unique film crew: the celebs' pampered pooches. A Labradoodle and two American spaniels show us their homes. Who do these loveable rogues belong to? (Ep4) 
04:30Grand Designs Australia David and Sarah love Tamborine Mountain, in Queensland, where they got married 22 years ago. They're now building a long-awaited home away from home there. (S8 Ep9) 
05:25All Star Driving School TOWIE legend James 'Arg' Argent, The Vamps' drummer Tristan Evans and Coronation Street's Mikey North join the All Star Driving School in a bid to bag their driver's licence. (S2 Ep1/15) 
05:50Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Naga Munchetty is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.