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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, August 27 2016

06:00Gold Rush With the arctic winter looming, the crew races against the clock. Jack puts his life on the line as the glory hole caves in around the 100,000-pound excavator. S1, Ep10 
07:00Gold Rush The Hoffmans must find gold. They arrive in Porcupine Creek and are quickly on to the gold. Then Dakota Fred returns and drops a bombshell on the crew. S2, Ep1 
08:00Gold Rush The crew go to the Klondike in a bid to salvage their season. Teenager Parker Schnabel takes over the Big Nugget Mine, and Dakota Fred works at Porcupine Creek. S2, Ep2 
09:00Fast N' Loud Join the Gas Monkey crew for footage you weren't supposed to see as well as some of their top moments. Plus, the winner of the Bandit Trans Am is announced. S2, Ep20 
10:00Fast N' Loud Time is ticking away on the boys' latest project, and Richard is in serious jeopardy of being penalised 10K a day for late delivery to the client. S2, Ep21 
11:00Wheeler Dealers Mike heads to Italy to grab a genuine junior supercar, but when he arrives back in the UK Edd realises that extensive work needs doing. Is there room for a profit? S12, Ep19 
12:00Wheeler Dealers Mike and Edd wrap up their latest series with a 'Best of' episode, highlighting their favourite moments, top builds, biggest profits and more. S12, Ep20 
13:00Baggage Battles Ever wonder what happens to your lost luggage? Gain a unique insight into the very profitable business of bidding, buying and reselling unclaimed property. S2, Ep1 
13:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to Atlanta, Georgia, to a freight auction where Mark spies some Rolls Royce aircraft parts. But will his bid secure the items? S2, Ep2 
14:00Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to the Boston Estates Auction to gamble on historical items, but is a document announcing George Washington's death the real thing? S2, Ep3 
14:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to Greensboro, which is a major hub for imported and exported goods. But will they unearth any valuable items in the lot at Quality Salvage? S2, Ep4 
15:00Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers remain in the city of Greensboro, where they come across a host of items including a Civil War-era US army saddle. But can Billy hold his nerve? S2, Ep5 
15:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to London, home to six airports, where Billy, Mark and the Martins compete for the lost and unclaimed bags of the rich passengers. S2, Ep6 
16:00Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to Dublin for a public auction run by the Garda, Ireland's police force. But will they get their hands on some historical Irish items? S2, Ep7 
16:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to Phoenix, Arizona, for an auction with the Sierra Auction Management team. But will they unearth any treasures? S2, Ep8 
17:00Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers wage war at the crazy, eclectic Santa Cruz Lost Property Auction, where Mark brings in reinforcements to battle Billy over antique toys. S2, Ep9 
17:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to the Tampa Machinery Auction to bid on thousands of lost or seized vehicles. But will they unearth any gems amongst the lot? S2, Ep10 
18:00Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers are in Toronto for one of Canada's largest freight and baggage auctions. Billy makes one of his most shocking discoveries inside his winnings. S2, Ep11 
18:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers travel to Toronto to bid on international freight and baggage. One of the experts finds an item manufactured by legendary daredevil, Evel Knievel. S2, Ep12 
19:00Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers attend a well-kept secret sheriff's auction in Shreveport, LA. Billy scores a touchdown with his winnings, while a local sheriff interrogates Mark. S2, Ep13 
19:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers heads to the Louisiana Farm auction to bid on Americana collected for over 50 years. Mark misfires when he bids on the wrong item. S2, Ep14 
20:00Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers are back. Today they visit an auction in Red Hook, NY, to try to take home a piece of history. Will they succeed? S3, Ep1 
20:30Baggage Battles The Baggage Battlers head to a police auction in Stockton, California. There are plenty of valuable items to choose from, including a vintage slot machine. S3, Ep2 
21:00Bear Grylls: Born Survivor In western Texas, Bear falls to earth from a bi-plane to lock horns with the parched Chihuahuan Desert. He traverses through deep gorges and takes on a diamond-back rattlesnake. S4, Ep4 
22:00New: Amanda Knox: Crimes Of The Century Revisit a murder that shocked the world, when student Amanda Knox was a prime suspect in the murder and sexual assault of Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy. 
23:00New: A Crime to Remember Bobby Greenlease is kidnapped and when the largest ransom pay-out in history fails to bring Bobby back, St Louis' shadiest characters must track down the culprits. S2, Ep8 
00:00Fast N' Loud When Rich's '29 Packard receives an invitation to the fabled Concours d'Elegance, he challenges the Monkeys to a build-off. S3, Ep25 
01:00Fast N' Loud With Rich away at the elite Concours d'Elegance, the Monkeys race to complete their motorcycles in their big build-off. S3, Ep26 
02:00Mythbusters Adam and Jamie test whether humans can travel in a straight line whilst blindfolded. And, Kari, Grant and Tory test binary explosives. S8, Ep171 
03:00Mythbusters Adam and Jamie pit motorbikes against cars in the ultimate eco-challenge. Then the crew try some explosive experiments - can a bullet beat a grenade? S8, Ep172 
03:50Wheeler Dealers A pick-up truck is a stateside icon and Mike is keen to get into the booming classic truck market. He manages to find an unfinished 1950s F1. S12, Ep2 
04:40How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how stuffed olives, astrolabes and western saddles are made. S14, Ep7 
05:05How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how custom running shoes, axes, racing karts and animatronics are made. S14, Ep8 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how headphones, diving regulators and reflector light bulbs are made. S14, Ep9 
06:00Fast N' Loud The GMG crew revitalise and restore more rusting relics in their garage. Can they get the cars back on the road in time for the next auction and will it be worth the effort? S1, Ep19