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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Saturday, May 30 2015

05:50The Common Denominator Three contestants face a serious mental workout as they attempt to pull together two clues that seemingly couldn't be further apart on their way to 10,000. Phil Spencer hosts. 
06:15How I Met Your Mother Aldrin Justice Barney seduces Marshall's professor in the hope that she'll give the class higher marks, but she ends up grading Barney's performance in the bedroom. 
06:40How I Met Your Mother Swarley Barney is accidentally called Swarley by Chloe, the coffee house waitress, leading an amused Ted and Marshall to call him by this name all day. 
07:05Transvulcania Ultra Marathon La Palma is the venue for this 83km ultra marathon, with over 1000 international runners taking on a total of 8500 metres of ascent on the island's spectacular volcanic landscape. 
07:30FIM Superbike World Championship Highlights of Round 6 from Donington Park. As the season reaches its halfway point, Jonathan Rea tops the standings ahead of fellow Brits Leon Haslam, Tom Sykes and Chaz Davis. 
08:00The Morning Line Gina Harding and guests are at Haydock Park to preview a big day's racing on Channel 4, while Nick Luck reports from Tom Dascombe's Manor House Stables in Cheshire. 
09:00Everybody Loves Raymond The Family Bed Ally is constantly getting into bed with her parents, complaining of monsters in her room. Sleep-deprived Ray tries everything to solve the problem. 
09:30Everybody Loves Raymond Good Girls Marie is thrilled to learn that Robert's new girlfriend is a virgin, so Ray tries to convince her that Debra is a 'good girl' too... 
10:00Frasier Semi-Decent Proposal Frasier agrees to escort his former high school prom queen to her surprise birthday party but his goal is to spend time with her attractive friend. 
10:30Frasier A Passing Fancy Frasier tutors Lorna's son Kirby in exchange for a date with Claire, while Roz gets a day off as a reward for taking Kirby to the prom. 
11:00The Big Bang Theory The Roommate Transmogrification Raj decides to become Sheldon's flatmate after hearing Leonard and Priya engaging in a Star Trek bedroom fantasy. (S4 Ep24/24) 
11:30The Big Bang Theory The Contractual Obligation Implementation Leonard, Sheldon and Howard are forced to volunteer for a university committee. Raj plans a stress-free date with Lucy. (S6 Ep18/24) 
12:00The Big Bang Theory The Closet Reconfiguration When Howard and Bernadette get Sheldon to organise their untidy closet, Sheldon finds an unopened letter from Howard's long-absent father. (S6 Ep19/24) 
12:25Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Scars As tensions rise between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Inhumans, Skye finds herself torn between the groups. And Agent Coulson sheds some light on what the Theta Protocol is. (S2 Ep20/22) 
13:25Channel 4 Racing From Haydock Park, York, and Newmarket. Nick Luck and the team present nine live races including the six furlong, 90,000 Sandy Lane Stakes. Plus, news ahead of the Derby and Oaks. 
16:15Pride & Pejudice Film (2005) Witty romantic costume drama. Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen star in Joe Wright's acclaimed adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel. With Brenda Blethyn and Tom Hollander. 
18:40Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
19:00Inside Jaguar: Making a Million... ...Pound Car: In 1963, Jaguar produced 12 Lightweight E-Types. Now their craftsmen are creating six more, costing more than 1 million each and going to specially-chosen customers. 
20:00Walking Through History Tony Robinson walks from Liverpool to Wigan, tracing the story of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal's chaotic construction and its dramatic impact on the development of Lancashire. 
21:00The Woman in Black Film (2012) Hammer horror. Daniel Radcliffe stars as a Victorian lawyer called to a remote house to prepare it for sale. But the property is supposedly haunted and the locals have dark secrets. 
22:55The X Files: I Want to Believe Film (2008) Mulder and Scully (David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson) return to the FBI fold to find missing agents with the help of a psychic paedophile priest (Billy Connolly). Some gory scenes. 
01:00Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes Jimmy Carr delivers more of his cynical take on life's little absurdities in his trademark deadpan style, recorded at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London. 
01:55Hollyoaks Omnibus Nico makes a startling discovery, while Kim uses a dark secret to her advantage and Ben's suspicions about Jason grow. Porsche is terrified when she finds out about Reenie's release. [SL] 
04:05Grand Designs Australia Australian version of the architecture show. In this episode, host Peter Maddison meets Chris, who is rebuilding his dream home, which was destroyed in 2009's Black Saturday bushfires. 
05:00Phil: Secret Agent Down Under Phil Spencer puts his Secret Agent powers to good use in Adelaide, helping the Jacksons from Yorkshire, who want a family home that's close to the beach in the southern suburbs. [SL] 
05:55How I Met Your Mother Atlantic City Lily and Marshall are ecstatic to be reunited and plan to elope to Atlantic City to get married. Will their wedding plans go without a hitch?