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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, February 25 2017

06:00NASA's Greatest Missions Exploring how the shuttle revolutionised space travel; a Gemini astronaut was chosen as its first pilot and how the the Challenger tragedy shocked NASA. S1, Ep5 
07:00Swimming With Monsters: Steve... Steve attempts to swim with Africa's most dangerous animal, the hippopotamus. Can he get close enough to this unpredictable animal to study their secret underwater behaviour? S1, Ep2 
08:00Baggage Battles The baggage battlers head to a cowboy auction in California, where they duel over items dating back to the legendary Buffalo Bill and the Barnum & Bailey circuses. S3, Ep8 
08:30Storage Wars Canada The Thornhill buyers run for cover when a self-help CD gives Roy a new lease on his egomaniacal life. S1, Ep17 
09:00Auction Hunters Allen and Ton head to Tinseltown for an auction where they are after a Hollywood ending. Plus, the pair take a bumpy ride on a camel. S5, Ep7 
09:30Auction Hunters Allen and Ton head to the Big Easy where they wage a war with some New Orleans locals. At the auction a musical item sets the boys' pulses racing. S5, Ep8 
10:00You Have Been Warned Featuring levitating objects in Japan, an amazing solar powered car in Germany, and a man who straps a jet on his back and jumps out of a plane. S3, Ep6 
11:00What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Using common sense and a bit of brute force, real-life friends Grant Reynolds and Kevin Moore work to decipher what went wrong in the most outrageous internet fail videos. S1, Ep7 
12:00Mythbusters 'The Walking Dead's' Michael Rooker joins the team to test zombie myths. Including, is an axe or a gun more effective when you're swarmed by zombies? S9, Ep17 
13:00Mythbusters Lost in the wilderness, Adam and Jamie survive the desert, rappel down canyon cliff-faces and brave Class 5 rapids, all with duct tape and bubble wrap. S9, Ep18 
14:00Railroad Alaska Follow the elite crew of workers - construction crews, mechanics and train drivers - as they battle to keep Alaska's 500-mile railroad rolling through the extreme winter. S1, Ep4 
15:00Alaskan Bush People Freedom at the price of living off the land is what the Browns are all about. In this episode, temperatures plummet as they rush to finish their cabin. S1, Ep3 
16:00Alaska Mega Machines The Yeti, a machine with 588 sharp teeth, helps keep the coldest airport in America running. Plus, mighty tugboats chew through ice chunks in Alaska. S1, Ep3 
17:00The Wheel The second phase of The Wheel wears down the remaining participants. On the island Adam fails to make fire and suffers the consequences. S1, Ep3 
18:00Tony Robinson's World War I Tony Robinson looks at the final year of WW1. After a lengthy stalemate, Germany risks everything in one last push, but British tactics and technology help the Allies prevail. S1, Ep4 
19:00Gold Rush Parker moves Sluicifer 2,000ft to a new pad in the hope of a $4.8m season goal. Meanwhile, big water problems hit the Hoffmans at Fairplay. S7, Ep18 
20:00Fast N' Loud With the aftermarket parts available for G-body cars, Aaron needs a fast build and bets Richard he can finish a 1980 El Camino in three weeks - not four. S4, Ep9 
21:00Warlock Rising In the wake of Slob's bike accident, Troy goes on a manhunt to catch the culprit. Phil Z takes out a shady loan in order to raise money for his disabled son. S1, Ep2 
22:00Taking Fire Sgt Adams is determined to get his men home safely - but it won't be easy. The men are getting desensitised to the non-stop fire and have unusual ways of coping. S1, Ep3 
23:00Street Outlaws: New Orleans The NOLA crew faces David Bird Jones's team in Houston. But a fight between Scott and Jerry threatens to tear the team apart. S1, Ep4 
00:00Street Outlaws: New Orleans The New Orleans team returns to the Pad for list racing. But when Barry refuses to race Jerry Bird, all hell breaks loose. S1, Ep5 
01:00Street Outlaws: New Orleans Kye tries brokering peace amongst the big-tyre racers but the feuding parties won't compromise - so he invites an Alabama team to the Pad. S1, Ep6 
02:00Street Outlaws: New Orleans Kye and Bobby call out Arkansas for a showdown. The Birds fight to get their car going, and Kye lightens the mood with a prank on Scott. S1, Ep7 
03:00Street Outlaws: New Orleans It's the final race night of the season, and Kye and Bobby have targets on their backs. Meanwhile, Jason tries to fend off Barry - with disastrous results. S1, Ep8 
03:50Wheeler Dealers Mike is in France to hunt down the rare Renault Alpine 310. The car he finds is great, but it has some surprises in store, and Edd is charged with getting it fixed. S9, Ep4 
04:40Mythbusters Adam and Jamie test a classic myth that's been around in Tinseltown since the car was invented: does an out-of-control car really crash and burn every time? S6, Ep30 
05:30How It's Made Ever wondered how everyday items such as nail clippers and canola oil are made? The series puts more common items under the microscope to find out. S16, Ep10 
06:00Fast N' Loud Richard and Aaron head to a Texas swap meet - can they spin a rat-infested Ford into a cool hot rod? Plus, a million dollar car rolls into the shop. S1, Ep21