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Listings for Mtv on Thursday, September 19 2019

06:00Daria The whole school goes on a mandatory-voluntary harbour cruise to raise money via casino gambling. (S3, ep12) 
06:2516 And Pregnant Kailyn's mum moved in with her new boyfriend, forcing Kailyn to live with her young boyfriend's family while she attempts to go to college. (S2, ep10) 
07:1016 And Pregnant After a shotgun wedding, Brooke and Cody are forced to sacrifice car racing for parenthood. Now they're trying to balance high school life and moving in to their own place. (S2, ep11) 
08:0016 And Pregnant The youngest of five, Felicia's the only one in her family with a shot at graduating. But when it gets tough with her boyfriend and she leaves home, will she be forced to drop out? (S2, ep12) 
09:0016 And Pregnant Emily, an all-American girl, has to leave her majorette baton and boyfriend behind, as she moves an hour away and faces the pressure of starting over in a new school and town. (S2, ep13) 
10:00The Hills: New Beginnings Boxset The group heads to Vegas to see Brody's DJ performance, and Justin finds himself caught in the middle of a showdown between Audrina and Stephanie. Wildfires tear through Malibu. (S1, ep5) 
11:00The Hills: New Beginnings Boxset Brody and Kaitlynn deal with the devastating aftermath of the Malibu fires. Audrina makes a difficult decision about Justin. Meanwhile, Heidi begins to revive her pop star career. (S1, ep6) 
12:00The Hills: New Beginnings Boxset Gossip catches fire and rumors fly after a scandalous incident involving Brody and Stephanie. Audrina is shocked when Justin brings a jaw-dropping date to dinner. (S1, ep7) 
13:00The Hills: New Beginnings Boxset Kaitlynn and Brody's "A -List" gala fractures the group when she excludes part of the crew. Audrina surprises everyone by re-igniting a romance. Spencer shocks Heidi with a surprise. (S1, ep8) 
14:00Catfish: Should've Swiped Left Nev and Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, help Sheila figure out if she's being romanced by Love & Hip Hop's Rich Dollaz. Is it a fan girl crush or is Sheila really talking to the reality star? (S7, ep21) 
15:00Catfish: Should've Swiped Left Robin is desperate to meet her hunky, long-distance love in person. Nev and Max agree to help her hunt him down, but what they uncover turns out to be much more than Robin bargained for! (S6, ep17) 
16:00Catfish: Should've Swiped Left Nev and Max receive emails from opposite sides of the same online romance, each concerned that the other may be a catfish! What happens next leaves Nev and Max stunned! (S6, ep8) 
17:00Catfish: Should've Swiped Left After being Catfished by her best friend, Larissa turned to online pal Anthony for support. Feelings between them grew, but after some suspicious moves, Larissa is worried he is also lying. (S5, ep14) 
18:00Catfish: Should've Swiped Left Dylan receives an anonymous text warning him that his online love, Ally, is not who she says she is. After the mystery texter is revealed, Nev and Max uncover a huge web of deceit! (S6, ep10) 
19:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant UK Charlotte, who is expecting twins, comes to terms with her mum's terminal illness. Laura and her wife are expecting a baby boy. Alisha and Charlie juggle family and financial pressure. (S1, ep1) 
20:00The Hills: New Beginnings While in Santa Barbara for Heidi and Spencer's vow renewal ceremony, Heidi introduces Brandon to someone new, Justin and Audrina reconnect, and Kaitlynn confronts Ashley. (S1, ep12) 
21:00New: Jersey Shore Family Vacation It's time for Mike and Lauren's wedding, but all eyes are on Ronnie's unpredictable girlfriend Jen when she makes the surprising decision to attend. (S2, ep26) 
22:00Geordie OGs Holly gives the low-down on Jacob's surprise proposal. Marnie and Casey reveal the gender of their baby. And, Aaron finally takes to the cage for his comeback MMA fight at Wembley. (S1, ep6) 
23:00Catfish: The TV Show Laura joins Nev to help Angel find her online love, Antonio. He claims to live in Angel's small town, yet is never able to meet her! It's clear Antonio is keeping a major secret. (S7, ep40) 
00:00Geordie Shore: Gaz's Best Bits After checking out the local guys, girls and geysers in Iceland, the Geordies head back to the Toon, where it all kicks off as Aaron and Scott find out the truth about Gary and Marnie. (S8, ep7) 
01:00Geordie Shore: Gaz's Best Bits As two more faces from the past walk through the door, the competition really hots up! Gary shows Charlotte commitment she's never seen before, but is everyone happy for them? (S1, ep2) 
02:00Geordie Shore: Gaz's Best Bits Gaz's pulling competition causes a bust up for Aaron and Scott. Charlotte tells Holly some home truths about Kyle while the toga party sees Chloe and Scott get closer than ever. (S11, ep3) 
02:50New: Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo hit 'Rock Bottom' and check out some people getting 'T-Boned'. (S13, ep9) 
03:15New: Ridiculousness Rob, Steelo, and Chanel get high with some 'Baked Beasts', and get romanced by some 'Unique Chivalry'. (S13, ep10) 
03:35New: Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo discover things provoke 'More Questions Than Answers', and the shocking moments that make us 'Mind Melted'. (S13, ep11) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria Jane starts dating a guy, to the annoyance of her misanthropic friend Daria. (S3, ep13)