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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Saturday, April 27 2019

05:15The 100K Drop Davina McCall is joined by Daryl and Laura, a couple from Gateshead, and friends Terry and Jenny from Lancashire. Will they manage to leave with the cash? (S1 Ep34) 
06:05The King of Queens Fresh Brood Doug borrows a baby from Danny to prove to Carrie that they're ready for a family. Arthur thinks he deserves to be a coffee shop's customer of the month. 
06:30The King of Queens Gambling N'Diction After she beats him and his friends in a friendly poker game, Doug convinces his mother to try to enter a high-stakes tournament. 
06:55Everybody Loves Raymond High School Ray accompanies Debra to a high school reunion, where he is unmasked as a former nerd and, worse still, Debra was one of the cool kids who used to tease him. 
07:20Everybody Loves Raymond The Letter Debra decides to write a letter to Marie to tell her to stop interfering after ruining her Tupperware party, but a shocked Ray tries to intercept the note. 
07:45Everybody Loves Raymond Civil War Ray volunteers for a Battle of Gettysburg re-enactment to spend some quality time with his father - although they are fighting on opposite sides. 
08:10Frasier The Show Must Go Off Frasier and Niles try to revitalise the career of their boyhood actor idol, only to learn that he stinks. With Sir Derek Jacobi and Patrick Macnee. 
08:35Frasier Sliding Frasier In homage to the romantic film Sliding Doors, two radically different versions of Frasier's love life unfold. 
09:05Frasier Hungry Heart In a comedy of mistaken identity, Frasier intercedes to save station manager Kenny's marriage by diverting him from a rendezvous. 
09:35Women's Football World with... ...Coca-Cola: Clare Balding goes behind the scenes at league leaders Arsenal, and Liv Cooke challenges England and Reading winger Gemma Davison to her 'Bin It to Win It' challenge. 
10:05The Big Bang Theory The Misinterpretation Agitation A smitten doctor turns up at Penny's door after her flirtatious sales techniques on behalf of the pharmaceutical company work too well. (S8 Ep7/24) 
10:35The Big Bang Theory The Prom Equivalency The girls decide to re-enact their high-school proms with their current partners, so they recreate the event on the roof of the apartment building. (S8 Ep8/24) 
11:00The Big Bang Theory The Septum Deviation When Leonard has to have minor surgery on his nose, Sheldon is the one who seems to need sympathy. Raj is upset when his parents split up. (S8 Ep9/24) 
11:25The Simpsons Little Big Girl Lisa invents fragments of her family's history to impress her classmates and score well on a school project. As her story gains notoriety, she feels increasingly guilty. 
11:55The Simpsons Springfield Up Famous filmmaker Declan Desmond (voiced by Eric Idle) arrives in town to chronicle the residents' lives for his series Growing Up Springfield. 
12:25Four in a Bed The competition starts at Chimneys B&B in Holbrook, Suffolk, where owner Carolyn Spilling, joined by friend Delia Duell, hopes her up-tempo personality will be a hit with the guests. 
12:55Four in a Bed The second visit of the week is to Copperfields Guest House in Broadstairs, Kent, where owners Neale and Julie Taylor hope their exclusively vegetarian B&B will stand out from the crowd. 
13:25Four in a Bed For the third visit of the week the group head to The George and Abbotsford in Melrose, Scotland, where host Andrea Gardner and front of house manager John Marr pull out all the stops. 
13:55Four in a Bed The final visit is to Massimo's in Seaham, County Durham, where Italian chef Massimo Perrulli is joined by his cousin Raf on front of house. Emotions run riot as things come to a head. 
14:25Four in a Bed On the final day of the competition the B&B owners meet for the last time. There's fighting talk and low blows as the payments are revealed before the winner is announced. 
15:00A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Steve and Cindy Head first visited Tenerife 20 years ago, and the fantastic climate has kept them coming back. Ben Hillman shows them five apartments within their budget of 120,000. 
16:00Sun, Sea and Brides to Be British wedding planners make couples' dreams come true in Cyprus. A mum and a bride-to-be are at loggerheads over a venue, and there are flower problems at another ceremony. (Ep13) 
17:05Kirstie and Phil's Love It or... ...List It: In Cambridgeshire, a couple juggle a fitness firm and a tarantula collection while seeking a more family-friendly home in one of the show's more turbulent episodes. (S4 Ep4/8) 
18:05Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
18:30New: F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix... ...Qualifying Highlights: Steve Jones, Eddie Jordan and Lee McKenzie present. After a disappointing start to the season, will Sebastian Vettel put his car on pole for the first time? 
20:00New: Inside Jaguar: A Supercar... ...Reborn Car enthusiast Mark Evans is witness to the resurrection from scratch of the XKSS, a legendary lost supercar from the 1950s and one of the most sought-after cars in the world. 
21:00Ghost in the Shell Film (2017) Sci-fi thriller starring Scarlett Johansson. A woman whose brain has been transplanted into a synthetic body sets out to solve a terrorist attack on a cybernetics company. Violence. 
22:55Super 8 Film (2011) Sci-fi thriller with Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning and Riley Griffiths. Children witness a train crash that heralds strange events and a dangerous presence in their town. Violence. 
01:00Train to Busan Film (2016) Horror. Passengers travelling from Seoul to the city of Busan must fight for their lives when someone infected with a zombie virus boards their train. In Korean/subs. Gory violence. 
02:55Hollyoaks Omnibus Laurie's future at Hollyoaks High could be in jeopardy, while Sinead makes a shocking discovery about his past. Jonny takes Peri and Ste on a day out, but the day takes a dark turn. [SL] 
05:00The 100K Drop Davina McCall is joined by soon-to-be father and son-in-law Peter and Rewfus from Ascot, and couple Jamie and Leroy from Dunfermline. Can either pair take home the cash? (Ep35) 
05:55Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free Kirstie Allsopp helps Stacey and Dave in Wrexham transform a kitchen diner for next to nothing.