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Listings for Five Us on Tuesday, February 18 2020

06:00Teleshopping Shop by phone from the comfort of your home. 
08:00Cruise TV with LoveitBookit Your one-stop-shop for all things cruise; bringing you the hottest destinations, ground-breaking ships and the latest deals to ensure you have a fantastic cruise holiday! 
09:00Criminals: Caught On Camera Documentary series. Journalist Nick Wallis joins police forces across the country to reveal how CCTV is helping to ensure convictions against criminals. (S2 Ep 6) 
09:25Law & Order Ghosts Crime drama. A deathbed confession prompts Fontana and Green to re-open a ten-year-old murder case. Fontana's unorthodox methods bring him into conflict with McCoy. (S16 Ep 3) 
10:10CSI: New York The Formula Crime drama. When Mac's motor racing hero is killed during a race, the CSIs immediately suspect foul play (15/23). 
11:05CSI: New York Crime drama. Sid rules that the death of a woman pursuing answers about her missing brother is a suicide, but Stella is certain she was murdered. (S6 Ep 18) 
12:05Law & Order Age Of Innocence Crime drama. A car bomb kills a man who was fighting to terminate the life of his comatose wife. Fontana and Green investigate a host of pro-life campaigners (4/22). 
13:05Law & Order Police drama series. Fontana and Green probe the murder of an undercover journalist who was investigating a notorious Latino gang. (S16 Ep 5) 
14:00Law & Order Kid Pro Quo US crime drama series. When the admissions officer at a top school is found dead, Briscoe and Green launch an investigation. (S13 Ep 20) 
15:00Law & Order House Calls US crime drama series. The autopsy of a Russian model suggests she may have suffered long-term abuse, and a toxic screen raises further questions. (S13 Ep 7) 
16:00Murder She Wrote Murder mystery series. A young priest faces a moral dilemma when a parishioner confesses to murder and an innocent man is accused of the crime. (S6 Ep 2) 
17:00Murder She Wrote Murder mystery series. The death of the doyenne of mystery writers finds Jessica in a nostalgic mood, recounting a real-life mystery more than 50 years old. (S6 Ep 3) 
18:00Law & Order Identity Police drama. After a young executive is found dead, the investigation suggests identity theft when it transpires that the man had lost his job but gained $400,000. (S14 Ep 6) 
19:00Law & Order Floater Police drama series. Briscoe and Green investigate a body in the river, leading to a corruption scandal involving lawyers and a judge. (S14 Ep 7) 
20:00NCIS US crime series. The NCIS team investigates a fire on a navy ship that served as a detention site for indicted terrorists. Gibbs hears news of his father's passing. (S11 Ep 24) 
21:00New: The Enemy Within Thriller series about an FBI agent who is forced to work with a traitor responsible for his fiancee's death. Shepherd goes undercover and Keaton faces a tough moral dilemma. (S1 Ep 7) 
22:00Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Lost Traveller Police drama series about an elite sex crime unit. A Romani child disappears on his way home from school, throwing the guarded community into turmoil. (S13 Ep 9) 
23:00Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Police drama series. The team set up a sting operation after the daughter of one of Detective Amaro's friends is found working as an underage prostitute. (S13 Ep 10) 
23:55Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Drama series about a New York based force which investigates sex crimes. Detectives Benson and Stabler investigate an alleged cover-up involving sexual abuse by a priest. 
00:55Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Bombshell Police drama series. Detectives Benson and Stabler go under cover as a married couple at a swingers' club in their search for evidence following a murder. (S12 Ep 19) 
01:55Chicago P.D. Hard-hitting police drama series. The Intelligence unit investigates one of Chicago's wealthiest families when a freelance videographer is found murdered. (S4 Ep 18) 
02:50Chicago P.D. Crime drama series. The Intelligence unit bands together to help find the perpetrator when Burgess' sister is brutally assaulted. (S4 Ep 19) 
03:50Access A daily round-up of showbiz news and gossip from around the world, focusing on celebrities, movies, music and entertainment. 
04:00Teleshopping Shop by phone from the comfort of your home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shop by phone from the comfort of your home.