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Listings for Mtv on Saturday, September 27 2014

06:00Cribs In this international episode, we're going to England to check out singer-songwriter Joss Stone's place, then heading back to the U.S. to visit UFC champion fighter Chuck Liddell & rap sensation Huey. 
06:20Time's Up When a job promotion sends Alesa to Dallas, Jay, her boyfriend of one year, must choose between his music career in Richmond and his girlfriend in Texas. (S1, ep9) 
06:45Teen Mom: Farewell Special The moms look back on their journeys from being 16 and Pregnant to today. Featuring never-before-seen footage from their original casting tapes, behind the scenes secrets and updates on their lives. 
08:00Teen Mom 2 Kailyn's baby is born. Chelsea struggles with the new visitation agreement. Leah and Jeremy work on their relationship. Jenelle is pregnant but things are on edge after Nathan's DUI arrest. (S5, ep12) 
09:00Teen Mom Your Most Memorable... ...Episode. Jenelle's downward spiral continues as she gets into a fight with Kieffer and her roommate Tori. Adam breaks up with Chelsea and she struggles to deal with it on her first day of work. 
10:00Teen Mom Your Most Memorable... ...Episode. Leah's upset when Ali needs another MRI. Jenelle & Kieffer are living in her car but begin to fight. Chelsea decides to give Adam another shot. 
11:00Teen Mom Your Most Memorable... ...Episode. Farrah takes an emotional trip to Sophia's dad's grave, Amber and her mom fight after meeting Child Protective Services, Maci struggles with college. (S3, ep7) 
12:00Teen Mom Your Most Memorable... ...Episode. Tyler works up the nerve to propose to Catelynn, Maci & Ryan struggle with their relationship, Amber sees what it's like to be a single mum, & Farrah makes peace. Series 1, Episode 8. 
13:30Teen Mom Your Most Memorable... ...Episode. Corey arranges visitation with the girls while Leah moves her stuff out of Corey's house. Jenelle finds out she might be bipolar while in rehab and Chelsea decides to take the GED. 
15:00Teen Mom 2 Kailyn's baby is born. Chelsea struggles with the new visitation agreement. Leah and Jeremy work on their relationship. Jenelle is pregnant but things are on edge after Nathan's DUI arrest. (S5, ep12) 
16:00Catfish: The TV Show Sunny is in love with the man of her dreams. Jamison is a model, a TV writer, and also studying to be an anaesthesiologist. However, Sunny and Jamison have never met. Is Jamison too good to be true? 
17:00Catfish: The TV Show Trina is an exotic dancer who always had trouble meeting guys she could trust, until she met Scorpio, a fellow dancer, online. Will Trina finally get to rendezvous with the only man she's ever loved? 
18:00Catfish: The TV Show Kim's been pouring her heart out to Matt for over 10 years. Now, Kim's facing a life-changing decision - should she marry her current boyfriend or find out if Matt is her soul mate? 
19:00Catfish: The TV Show Jarrod never thought he'd find love until he fell for Abby on Facebook. Jarrod thinks Abby could be "the one", but she's refusing to see him. What is Abby hiding? 
20:00Catfish: The TV Show In this episode we meet Kya and Alyx, who fell in love quickly after meeting online. Are they being honest with each other? Hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph investigate. (S1, ep6) 
20:55Virgin Territory Two new virgins join the cast: Alec plans to come out of the closet to his family. David and Cairo hit a bumpy patch. Marjorie gets into a fight when she sees Hiago flirting. (S1, ep8) 
22:00The Valleys Our favourite wild kids from the Valleys are back in Cardiff and they're going on tour! Lateysha's looking for love, Carley and Jenna are bowled over by a buff new arrival. (S3, ep1) 
23:00The Valleys Chidgey and Jack have their hands full with a hen party bus tour of The Valleys. Jason has to fight off the advances of Lateysha but it's war not love that consumes Natalee and Anthony. (S3, ep2) 
00:00The Valleys The first Valleywood night of the tour hits Liverpool. Jordan introduces a special guest, but it all goes wrong when Laytesha's performance is upstaged and Carley is rushed to hospital. (S3, ep3) 
01:00The Valleys After the carnage in Liverpool the kids are back in Cardiff. With Lateysha and Nicole at loggerheads, Jordan calls a meeting to make peace. Carley thinks she's falling for Chidgey again. (S3, ep4) 
02:00Ridiculousness Rob breaks down Why Rollerblading Should Make a Comeback. Witness a merry-go-round of pain in Worst Case Scenario, Almost Made It and Not Even Close. 
02:20Ridiculousness See a wake of damage after Trees Strike Back. Guest dancer Cole Hernandez brings some Weird Dancing. Some skaters get Racked and a lot of people learn That's Not What That's For. 
02:45MTV Cribs Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police! 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Cribs In this episode of Cribs, we check out the pads of Omarion, Perez Hilton and TJ Houshmandzadeh. Series 16, Episode 1.