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Listings for Fx on Saturday, January 31 2015

06:00Teleshopping A series of infomercials with products for everyone 
08:00Cops Ride shotgun with America's boys in blue as they continue their never-ending fight against crime, from the serious to the plain odd. (S22, Ep9) 
08:30Cops Ride shotgun with America's boys in blue as they continue their never-ending fight against crime, from the serious to the plain odd. (S22, Ep10) 
09:00Cops Ride shotgun with America's boys in blue as they continue their never-ending fight against crime, from the serious to the plain odd. (S22, Ep11) 
09:30Cops Ride shotgun with America's boys in blue as they continue their never-ending fight against crime, from the serious to the plain odd. (S22, Ep12) 
10:00Burn Notice Fast Friends Michael convinces Vaughn to let him take care of Jesse Porter - the spy he recently burned - but he needs to find him first. (S4, Ep2) 
11:00Burn Notice Made Men Michael and the team protect a security guard from dangerous gangsters. Meanwhile, Jesse is on the hunt for an international weapons-trafficker. (S4, Ep3) 
12:00Burn Notice Breach of Faith Fiona and Jesse seek information on a weapons runner in the Bahamas, while Sam and Michael get into a hostage situation at a bank. (S4, Ep4) 
13:00Burn Notice Neighbourhood Watch Michael tries to find out Kendra's agenda, while a doctor named Lauren asks him for help. (S4, Ep5) 
14:00Burn Notice Entry Point Michael and Fiona go undercover as security consultants to catch an antiques thief. Meanwhile, Sam and Jesse try to break Kendra. (S4, Ep6) 
15:00NCIS Bounce. When one of Tony's old cases is reopened, he switches roles with Gibbs in an effort to finally solve the crime. (S6, Ep16) 
16:00NCIS South by Southwest. When a fellow agent is murdered, the NCIS team heads into the desert to locate a woman who might hold the answer to the mystery. (S6, Ep17) 
17:00NCIS Knockout. The death of a boxer leads Vance to borrow the NCIS team and start investigating the fighter's death, while Gibbs digs into Vance's past. (S6, Ep18) 
18:00NCIS Hide and Seek. When a child discovers a weapon that was used in a murder, the entire family is investigated. The NCIS must find out who used the weapon last. (S6, Ep19) 
19:00NCIS Dead Reckoning. Gibbs must put his personal feelings aside and work with Trent Kort, who returns in order to track down a dangerous criminal. Stars Mark Harmon. (S6, Ep20) 
20:00Murder In The First Who's Your Daddy - While the inspectors search for clues linking suspects to Cindy's death, Hildy is confronted by a young witness from a past investigation who needs her help. (S1, Ep3) 
21:00Family Guy Seahorse Seashell Party As a hurricane hits Quahog, Brian gets high on psychedelic mushrooms and cuts his ear off, and Meg finally summons up the courage to confront the family. (S11, Ep2) 
21:30Family Guy Screams of Silence - The Story of Brenda Q: Quagmire and his friends try to talk his sister into getting away from her abusive boyfriend, before handling it themselves. (S11, Ep3) 
22:00Family Guy Joe's Revenge - Joe, with the help of Peter and Quagmire, looks to track down the person responsible for Joe's injuries. (S12, Ep5) 
22:30American Dad Stan feels like he's being run out of his own home when Francine's parents come to visit at Thanksgiving, and Francine's mother tries to set up Haley with an eligible bachelor. (S10, Ep5) 
23:00American Dad Secret-agent Stan Smith is assigned another high-stakes mission against Tearjerker and Black Villain. (S9, Ep13) 
23:30American Dad Francine tries to ensure that Steve beats Toshi's sister Akiko in a spelling bee while Roger and Stan try to help Hayley go through the stages of grief over Jeff's departure. (S9, Ep14) 
00:00Family Guy Stewie Goes for a Drive Peter befriends actor Ryan Reynolds, until he comes to believe that Reynolds may be attracted to him. (S11, Ep4) 
00:30Family Guy Back to the Pilot Brian and Stewie travel back in time to January 31st 1999 and witness the events that took place in the very first episode of Family Guy. (S11, Ep5) 
01:00American Dad A Langley Falls talk show outs Francine as "Baby Franny," the toddler who was once rescued from a well by a heroic fireman. (S9, Ep7) 
01:30American Dad Francine urges the family to give up their vices, but they all get drunk at Roger's Mardi Gras party and enter into a pact with Bullock. (S9, Ep8) 
02:00Family Guy Thanksgiving Joe's son, who was reported missing in Iraq, suddenly and unexpectedly appears during Thanksgiving dinner, but the story of his disappearance doesn't add up. (S11, Ep6) 
02:30Family Guy Amish Guy The Griffins stay in an Amish village after their car breaks down, but problems arise when Meg falls for a boy in the village. (S11, Ep7) 
03:00American Dad Francine makes everyone give up something for Lent, and Bullock makes sure everyone keeps it. Meanwhile, "Prince of Mardi Gras" Roger searches for his lost princess. (S9, Ep9) 
03:30American Dad A dark secret is revealed about the Smith family's past when Francine invites Stan's incarcerated dad, Jack, to Stan's party. (S9, Ep10) 
04:00American Dad Roger declares that Max Jets, one of Roger's alter-egos who enjoys showering the Smith family with money, is soon getting out of prison. (S9, Ep11) 
04:30American Dad Helping Handis. Stan resorts to desperate measures in an effort to make Steve more popular. Meanwhile, Francine is determined to start a new career as a doctor. (S2, Ep8)