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Listings for More 4 on Friday, November 23 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:55Food Unwrapped Are baby carrots really babies? Why are some vanilla ice creams more expensive than others? How can coffees have lots of flavours when they use just two types of coffee beans? (S13 Ep5/6) 
09:30A Place in the Sun: Home or Away Fitness fanatics Mike Bennett and partner Andree Warbrick are torn between a holiday pad on southern Spain's Costa Tropical or a bigger house in the Cotswolds. 
10:30A Place in the Sun: Home or Away Jasmine Harman and Sara Damergi help best friends Mary-Rose Cross and Jane Murison choose between Oban in Scotland and Lake Vi?uela in Andalucia, southern Spain. 
11:35Four in a Bed The first visit is to The Bell House Hotel in Wiltshire, where owners Chris and Jacqui aim to bring city chic to the shires. But their absence at breakfast gets the criticism flowing. 
12:05Four in a Bed The second visit is to The Partridge in Oxfordshire, where Matthew Cockman and Paula Szkwarkowska share a passion for organic food. But the self-service breakfast has the guests up in arms. 
12:35Four in a Bed The third visit is to David and Susan Speak's Strawberry Gardens B&B in Heysham, where, despite the home-from-home accommodation with lashings of northern hospitality, cracks start to show. 
13:10Four in a Bed The last visit is to The Bateman's Mill near Chesterfield, where Jade Hendon and Diana Yates aim to be the best, but David and Susan are quick to find hairs in the bathroom. 
13:40Four in a Bed It's payment day and the fur flies as Jade tackles Matthew over feedback for The Bateman's Mill. The group thrash out their differences and the winners are revealed. 
14:10Come Dine with Me Perth area. First aid manager Jacqui plans to impress her guests with a menu featuring roast venison and a homely sticky toffee pud. But her party is rife with insults from the off. (Ep1/5) 
14:40Come Dine with Me Perth area. Aspiring actor Daniel is putting his twist on a traditional Scottish menu: spaghetti hagginaise and home-made Irn Bru ice cream. But one of his guests has it in for him. (Ep2/5) 
15:15Come Dine with Me Perth area. Basque-born Lorea is showcasing the food of her native northern Spain. But, with tensions simmering between her and two guests, is a portrait-drawing competition wise? (Ep3/5) 
15:50Come Dine with Me Perth area. Feisty host Jenna is aiming for perfection, but her decision to put plastic on the dining room floor baffles one guest. Meanwhile, the fractious atmosphere continues. (Ep4/5) 
16:20Come Dine with Me Perth area. Kiwi-born Craig is last to host. He hopes his menu of lobster and wild boar will blow his rivals out of the water. But will his guests' infighting spoil the party? (Ep5/5) 
16:50Escape to the Chateau: DIY Dick and Donna's search for the armour in the lake continues. Tim and Krys struggle getting the attic converted in time. And Dick and his mother-in-law Jenny attempt to make salami. (Ep10) 
17:55The Secret Life of the Zoo When young male tortoise Football muscles in on 71-year-old Bert's harem of females, the Chester Zoo keepers introduce two Swedish female tortoises to the group. (S2 Ep3/6) 
18:55The Supervet An owner travels through the night to get his much-loved Dobermann seen by Professor Noel Fitzpatrick. And a rabbit with a broken ankle needs surgery. (S9 Ep7/11) 
19:55Grand Designs A young farmer and architect in Northern Ireland hopes to make a home out of four large shipping containers welded together to form a giant cross. But his tiny budget is soon under threat. 
21:00New: Shades of Guilt Brand new series - The Other: Defence lawyer Friedrich Kronberg aims to tip the scales of justice in favour of his clients in this legal drama from Walter Presents. In German/subs. (S1 Ep1) 
22:0024 Hours in A&E Five-year-old Isa has been hit by a car, which witnesses had to lift off him. Tom, who's 26, has sliced his leg with a circular saw. Retired actor Donald has pain in his bladder. (S10 Ep21) 
23:0524 Hours in A&E Ten-year-old Ashleigh is rushed to St George's after injuring her leg while playing football. Three-year-old Lola has had a seizure, and 91-year-old Betty has severe chest pain. (S10 Ep19) 
00:05Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay travels to Philadelphia to visit floundering Mexican restaurant Zocalo, which has become an albatross around the necks of its owners, married couple Greg and Mary Russell. 
01:05Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay travels to Fremont, California, to try to save the struggling Spin a Yarn restaurant, which has had an expensive refurbishment but is still tearing its owners' marriage apart. 
02:0524 Hours in A&E Five-year-old Isa has been hit by a car, which witnesses had to lift off him. Tom, who's 26, has sliced his leg with a circular saw. Retired actor Donald has pain in his bladder. (S10 Ep21) 
03:108 Out of 10 Cats: Uncut An extended edition of the show with Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock and Jon Richardson, and their guests, Dr Christian Jessen, Lorraine Kelly, Sarah Millican and Tom Rosenthal. 
03:55Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.