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Listings for Fx on Saturday, July 21 2018

06:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
06:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
07:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
07:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
08:00Cops Officers from the Amarillo, Texas, Police Department, assist FTO Chris Padron in arresting a man with a warrant, and find a house full of pot, plus a gun. (S23, Ep11) 
08:30Cops Officers pursue a driver who won't stop after a hit-and-run accident. A obnoxious drunk verbally fights with hotel guests in a lobby. (S23, Ep12) 
09:00NCIS Double Trouble Vance partners with Gibbs and returns to field duty when a murder case is connected to a former NCIS agent he locked up for stealing evidence. (S13, Ep4) 
10:00NCIS Lockdown While visiting a pharmaceutical lab on a murder case, Abby is trapped with no communication to the outside world after armed men take over the building and hold everyone hostage. (S13, Ep5) 
11:00NCIS Viral When a petty officer's murder matches the M.O. of a local serial killer, the NCIS team must determine if this is the killer's latest victim or the work of a copycat. (S13, Ep6) 
12:00NCIS 16 Years The NCIS murder case of a retired Navy Lieutenant Commander forces Ducky to reveal his participation in a secret society that solves cold cases. (S13, Ep7) 
13:00NCIS Saviours DiNozzo is reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Jeanne Benoit, when insurgents in Sudan attack a group of volunteer doctors, including her husband. (S13, Ep8) 
14:00NCIS: New Orleans Rogue Nation While Pride remains on probation six weeks after his rogue take down of the corrupt Mayor Hamilton, his team is closely monitored by Special Agent Paula Boyd. (S4, Ep1) 
15:00Bull The Exception To The Rule Bull is asked by a young, small town lawyer to help with his class action suit against the town's largest employer, who they blame for their illnesses. (S2, Ep6) 
16:00Leverage The Long Way Down Job The team goes after a case's missing evidence, which is located on a mountain and protected by mercenaries and blizzard conditions. (S4, Ep1) 
17:00Leverage The 10 Li'l Grifters Job The team goes after a mark, but he is killed before they can finish the con. To finish the case and pull off the sting, they must find the murderer. (S4, Ep2) 
18:00Leverage The 15 Minutes Job To take down a crooked PR consultant, the Leverage team uses his own tactics against him when they 'take him public' to find out what secret he's hiding. (S4, Ep3) 
19:00Leverage The Van Gogh Job The team learns about a World War II romance while recovering a missing Van Gogh painting. (S4, Ep4) 
20:00Leverage The Hot Potato Job To recover an experimental one-of-a-kind potato, the Leverage team infiltrates the world of corporate agriculture. (S4, Ep5) 
21:00The Gifted rX: Caitlin and Eclipse try to help Blink when her powers exceed their limits. (S1, Ep2) 
22:00American Dad The Long Bomb While having trouble communicating, Stan and Hayley team up to stop a terrorist plot to blow up the Bazooka Sharks arena; Roger pretends to be an escort. (S13, Ep18) 
22:30American Dad Crotchwalkers - In a desperate attempt to show Steve that she's still a "cool" mom, Francine teaches him a vast array of shoplifting techniques to try out at the local mall. (S10, Ep4) 
23:00Family Guy Papa Has A Rollin' Son: Stewie becomes friends with Tom Cruise after learning he will grow up to be only 5'1. (S15, Ep2) 
23:30Family Guy Guy, Robot Stewie builds a robot friend after a fight with Brian and Lois makes Peter buy a new mattress. (S15, Ep3) 
00:00American Dad The Scarlett Getter - When Stan runs into his former crush from the CIA boot camp, his affection for her resurfaces, driving Francine into a jealous frenzy. (S8, Ep6) 
00:30American Dad Seasons Beatings - Father Donovan holds a Christmas play and casts Stan as Santa Claus and Roger as Jesus. After the two get in a fight, Stan is kicked out of the church. (S8, Ep7) 
01:00Family Guy Peternormal Activity When the guys go to an abandoned asylum to gain inspiration for a new horror movie, they accidentally kill a man who they think is keeping them hostage. (S15, Ep4) 
01:30Family Guy Peter, Chris & Brian After Peter watches a VHS tape of his younger self, he discovers that he's a failure, he launches a plan to make sure that Chris doesn't take the same path. (S15, Ep5) 
02:00American Dad The Unbrave One - When Steve tries to prove himself as a macho-man to Stan, he follows in Roger's footsteps and tries to change himself from the outside in with a superhero persona. (S8, Ep8) 
02:30American Dad Stanny Tendergrass - When Stan finally has enough money to afford a membership at the golf club, his perseverance proves futile. (S8, Ep9) 
03:00Family Guy Peter's Sister Peter's sister Karen comes over for Thanksgiving, while Stewie goes a little too far as he and Brian go on a cleanse to avoid overeating. (S15, Ep6) 
03:30Family Guy Hot Pocket-Dial Quagmire finally confesses his love for Lois, but it happens while he accidentally pocket dials Peter, who is furious, so Brian tries to fix the situation. (S15, Ep7) 
04:00American Dad Wheels & the Legman and the Case of Grandpa's Key - Stan joins Roger and Steve's fictional detective agency, but he ruins the fun by being extremely incompetent at his job. (S8, Ep10) 
04:30American Dad Old Stan in the Mountain - When Stan is overly enthusiastic about his hatred for old people, a hex is placed on him that turns him into a frail, old man. (S8, Ep11) 
05:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
05:30Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone. 
06:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone.