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Listings for Discovery on Friday, December 22 2017

06:00Railroad Alaska Spring brings new challenges for the off-gridders as they scramble to repair their cabins. Plus, the freight team prepares their most dangerous load of the year. S2, Ep10 
07:00Alaska: The Last Frontier Otto and Eivin attempt to turn the wilderness into a source of food. Meanwhile, Atz Sr battles the elements and a menace at the head of the bay. S5, Ep2 
08:00Yukon Men Thawed out with bonus footage and viewer tweets, the first devastating winter storm approaches, so Joey scrambles to winterise his home and equipment. S2, Ep3 
09:00Gold Rush Todd makes an incredible discovery while searching for new gold claim. Meanwhile, Parker needs his best result ever in order to stop Todd from repossessing his dozer. S4, Ep7 
10:00Fast N' Loud Richard gets to build a '55 Pink Caddy. He is excited until the Monkeys relay that they may not be able to build the car in time for the deadline. S3, Ep5 
11:00Fast N' Loud After a constant wait for parts for the '55 Pink Caddy, Richard and the Monkeys make a mad dash to get the car done on time. S3, Ep6 
12:00Diesel Brothers Redbeard tasks Heavy D to rework old stock - can a stretched six-door F650 with a camper make a top expedition vehicle? The guys buy a Hummer H1 from a mysterious mountain man. S1, Ep11 
13:00Railroad Alaska Some off-grid settlers face being stranded without basic necessities when an avalanche blocks the track. Hugh battles the weather to fix the track and deliver propane. S1, Ep1 
14:00Alaska: The Last Frontier Atz & Atz Lee attempt to tame wild stallions. Meanwhile, on the spring cattle drive, Otto and the others must innovate to protect their calves. S5, Ep3 
15:00Yukon Men It's trapping season in Tanana and villagers battle deadly cold to get fur. Charlie and Bob chase a vicious wolverine that's been stealing their bait. S2, Ep4 
16:00Gold Rush Todd abandons gold and switches to diamond mining. Meanwhile, in Alaska Dustin gets stranded in the mountains during the worst electrical storm in 20 years. S4, Ep8 
17:00Devil's Canyon Boyce takes a risk crossing a river to reach rich ground whilst Ben rappels down a cliff. 68-year-old mining veteran John Belcik starts his descent into the Canyon. S1, Ep3 
18:00Misfit Garage Tom aims for World Record glory as the rest of the shop works on the Fairlane build. When Richard attempts to buy the garage, Fired Up is in jeopardy! S2, Ep16 
19:00Fast N' Loud As work on the smashed up Ford GT continues, Richard heads to Indiana to try to sell a Shelby Cobra prop car used in the hit movie Iron Man. S3, Ep20 
20:00Gold Rush Parker Schnabel is halfway through the season, but nowhere near halfway his goal. Plus, Tony Beets is ready to barge the bucket line down the Yukon River. S8, Ep10 
21:00Robson Green's Ultimate Catch Robson Green is on a new mission: to catch even bigger, more aggressive and more unusual fish in the most exciting fishing destinations the world has to offer. S1, Ep3 
22:00Robson Green's Ultimate Catch Robson flies out to the beautiful, sub-tropical jewels of the Mid Atlantic on an island-hopping odyssey in the fish-rich archipelago of the Azores. S1, Ep4 
23:00Mythbusters Jon and Brian put three extreme makeshift booby-traps to the test. They attempt to hide shotgun shells under floorboards but will the trick be effective? S11, Ep6 
00:00Robson Green's Ultimate Catch Robson Green is on a new mission: to catch even bigger, more aggressive and more unusual fish in the most exciting fishing destinations the world has to offer. S1, Ep3 
01:00Street Outlaws Farmtruck and AZN must face-off against newbie racers who want to get on the top ten list, and old state rivalries lead to big brawls. S1, Ep9 
02:00Fast N' Loud Aaron toils to finish his BMW alone as race day approaches, and Richard faces disaster with the Challenger on its final test run. S4, Ep15 
03:00Mythbusters Jon and Brian wreak havoc with a 700-lb water-heater torpedo. And, can an exploding sleeping bag full of flatulence bust another myth? S11, Ep4 
03:50Gold Rush A massive forest fire tears through the Klondike towards Parker's claim threatening to end his season. Tony desperately needs his barge to run, but can Sheamus deliver? S8, Ep7 
04:40Alaska: The Last Frontier The Kilchers return. With the family legacy at risk, they start a homestead revamp. Blindsided by a huge snowstorm, they have a lot of work to do. S7, Ep1 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how golf clubs, waffles, custom wires and cables and train wheels are made. S14, Ep3 
06:00Wheeler Dealers Car legends Mike Brewer and Edd China are taking the biggest risk of their car careers. They're opening a shop in the extremely competitive West Coast of America. S12, Ep1