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Listings for Fx on Sunday, September 7 2014

06:00TELESHOPPING A series of infomercials with products for everyone 
06:30TELESHOPPING A series of infomercials with products for everyone 
07:00TELESHOPPING A series of infomercials with products for everyone 
07:30TELESHOPPING A series of infomercials with products for everyone 
08:00Cops Ride shotgun with America's boys in blue as they continue their never-ending fight against crime, from the serious to the plain odd. 
08:30Cops Ride shotgun with America's boys in blue as they continue their never-ending fight against crime, from the serious to the plain odd. 
09:00Medium Allison's birthday gift for Joe starts sending her messages, and a highway sniper terrorizes Phoenix. [5/22] 
10:00Medium Allison meets an FBI profiler she admires, but her visions start to involve him. [6/22] 
11:00Medium Interconnected dreams begin when Allison and Ariel stumble across a murder scene, and Ariel's resentment grows as she's needed to help catch the killer. [7/22] 
12:00Medium Allison tries to rescue a boy that she sees in her dreams, while she also tries to find out about the circumstances of an assemblyman's recent death. The two issues turn out to be related. [8/22] 
13:00Medium Allison's attempts to help two ghosts who've bonded over their respective murders is somewhat hampered by one who's left a sizable inheritance to a woman he barely knew. [9/22] 
14:00NCIS Kill Screen The team has to find a ruthless murderer after the dismembered fingertips and teeth of a murdered marine are found in a pickpocket's stolen purse. 
15:00NCIS One Last Score When the NCIS team learns of the shocking murder of a former colleague, they soon find out that the victim has been selling vital information. 
16:00NCIS Out of the Flying Pan Gibbs is confused by Vance's order to cross-examine a teenage boy accused of killing his own father, a retired marine. 
17:00NCIS Tell All When a navy commander found murdered leaves behind a message written in blood, the NCIS team links it to a manuscript that may hold a threat to the national security. 
18:00NCIS Two-Faced Much to Gibbs' displeasure, the team are called to investigate a death of a seaman with a lead from Agent EJ Barrett. 
19:00NCIS Devil's Triad Season 11, Episode 10. Complications arise when the NCIS team discovers a link between a murder victim and the current boyfriend of Gibbs and Fornell's ex-wife. 
20:00NCIS Homesick Season 11, Episode 11. After a mysterious illness strikes children from military families, Gibbs and the team investigate the cause. 
21:00Falling Skies The 2nd Mass picks up the pieces after a devastating alien attack leaves Maggie fighting for her life...and Hal fighting for Maggie. [8/11] 
22:00Family Guy Lottery Fever When Peter blows his savings on lottery tickets, the family writes it off as one of his usual shenanigans - until they end up millionaires. 
22:30Family Guy Seahorse Seashell Party As a hurricane hits Quahog, Brian gets high on psychedelic mushrooms and cuts his ear off, and Meg finally summons up the courage to confront the family. 
23:00Maron Marc Starts a relationship with Justine, a professional dominatrix. He finds himself dealing with intimacy and jealousy issues he wasn't prepared for. [4/10] 
23:30Family Guy Stewie Loves Lois Stewie becomes obsessed with Lois after she saves Rupert. Meanwhile, Peter thinks his doctor is molesting him when he undergoes a prostate exam. 
00:00Family Guy Stew-Roids After Susie Swanson beats up Stewie, he and Peter take to the gym. What Stewie doesn't know is that Peter is giving him a little extra help to get those six-pack abs. 
00:30Family Guy We Love You Conrad Brian is devastated to learn that his ex-girlfriend Jillian is getting married, until he meets The Hills star Lauren Conrad. 
01:00Family Guy Three Kings When Peter reads some of Stephen King's works, he imagines his family and friends in three of King's stories: Stand By Me, Misery and The Shawshank Redemption. 
01:30Family Guy Peter's Progress Peter has a psychic palm-reading and discovers he led a past life as a dignified gentleman who followed Lady Redbush from 17th-century England to Quahog. 
02:00American Dad Stan of Arabia Part 1. Stan and his family move to Saudi Arabia, where they get a taste of life on foreign ground. As American and Arabian social norms clash, gender wars heat up. 
02:30American Dad Stan of Arabia Part 2. As the Smiths continue to live in Saudi Arabia, Stan enjoys the male-dominated society, while Francine's musical exposť on gender roles causes trouble. 
03:00Family Guy Road to the Multiverse Stewie and Brian explore a series of alternate universes. 
03:30Family Guy Family Goy When Peter and Lois find out that Lois's mother was a Holocaust survivor, Peter decides that the Griffins will adopt the Jewish faith. 
04:00American Dad Stannie Get Your Gun Stan's efforts to transform Hayley into a gun-lover backfire when she accidentally shoots him, causing serious injuries. 
04:30American Dad Star Trek When Steve becomes a famous author, the entire family gets caught up in his celebrity, including Stan, who becomes an unbearable 'stage parent'. 
05:00TELESHOPPING A series of infomercials with products for everyone 
05:30TELESHOPPING A series of infomercials with products for everyone 
06:00TELESHOPPING A series of infomercials with products for everyone