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Listings for Dave on Friday, April 20 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:10Scrapheap Challenge Monster Trikes It's brains versus brawn as a team of students face off against a crew of no-nonsense heavy plant engineers. Their task: to build huge, motorised three-wheelers. S9 Ep2 
08:10American Pickers Thunderdome On the road with two lads who turn America's trash into tidy cash. Mike and Frank meet a motorcycling legend who is having a clearout, before raiding a man cave. (Also in HD). S7 Ep2 
09:00Storage Hunters Big Money, No Whammies Auction anarchy! Brandon and Scott hope to strike it lucky as they compete for ten-pin bowling equipment. T Money throws cash at a unit containing an ATM. (Also in HD). S2 Ep7 
09:30Storage Hunters High Noon Auction anarchy! Scott, Brandon and Lori hope to strike it rich in Vegas, but Dustin and Desert Dan are betting big too. The factions compete for a geologist's bin. (Also in HD). S2 Ep8 
10:00American Pickers Auburned Out Salvage supremos Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz gamble on rusty relics in the hope of making a few pounds. The boys chew over a 1935 Auburn and a Harley collection. (Also in HD). S7 Ep3 
11:00American Pickers If You Talk Nice to Me A rummage for relics across the US of A. Mike eyes up a hard-to-come-by cycle car he finds in South Dakota, but he'll have to toss the seller for it. (Also in HD). S7 Ep4 
12:00American Pickers Let's Be Frank Frankly, my dear, these two salvage experts do give a damn about your rusty old junk. Frank picks with a namesake, while the guys find a trove of rare microcars. (Also in HD). S7 Ep5 
13:00Top Gear Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans are on board for the revamped show that set tongues wagging. Matt, Chris and Eddie Jordan take three music stars on a SUV test in South Africa. (Also in HD). S23 Ep2 
14:00Top Gear: Botswana Special More motoring mayhem. The lads must each buy a car for under one and a half thousand pounds, and drive it across the unwieldy terrain in Botswana. And it can't be a 4 by 4! S10 Ep4 
15:00Sin City Motors Viva Las Vegas Classic cars pimped up in style by Steve Darnell and his crew of speedster specialists. The gang build an amazing Vegas-inspired motor for a flashy client. (Also in HD). S2 Ep5 
16:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. WWE's 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin invites eight lionhearted athletes to his ranch to tackle some absurdly difficult physical challenges. (Also in HD). S4 Ep1 
17:00Top Gear High-speed high-jinks - and high trousers - with Clarkson and co, who are joined by pop mogul Simon Cowell. The lads race each other across London using a bike, a boat and a car. S10 Ep5 
18:00Room 101 Judge Rinder is not the man in charge for once, as he and fellow guests Lucy Porter and Romesh Ranganathan cajole Frank Skinner into ridding the world of their pet peeves. (Also in HD). S6 Ep5 New. 
18:40Would I Lie to You? The Unseen Bits The gags that didn't make it to TV first time round, but will still make you giggle. Rob Brydon hosts the panel show in which fact and fiction are indistinguishable. S4 Ep9 
19:20Would I Lie to You? Rob Brydon chairs the deceptive comedy panel game. David Mitchell and Lee Mack bluff and banter with Sarah Millican, Holly Walsh, Julian Clary and the late Ronnie Corbett. S4 Ep5 
20:00Into the Fire Helmet cameras capture the work of the West Midlands Fire Service. Firefighters find themselves in a tense confrontation with a gang burning metal cables on waste ground. (Also in HD). S1 Ep3 New. 
21:00Red Dwarf XII Cured The four lovable smegheads reunite for an 12th series, only on Dave. The crew stumble on a science centre where vile historical figures have been 'cured' of evil. (Also in HD). S12 Ep1 
21:40Red Dwarf XII Siliconia Stellar comedy with the four smegheads. Lister, Cat and Rimmer get a taste of Kryten's life when they are uploaded into mechanoid bodies and forced into slavery. (Also in HD). S12 Ep2 
22:20Red Dwarf XII Time Wave The latest series of the award-winning space comedy continues. The Dwarfers run into a ship where criticism is illegal. How will Rimmer cope? Johnny Vegas guest stars. (Also in HD). S12 Ep3 
23:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You Plenty of election problems for our leading politicians as Paul Merton, Ian Hislop, Michael Grade and Katherine Ryan rip into the week's news. Alexander Armstrong hosts. (Also in HD). S49 Ep4 
00:00QI Eyes and Ears Illuminating quiz show in which panellists are encouraged to be 'quite interesting'. Stephen Fry is all eyes and ears with David Mitchell, Phill Jupitus and Jimmy Carr. S5 Ep8 
00:40QI Entertainment A special 'Children In Need' edition of the erudite quiz show. Exercising the old grey matter are Bill Bailey, Jo Brand, Jeremy Clarkson, Alan Davies and Pudsey Bear. S5 Ep9 
01:20Mock the Week Satirical laughs as the regulars are joined by Gary Delaney, Holly Walsh and Josh Widdicombe to roast the heck out of the great, the good and the pompous. Dara O Briain hosts. (Also in HD). S12 Ep3 
02:00QI Eyes and Ears Illuminating quiz show in which panellists are encouraged to be 'quite interesting'. Stephen Fry is all eyes and ears with David Mitchell, Phill Jupitus and Jimmy Carr. S5 Ep8 
02:40Not Going Outtakes As if there weren't enough laughs in Lee Mack's pun-filled sitcom already, this special clip show features all the hilarious bloopers and bits you were never meant to see. (Also in HD). S7 Ep11 
03:15Parks and Recreation Ben's Parents Top laughs with the bungling bureaucrats. Ben's feuding parents ruin his and Leslie's engagement do, while the emotion of the occasion is too much for Chris! (Also in HD). S5 Ep6 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.