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Listings for Mtv on Sunday, April 5 2015

06:00Laguna Beach The clique hit San Diego for a Blink 182 concert, where the atmosphere is still tense after the scandalous events of spring break. (S1, ep6) 
06:20Laguna Beach It's Prom time, and all the girls get invited in the most romantic of ways. But Kristen has a secret admirer... will she be tempted away from Stephen by this new guy's advances? (S1, ep7) 
06:45Laguna Beach The Laguna kids are going camping at Catalina, but it's not all fun & games when the park ranger tells them that, due to a drought, bears may come into the camp looking for water! (S1, ep8) 
07:10Laguna Beach It's Graduation Day, and as the kids try on their caps and gowns, they are surprised with gifts from their parents... including a sports car, a laptop & a high-tech sound system. (S1, ep9) 
07:35Laguna Beach The Laguna Beach cast have graduated and are enjoying their summer before college. Stephen & Kristin's relationship is better than ever, but will it last when they leave Laguna? (S1, ep10) 
08:00Laguna Beach There's a twist in the tale when the gang start to say their goodbyes as they head out for college in this explosive season finale! (S1, ep11) 
08:3016 And Pregnant Mackenzie has always lived in the moment, until she has to suddenly get serious about her own life when her boyrfiend is nearly paralyzed in a car accident just weeks before her due date. (S4, ep1) 
09:3016 And Pregnant Documentary series. Once her days were filled with college applications and racing quad bikes with friends; but after getting pregnant, Katie has to completely rearrange her priorities. (S4, ep2) 
10:3016 And Pregnant Documentary series. Briana gets pregnant at the same time as her sister, but their relationship becomes tense when they make different decisions regarding teenage motherhood. (S4, ep3) 
11:3016 And Pregnant Documentary series. When Lindsey unexpectedly gets pregnant, she struggles to find a stable living situation with her inconsistent boyfriend, and to follow through with her dreams. (S4, ep4) 
12:3016 And Pregnant Alex finding out she's pregnant at 16 puts everything on hold. Her boyfriend Matt is also growing increasingly unreliable, and Alex considers whether adoption might be the best choice. (S4, ep5) 
14:0016 And Pregnant Documentary series following pregnant teenagers. Jordan's mother has never been her boyfriend Tyler's biggest fan, and the tension between the two only gets worse when Jordan gets pregnant. (S4, ep6) 
15:0016 And Pregnant Myranda finds that love isn't the answer to everything when she gets pregnant. As her mum battles substance abuse, Myranda and boyfriend Eric struggle with preparing for a baby on their own. (S4, ep7) 
16:0016 And Pregnant Sarah and Blake were high school sweethearts, until an unexpected pregnancy begins to pull them apart. Blake wants to move away for work, but Sarah needs him to stick around for their baby. (S4, ep8) 
17:0016 And Pregnant Ex-party girl Hope is pregnant after losing her virginity to Ben, a guy she barely knows. Hope and Ben try to make a go of their relationship in order to provide a good family for the baby. (S4, ep9) 
18:0016 And Pregnant Sabrina used to be a cool California girl, with an athlete boyfriend and big group of friends. When she gets pregnant, Sabrina must start a new life, and hopes her boyfriend will come too. (S4, ep10) 
19:0016 and Pregnant Karley wasn't able to resist the charms of bad boy Tony. Shortly into their relationship, she finds out she's pregnant with twins. Can Tony settle down and be a responsible dad? (S5, ep6) 
20:00Catfish: The TV Show Chitara took a big leap and came out to her family when she met Priscilla online, but Priscilla ended their relationship unexpectedly. Now Chitara is determined to find out what happened. (S4, ep5) 
21:00Geordie Shore A night out in Sunderland ends in disaster as Aaron sees Marnie and Scott getting way too close and the boys square up. Charlotte and Gary's relationship goes from strength to strength. (S9, ep5) 
22:00Geordie Shore The Geordies host a Tash-On Tours hoedown for young Gloucestershire farmers. 'Psycho' Charlotte returns when she sees Gary talking to another girl, and Holly and Kyle get closer than ever. (S9, ep6) 
23:00Geordie Shore Vicky's missing her boyfriend James, so the gang arrange a surprise visit for her. A surprise gift from Holly gets Kyle rattled. Scott and Gary come to blows over a girl in the club. (S9, ep7) 
00:00Geordie Shore There's a massive shock in store when one of the gang makes a life-changing decision that means things in the Geordie Shore house will never be the same again. Last in the series. (S9, ep8) 
01:00Scandalicious: Sexiest Nearly... ... Naked Celebs. In this episode we give viewers a peek at some of the sexiest, most revealing and riskiest fashion choices of the hottest stars. 
02:00Scandalicious: 20 Shocking... ...Celebrity Rants. We all lose our cool once in a while but when a celebrity has a really bad day it's game on! In this special, we'll take a look at 20 shocking acts of celebrity misbehaviour. 
02:45MTV Cribs Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police! 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Cribs Cribs invites you to check out the homes of US sports star Steve Francis, singer Paulina Rubio and rapper Lil Wayne. (S7, ep15)