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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Saturday, July 11 2015

05:20Deal or No Deal Noel Edmonds presents the hit show in which players could win up to 250 grand. Players could also double their money with Box 23 - but are they brave enough to buy it with their winnings? 
06:10River Cottage Bites A bite-sized programme from River Cottage showing how to create culinary and gardening delights. 
06:20How I Met Your Mother Not a Father's Day Barney is so relieved to discover that a woman he slept with isn't pregnant that he creates a new holiday called Not a Father's Day. 
06:45How I Met Your Mother Woooo! Robin is still unemployed and has time to make friends with a new group of single girls. Barney convinces his boss to hire Ted to redesign his office building. 
07:10Everybody Loves Raymond Separation Debra gets upset when she finds out that her parents have separated. 
07:35Everybody Loves Raymond Frank Paints the House Frank offers to decorate Ray's house, but refuses to paint it the colour that Ray and Debra want. 
08:00The Morning Line Nick Luck and his guests are on the July course to preview a bumper day's racing on Channel 4, which will later screen 10 live races from three top tracks - Newmarket, York and Ascot. 
09:00Frasier Beloved Infidel Frasier and Martin finally discover something they have in common: they were both cheated on by their wives. 
09:30Frasier Selling Out Frasier is in a moral and ethical quandary. Should he or should he not do a commercial for a Chinese restaurant? Daphne offers her own unique advice. 
10:00The Big Bang Theory The Isolation Permutation Amy is heartbroken when she finds out that Penny and Bernadette went on a shopping trip to buy bridesmaids' dresses without her. (S5 Ep8/24) 
10:25The Big Bang Theory The Ornithophobia Diffusion Leonard and Penny attempt to spend time together as friends without anybody else around, while Sheldon faces his fear of birds. (S5 Ep9/24) 
10:55The Big Bang Theory The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition Stuart from the comic book shop invites Amy out on a date. Consumed by jealousy, Sheldon then asks her to be his girlfriend. (S5 Ep10/24) 
11:25The Simpsons Lisa the Sceptic During a school archaeological dig, Lisa finds the skeleton of an angel on the site where a new shopping mall is to be built. 
11:55The Simpsons Realty Bites Marge takes a job with Lionel Hutz's Red Blazer Realty, an estate agency, but begins to question her morals when she has to sell properties that aren't quite up to scratch. 
12:25The Simpsons Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish Mr Burns gets into trouble when Bart and Lisa find a three-eyed fish near his nuclear power station. 
12:55Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister is back with just as cheeky and daft, if a little less rude, video clips. Look out for a dog who wears shoes and a cat with a mean punch. 
13:25Channel 4 Racing From Newmarket, York and Ascot Presenters: Nick Luck and Emma Spencer; Reporters: Gina Harding and Alice Plunkett; Commentary/analysis: Simon Holt, Graham Cunningham and Mick Fitzgerald. 
16:10Come Dine with Me Weston-super-Mare. Zumba teacher Amanda offers her guests a Somerset menu. Her night starts with some friendly banter, but then young upstart Harry tries to guess everyone's age. (Ep1/5) 
16:45Come Dine with Me Weston-super-Mare. Rugby-mad Harry intends to impress his guests with Hungarian classics, including beef in hunter's sauce. But shocking stories and revenge are also on the menu. (Ep2/5) 
17:15Come Dine with Me Weston-super-Mare. Nancy throws an Austrian-themed party with Wiener schnitzel and venison stew. There's also yodelling lessons and a dessert that inspires extreme criticism. (Ep3/5) 
17:45Come Dine with Me Weston-super-Mare. Chris hosts an evening based on his love of all things African, with savoury donuts, deep-fried beef, an exotic dessert and African dancing. (Ep 4/5) 
18:15Come Dine with Me Weston-super-Mare. Tracy hosts the final night of the competition. Her black-tie-and-ballgowns evening is based around her love of dance, and includes dance lessons for her guests. (Ep5/5) 
18:40Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00Walking Through History Brontė Country Tony Robinson explores spectacular walks around Britain's historic landscapes. In this edition, he tours the places in Yorkshire that inspired the Brontė sisters to write. 
20:00The Secret World of Lego This documentary goes behind the doors at Lego's headquarters, meeting some of the notoriously secretive superbrands's key people and revealing more about its company DNA than ever before. 
21:00Ted Film (2012) Adult comedy-drama about the relationship between a man, a woman and the man's toy bear. With Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Seth MacFarlane. Very strong language/sex/drugs. 
23:05Hot Tub Time Machine Film (2010) Sci-fi comedy starring John Cusack. Four discontented men find a portal through time back to the 1980s. Crude humour/very strong language/sexual scenes/drug use. 
01:00The Last Leg Adam Hills and co-hosts Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker tear into the week's main talking points, joined by a live studio audience and celebrity guest. (S6 Ep3/11) 
01:55Hollyoaks Omnibus Lockie and Porsche are at breaking point, and Ben's history catches up with him. Robbie flies into a fit of rage, while Mercedes confronts the truth, with life-changing consequences. [SL] 
04:05The Renovation Game In Devon, Simon O'Brien and the team are geared up to make over a house belonging to a young family. They have shed-loads of work to do in just three days - will they manage it? 
05:00Secret Eaters Anna Richardson presents the series that puts a household under 24-hour surveillance to discover if the residents are Secret Eaters. Ray and Ange from Bolton are keen to lose weight. 
05:55Draw It! Mel Giedroyc hosts, while two teams, made up of one contestant and one celebrity, put their drawing skills to the test. Nadia Sawalha and Anton du Beke begin the series.