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Listings for Five on Monday, April 6 2020

06:00Mofy Animation. Lee, Sioux and Mofy get lost in the wood while they are looking for a rare nut tree, but Mofy's eye for details help them find the way back home. (S3 Ep 18) 
06:05Peppa Pig Basketball Animated series about a loveable little pig. Daddy teaches the children how to play basketball, and it is not long before they are good enough to take on a team. (S4 Ep 3) 
06:10Peppa Pig Horsey Twinkle Toes Animated series about a loveable little pig. There is much excitement when Mr Zebra delivers a package from Aunt Dottie for Peppa and George. (S4 Ep 4) 
06:15Peppa Pig Naughty Tortoise Animated series about a loveable little pig. Dr Hamster's pet tortoise Tiddles gets stuck up a tree - who is going to come to the rescue? (S4 Ep 5) 
06:20Fireman Sam Pontypandy Heatwave Fun with the friendly fireman and the villagers of Pontypandy. Fireman Sam is needed when two fires start during Joe and Trevor's barbecues. (S9 Ep 15) 
06:30Noddy Toyland Detective Animated series based on Enid Blyton's character. Carlton is organising the Builders' Parade, but all the supplies in the Brickabuild Store are missing! (S2 Ep 42) 
06:45Abby Hatcher Animated series about a young girl and her quirky Fuzzly friends. Princess Flug thinks that Melvin's surprise party is for her and gets upset when it isn't. (S1 Ep 6) 
06:55Thomas & Friends: Big World!... ...Big Adventures! CGI animated escapades of the little blue engine. Bulgy thinks that people should travel by bus instead of rail - until he tries carrying all their passengers. (S23 Ep 1) 
07:10New: Daisy & Ollie 2D animated series about two inquisitive four-year-olds. Herbie has a thorn stuck in his paw, so Daddy, Daisy and Ollie take him to Louise the vet. (S3 Ep 6) 
07:20Peppa Pig George's Friend Animated series about a lovable little pig. Rebecca Rabbit has a little brother called Richard who is the same age as George. (S2 Ep 6) 
07:30Peppa Pig Animated exploits of a lovable piglet. Peppa's family squeeze into 'The Electric Car' that Daddy Pig is trying out for fun. (S6 Ep 39) 
07:40Top Wing Animated series about bird rescue-cadets. When Rod's beloved Rooster Brewster goes missing, the cadets must rescue the soft toy so that everyone can rest again. (S2 Ep 18) 
07:55PAW Patrol Animated series about a team of search-and-rescue pups. When an ancient relic goes missing, Tracker and Skye must track down the creature that may have taken it. (S5 Ep 6) 
08:10New: Floogals Animated series about three tiny aliens exploring our world. When Boomer realises the Hoomans are out of raisins, the Floogals venture into a grocery shop. (S3 Ep 21) 
08:25Secret Life Of Puppies A dog's-eye view of life. Meet Barley, a Newfoundland puppy with a big personality. We join her as she learns to listen and play gently with her mum Willow. (S2 Ep 1) 
08:35Milkshake! Monkey's... ...Amazing Adventures. Live action series featuring an inquisitive puppet monkey. Milkshake! Monkey visits the Met Office to find out where rain comes from. Clare tells him about the water cycle. 
08:45Little Princess 2D-animated series about a little girl who lives in a castle. Princess wants to wake up every day with something pretty to look at next to her bed. (S7 Ep 3) 
08:55Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Fathers Day Animation. The Little Kingdom and all of the dads are given the day off work to go and play together in the meadow. (S2 Ep 45) 
09:10New: Sunny Bunnies Animated exploits of five colourful balls of light. When a seesaw mishap strands Shiny on top of a castle tower, she needs rescuing just like a medieval princess. (S4 Ep 1) 
09:15Jeremy Vine Jeremy Vine discusses and dissects the latest news, views and opinions, with co-host Storm Huntley helping on the live phone-ins. 
11:20Bad Tenants, Rogue Landlords Documentary series. Emmanuel reveals what happened after he returned from working abroad to find himself 24,000 in mortgage arrears and unable to get into his own home. (S4 Ep 7) 
12:105 News At Lunchtime National and international news. 
12:15Bargain-Loving Brits in The Sun Documentary series. Meet Mark aka popular drag act Ruby Rox, two caravanners on a tiny budget, two tattooists who set up a parlour, and a woman who teaches Spanish to the Brits. (S2 Ep 5) 
13:10Access A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment. 
13:15Home and Away Dean invites Ziggy to move in with him without consulting Colby. Bella starts to admit she needs counselling. Alex realises how much Jasmine is depending on Willow for support. 
13:45Neighbours Finn's video diaries have unexpected consequences. Ramsay Street rallies to help Kyle as he returns to work. Mackenzie needs to consult the Rebecchis over a secret dilemma. 
14:15Serial Killer Cove Film Thriller starring Haley Webb and Donny Boaz. A woman being terrorized by a stalker hires and develops a relationship with a mysterious private detective. (2018) 
16:00Friends Rachel submits to peer pressure at work. Joey auditions against Ross's son. Monica and Phoebe plan a surprise birthday party for Rachel. (S5 Ep 18) 
16:30Friends Ross's flirting technique fails to impress. Joey is in for a surprise when he tells everyone about his big television appearance. (S5 Ep 19) 
17:005 News At 5 National and international news. 
17:30Neighbours Finn's video diaries have unexpected consequences. Ramsay Street rallies to help Kyle as he returns to work. Mackenzie needs to consult the Rebecchis over a secret dilemma. 
18:00Access Entertainment round up. 
18:10The Yorkshire Steam Railway:.. ...All Aboard. Documentary series going behind the scenes of the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. A summer heatwave brings record numbers to the railway, but also risks fires. (S2 Ep 1) 
19:00Around the World by Train with... ...Tony Robinson. Tony takes a less-well trodden train trip around the globe. Tony's rides the rails through the heart of South America, as he explores Argentina and Peru. (S2 Ep 2) 
20:00New: Police Interceptors Reality series following high-speed police intercept units in West Yorkshire. A driver rams into Bob three times in reverse before speeding down an off-road track. (S17 Ep 11) 
21:00New: Inside the Force: 24/7 The reality of life inside a busy police station. PC Jess and PC Simon are involved in urgent manhunts across Lincoln. A suspect is wanted for sexual assault as well as stalking. (S1 Ep 3) 
22:00New: Hard Men: Street Justice Inside some of the country's most notorious gangs. The rivalry between Manchester's Gooch Gang and the Doddington Gang has been likened to the deadly gang wars of LA. (S1 Ep 2) 
23:00Rise of the Krays Film Gangland drama starring Simon Cotton and Kevin Leslie. Criminal twins Ronnie and Reggie Kray lay the foundations for a brutal and unforgiving crime empire. (2015) 
01:15The Live Casino Show Interactive casino show featuring live roulette. For more information and to register, visit 
03:15GPs Behind Closed Doors Documentary series filmed inside Hall Green Health Centre in Birmingham. When Zenub comes in with an eye irritation there are many possible diagnoses. (S7 Ep 3) 
04:05My Mum's Hotter Than Me! Glamorous gran Amanda loves to compare herself to her granddaughter and isn't afraid to grow old disgracefully. [SL] (S1 Ep 1) 
04:55House Doctor US interior designer Ann Maurice lays down the law to those whose houses need updating to make a sale. Will she succeed in prescribing what they need? [SL] (S2 Ep 7) 
05:20Great Artists Tim Marlow looks at the work of some of the Western world's most famous artists. The Venetian Tiziano Vecellio pioneered the use of oils with a radical approach. (S1 Ep 6) 
05:50Access Entertainment round up. 
06:00Mofy Animation. Thanks to Mogu's tales, Mofy learns that it is not necessary for something to be new for her to appreciate it. (S3 Ep 19)