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Listings for Dave on Friday, March 29 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Brojects The Floating Ice Cream Bike Abandon your own failed DIY projects and watch these two masters execute quirky builds. The boys turn an old bike into a seaworthy ice cream parlour. S3 Ep11 
07:35Brojects The Ultimate Bread Oven The Buckles brothers rise to the challenge of another DIY 'broject'. The fellas build a wood-fired brick oven that produces tasty artisanal loaves. S3 Ep12 
08:00American Pickers Cheap Pick Scouring the States for saleable scrap. The antique pickers meet a fingerpicker when they are invited to the residence of Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen! S5 Ep16 
09:00Storage Hunters UK Southampton The UK's savviest bargain hunters vie for cost-effective clutter. There's a very unwelcome visitor to the auctions in Southampton! Heavy D aims to impress Ione. S3 Ep3 
09:30Storage Hunters UK Lewes Lots of blood, sweat and tears in this edition of the reality show spin-off, as one bidder is left sobbing on a boiling hot day in Lewes and Scotty smashes his stock! S3 Ep4 
10:00American Pickers Deuce Digging Riotous reality TV following a relic-hunting duo's antics across America. Mike and Frank bid on the surviving frame from one of history's most famous hotrods. S5 Ep19 
11:00American Pickers Pinch Picker Skilled antiques pickers scour junk piles for hidden gold. Mike and Frank rummage through a millionaire's collection and find a potentially lucrative car part. S5 Ep20 
12:00American Pickers Step Right Up Salvage experts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz's never-ending, treasure-hunting tour! The boys get access to a retro sideshow and receive great news from a museum. S6 Ep18 
13:00Top Gear The motoring show that pulls no punches. Jezza reviews BMW's M5. Richard and James try their hand at Russian roulette road testing. And what's the hottest hatchback? S6 Ep9 
14:00Top Gear Motoring news, views and banter. Driving a Ferrari Daytona, Richard Hammond tries to beat James May and a multi-million pound powerboat in a race from Portofino to St Tropez. S12 Ep5 
15:00Jay Leno's Garage Old School vs New School The motoring show that celebrates the classic and the contemporary. Jay meets NASCAR star Joey Logano and explores autonomous driving in a Tesla. S2 Ep10 
16:00Sin City Motors Shredded Metal Riotous US reality series following larger-than-life garage owner Steve Darnell, who kits out cool, customised cars from junk with his Las Vegas crew. S3 Ep12 
17:00Top Gear Motoring mayhem courtesy of the usual team. Jeremy makes a splash at a local swimming pool with a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow MK1 and James travels back to the 70s in a Maserati Bora. S6 Ep10 
18:00Top Gear Four-wheeled fun. Richard goes mad in the Veritas, a German sports car. Jeremy road tests the new Ford Fiesta. Ex-London mayor Boris Johnson ditches the bike and joins the boys. S12 Ep6 
19:00American Pickers Step Right Up Salvage experts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz's never-ending, treasure-hunting tour! The boys get access to a retro sideshow and receive great news from a museum. S6 Ep18 
20:00New: Cops UK: Bodycam Squad A police pursuit results in a car being driven the wrong way up the M1 and reports emerge of two youths on mopeds threatening a man with a knife. S4 Ep6 
21:00Bad Teacher (2011) Film A cynical, hard-drinking teacher hopes to seduce a wealthy substitute, making an enemy of a squeaky-clean colleague in the process. Comedy, with Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake. 
23:00QI Bible Stephen Fry delves deep into his bible of bizarre arcana with Alan Davies, Jeremy Hardy, Barry Cryer and Jeremy Clarkson. Topics include baldness and Andy Warhol's underwear! S2 Ep4 
23:40Have I Got a Bit More News for You Mel Giedroyc guest hosts the satirical news quiz that's really just an excuse for making politician panelists feel rather uneasy. It's Jacob Rees-Mogg's turn this time... S52 Ep9 
00:40QI QI (2): Ep 9: Alan Davies, Josie Lawrence, John Sessions and Rich Hall try to impress Stephen Fry with their intellectual skills. Butterflies, blackberries and Bernards are all on the agenda. S2 Ep9 
01:20Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon hosts the deceptive comedy panel show. Captains David Mitchell and Lee Mack trade porkies with guests Ronni Ancona, Chris Hoy, Gabby Logan and Danny Wallace. S3 Ep7 
02:15Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon hosts the witty panel show about fanciful facts and plausible porkies. Joining David Mitchell and Lee Mack are Michael Ball, Charlie Brooker and Reece Shearsmith. S3 Ep8 
02:45Special Forces: Ultimate... ...Hell Week. Freddie Flintoff hosts the punishing series in which 29 athletes take on gruelling army tests. It is a nice, easy start for the recruits - four hours of PT and cold hosing! S1 Ep1 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.