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Listings for E4 on Saturday, January 20 2018

06:00Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister discovers some slightly less rude (but still cheeky) online videos, including a beatboxing goat, a kitten giving a massage and a great Justin Bieber prank. 
06:25Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister discovers slightly less rude (but still cheeky) online videos, including a rapping goldfish, a bubble-wrap bike and the craziest beard ever. 
06:50Couples Come Dine with Me In Plymouth, beauty therapist Christine and fiancÚ Kevin surprise their guests with a menu even Christine herself isn't sure of. And a well-disguised burnt dessert is uncovered. 
07:55Couples Come Dine with Me Kicking off the competition in Jersey are hairdresser Jade and her partner Harley. But will they be outdone by Emma and Simon's Jersey Bean Crock in an opulent country house setting? 
09:00Don't Tell the Bride Brand new series: Adrenaline junkie Mark wants to fly high and take to the sky on his big day, but his straight-talking bride-to-be Lynsey wants more personal, no-nonsense nuptials. (Ep16) 
10:00Melissa & Joey The Truth Hurts Joe manages to foil Mel and Austin's weekend plans for a romantic getaway when he accidentally injures Austin during a game of pool. (S3 Ep6/16) 
10:30Melissa & Joey The Unkindest Cut Mel and Austin have different opinions about whether or not to have children. Lennox struggles to write her college admissions essay. (S3 Ep7/16) 
11:00Melissa & Joey The Unfriending Joe convinces Mel to dump her high-maintenance friend Anita, but soon afterwards he begins to date her. Lennox tries to beat Zander's test scores. (S3 Ep8/16) 
11:30Melissa & Joey Something Happened Mel desperately tries to act like a cool aunt after discovering that Lennox and Zander have taken their relationship to the next level. (S3 Ep9/16) 
12:00Melissa & Joey Family Feud Mel and Joe co-host local TV show Good Morning Toledo for a week, which Mel thinks will help her to gain votes, and their comedic bickering makes them a hit. (S3 Ep10/16) 
12:30Alvin and the Chipmunks... Film ...The Squeakquel: (2009) The trio of animated singing rodents return for another family adventure. This time they must cope with attending school and rivalry with a female singing group. 
14:20Rude(ish) Tube Shorts A short, cheeky clip from Rude Tube's naughty little sister Rude(ish) Tube, featuring school, a spelling bee and ninjas. 
14:30The Goldbergs Who Are You Going to Telephone? Adam abandons Pops at Halloween to go trick-or-treating with a group of cool new friends who are really up to no good. (S1 Ep6/23) 
15:00The Goldbergs Call Me When You Get There Barry's thrilled at the freedom offered by his new driver's licence until Beverly lays down her ten unbreakable rules of the road. (S1 Ep7/23) 
15:30The Goldbergs The Kremps Beverly tries to make friends with her reserved, softly-spoken neighbours the Kremp family and bombards them with invitations to a barbecue. (S1 Ep8/23) 
16:00The Goldbergs Stop Arguing and Start Thanking When Beverly invites Murray's unreliable brother Marvin to visit at Thanksgiving, she reignites their long-standing feud. (S1 Ep9/23) 
16:30The Goldbergs Brand new series - Revenge O' the Nerds: Beverly decides to reinvent herself by going to night school but Murray dislikes change and tries to convince her to take a different path. (S5 Ep4) 
17:00The Big Bang Theory The Herb Garden Germination Sheldon and Amy experiment on their friends by spreading gossip, while Howard takes a big step in his relationship with Bernadette. (S4 Ep20/24) 
17:30The Big Bang Theory The Agreement Dissection Priya uses her legal expertise to dissect the roommate agreement and put Sheldon in his place, and the girls take Sheldon dancing. (S4 Ep21/24) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Wildebeest Implementation Raj attempts to overcome his anxiety about talking to women, while Penny uses Bernadette to spy on Leonard and his girlfriend. (S4 Ep22/24) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Engagement Reaction Howard finally tells his mother that he's engaged to Bernadette. Unfortunately, the news lands his mum in hospital. (S4 Ep23/24) 
19:00The Big Bang Theory The Roommate Transmogrification Raj decides to become Sheldon's flatmate after hearing Leonard and Priya engaging in a Star Trek bedroom fantasy. (S4 Ep24/24) 
19:30The Big Bang Theory The Perspiration Implementation The guys take fencing lessons from Barry Kripke. Stuart struggles to attract female customers to the comic book shop. (S9 Ep5/24) 
20:00The Karate Kid Film (2010) Family martial arts adventure with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. A kindly caretaker shows an American boy how to stand up to bullies at his new school in China. Features fight scenes. 
22:40Gogglebox What do Britain's favourite viewers think of Strictly Come Dancing, Hillary Clinton on The One Show, Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, The X Factor, Britain by Bike and the News? (S10 Ep7) 
23:40Gogglebox What do Britain's favourite viewers think of The X Factor, Obsessive Compulsive Country House Cleaners, Strictly Come Dancing, Antiques Roadshow, Gunpowder and the News? (S10 Ep8) 
00:50Rude Tube: Daft Stunts Alex Zane and his talking computer, voiced by Johnny Vegas, deliver the 50 daftest stunts on the internet, including a previously unseen attempt to eat a tomato through a ceiling fan. 
01:55Gogglebox What do Britain's favourite viewers think of Strictly Come Dancing, Hillary Clinton on The One Show, Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine, The X Factor, Britain by Bike and the News? (S10 Ep7) 
02:55First Dates Can metrosexual Jon find headstrong Mancunian Regan's soft side? Playboy Mustafa believes every girl would like to marry him. And opinionated heavy metal fan Dan returns to the restaurant. 
03:50How I Met Your Mother The Broken Code During a poker game, Barney processes his anger at Ted after finding out Ted still has feelings for Robin. Lily realises she is Robin's only girlfriend. (S9 Ep4/24) 
04:10How I Met Your Mother The Poker Game Robin wins James's ring during a poker game but refuses to give it back, angering Barney's mother Loretta. Ted and Marshall fall out about wedding gifts. (S9 Ep5/24) 
04:35Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister finds some slightly less rude online videos, including Spider-Man playing basketball, Batman being pulled over by police and how not to dock an oil tanker. 
05:00Rude(ish) Tube Rude Tube's naughty little sister returns with a wealth of clips. Featuring a police chase in the living room, some mind-blowing monks and very naughty cats. 
06:00Hollyoaks Omnibus Grace makes a mistake when she tries to take control of Glenn's job, while Granny Campbell plans to sabotage Courtney. Luke makes another error that jeopardises his relationship with Mandy.