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Listings for Dave on Wednesday, May 23 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:05Trawlermen Discover the treacherous working conditions faced by Peterhead's trawler fishermen. Pair trawlers Ocean Dawn and Sunrise tackle ferocious weather and problems with a new net. S3 Ep5 
07:35Trawlermen More storm-lashed action from the trawler fishermen of Peterhead, Scotland. Blown across the North Sea, the Sunrise and Ocean Dawn skippers must take shelter in Bergen, Norway. S3 Ep6 
08:10American Pickers The Pickin' or the Egg: The hit reality show where trash often means cash. NASCAR's Ryan Newman proves he's not only great at driving cars, but skilled at haggling for them too. (Also in HD). S7 Ep12 
09:00Storage Hunters UK Ipswich Stop - hammer time! Auctioneer Sean Kelly and his hit reality show come to the UK. A mystery object sparks a bidding war. The gang scrap for an occult bin and a coffin. (Also in HD). S1 Ep1 
09:30Storage Hunters UK Milton Keynes Auction anarchy as the explosive US reality show comes to... Milton Keynes! Under pressure, Dan gambles on a bin he might regret. Nat lets her heart rule her head. (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 
10:00American Pickers The Million Dollar Mistake The US reality show that's an audience favourite on both sides of the pond. The fellas unearth a vintage Harley Sportster and automotive memorabilia. (Also in HD). S5 Ep9 
11:00American Pickers Haunted Honeyhole Come together for a day in the life of the fab two: bargain hunters Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. A set of Beatles bobbleheads please pleases the pair! (Also in HD). S5 Ep10 
12:00American Pickers Ladies Know Best Relic rummaging across the US of A. The lads meet a lifelong collector who hates selling! With two barns full of junk, Mike and Frank are eager to do business. (Also in HD). S5 Ep11 
13:00QI XL Illumination The fascinatingly factual quiz show continues. Host Stephen Fry sheds light on the subject of illumination with Jack Dee, Chris Addison, Rich Hall and Alan Davies. (Also in HD). S9 Ep12 
14:00Top Gear More motoring mischief. Jeremy Clarkson tries to outrun Japan's legendary 'bullet train' in the remarkable Nissan GT-R. Newscasters Fiona Bruce and Kate Silverton guest. S11 Ep4 
15:00Deadly 60 Peru Exhilarating wildlife encounters. Steve is searching for elusive giant river otters in Peru when he has a chance meeting with the largest reptile in South America. (Also in HD). S2 Ep20 
15:30Deadly 60 Baja California, Mexico Not content with one series of death-defying animal encounters, Steve Backshall returns. In Mexico, Steve tracks venomous snakes and a deep sea monster. (Also in HD). S2 Ep1 
16:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. King of the Hill: WWE legend Steve Austin challenges eight tough nuts in this punishing physical trial. The last man standing has a shot at winning $10,000. (Also in HD). S3 Ep13 
17:00Top Gear Men and motors - automotive antics with Clarkson and the team. Jeremy and James May show off the ageing but massive luxury cars they bought for the price of a new Ford Mondeo. S11 Ep5 
18:00Taskmaster Hollowing out a baguette. Punishing celebrity challenges. Devious Greg Davies tries to spot our five camouflaged comics, before the gang attempt to herd some dogs and chickens. (Also in HD). S4 Ep3 
19:00QI XL Intelligence More intelligent questions from your genial host Stephen Fry. Joining him this time are guests Jo Brand, David Mitchell, Phill Jupitus - and, of course, Alan Davies. (Also in HD). S9 Ep1 
20:00QI XL Night Sandi Toksvig has a night to remember as she enlightens a dream line-up of Noel Fielding, Holly Walsh, David Mitchell and Alan Davies with some nocturnal nuggets. (Also in HD). S13 Ep6 
21:00New: Taskmaster BMXing! New. Tim Vine strips to his waist, Russell Howard gets tattooed, while Alice Levine apes Leonardo da Vinci using squirty cream. Greg Davies sets the truly absurd tasks. (Also in HD). S6 Ep4 
22:00New: Jon Richardson: Ultimate... ...Worrier. The Body: New. Concerned comedian Jon Richardson is joined by stand-up pals Sara Pascoe and Joe Wilkinson to wittily address his copious body issues. Is it the wrong shape? (Also in HD). S 
23:00QI XL Naked Truth Sandi Toksvig uncovers the bare truth with Richard Osman, Lolly Adefope, Lee Mack and Alan Davies. Why is Alan weird? And what can't you do to a naked Osman? (Also in HD). S13 Ep7 
00:00QI Cummingtonite Polymath Stephen Fry hosts the ever-entertaining quiz show and is joined by guests Doon Mackichan, Arthur Smith, Andy Hamilton and Alan Davies. Topics including crime. S3 Ep2 
00:40Mock the Week Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis are joined by James Acaster, Rob Beckett, Ed Byrne, John Robins and Holly Walsh to savagely satirise Gove, BoJo and the Tory leadership race. (Also in HD). S15 Ep5 
01:20Mock the Week Dara O Briain and the team of regulars are amused by another week in news. They are joined by gag-telling guests Stewart Francis, Miles Jupp, Ed Byrne and Micky Flanagan. S9 Ep8 
02:00QI Cummingtonite Polymath Stephen Fry hosts the ever-entertaining quiz show and is joined by guests Doon Mackichan, Arthur Smith, Andy Hamilton and Alan Davies. Topics including crime. S3 Ep2 
02:40The Last Man on Earth 30 Years of Science Down the Tubes The season two finale of the ingenious post-apocalyptic comedy. Phil and Mike grow closer than ever. The Malibu group gets a big surprise. (Also in HD). S2 Ep18 
03:10Not Going Outtakes As if there weren't enough laughs in Lee Mack's pun-filled sitcom already, this special clip show features all the hilarious bloopers and bits you were never meant to see. (Also in HD). S7 Ep11 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.