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Listings for P ITV 1 on Sunday, October 30 2016

06:00Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids The Childhood Snatcher Animation narrated by Nigel Planer. The Childhood Snatcher turns a little girl into a wrinkled old woman before her fourth birthday. [SL] S2 Ep6 
06:10Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids The Giant Who Grew Too Big for His Boots Animated stories narrated by Nigel Planer. Huge Hugh is a giant who is always in need of more space, and who gets so big that he bursts. [SL] S2 Ep7 
06:20Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures Dino Clash Jurassic adventures. When Trek and Bobby play video games, they imagine themselves in a dinosaur video game. [SL] S1 Ep47 
06:35Dino Dan: Trek's Adventures Dino Footprints Jurassic adventures. When Hannah and Trek take an after school art class, Trek decides to use sculpture to see just how different dino footprints can be. [SL] S1 Ep48 
06:45Sooty The Haunted House Children's comedy. Sooty challenges Richard and Sweep to spend a night in a house full of creaking armour, hairy spiders and spooky paintings. [SL] S2 Ep16 
06:55Signed Stories: Share a Story The Hedgehog Who Wanted to Fly Annabel Hind presents a winning animation about a hedgehog who wishes he could fly. [SL] S1 Ep4 
07:00Super 4 I'm the King Animated comedy adventure series. Fourchesac imprisons our heroes and raises an army to invade the Enchanted Island! S1 Ep3 
07:15Oddbods Fuse Ruse Animated adventures. Fuse decides to reinvent himself as a calmer and more tolerant person - but how long can he suppress who he really is? S1 Ep16 
07:25Scrambled! Luke Franks, London Hughes, Sam Homewood and Arielle Free present more fun, games and sketches in the Scrambled! flat. Catch new episodes of Looped, alongside old favourites. S4 Ep16 
07:30Scrambled! Nerds & Monsters Nerdzilla Animated comedy series. Irwin accidentally tosses an experiment into the ocean, creating a giant sea monster that threatens the island in the process. S2 Ep21 
07:50Scrambled! Horrid Henry Horrid Henry How to Be Horrid The animated adventures of the mischievous anti-hero. Being horrid is all about being horrid. Henry shows us how. S4 Ep46 
08:10Scrambled! Looped Re-vamp The animated adventures of two friends who are stuck in a time loop. In an attempt to do some good, Luc allows himself to be bitten by a vampire. S1 Ep38 
08:30Scrambled! Thunderbirds Are Go Deep Search Animated adventures. Alan makes first contact with an alien lifeform when Thunderbird 3 is called out to Jupiter's moon Europa to save a pair of documentarians. S2 Ep3 
09:05Scrambled! Adventure Time Lemonhope Story II Children's animation. Tired of Princess Bubblegum lecturing him, Lemonhope sets off into the world to be a free lemon. 
09:25ITV News The latest headlines from around the world. 
09:30Bear Grylls Survival School Ten British children tackle the great outdoors with the help of survival expert Bear Grylls in the mountains of Snowdonia. A day at the seaside provides some tough challenges. S1 Ep7 
10:00New: Peston on Sunday Robert Peston and Allegra Stratton present a weekly political magazine show featuring a mix of big political interviews, topical guests, authors and a bit of satire. S2 Ep7 
10:55Gino's Italian Escape: Hidden... ...Italy. Lombardia: Gino D'Acampo continues his journey in Lombardy's Lago di Como. At Harry's Bar on the lake, Gino seeks out the secret to their most famous drink - the bellini. S4 Ep3 
11:25Chopping Block Cookery challenge show. It is day four and the cooks get to grips with de-boning and skinning a chicken, while Teresa and Jamie's florentines look more crater-like than lacy. S1 Ep9 
12:30ITV News & Weather The latest headlines from around the world. Followed by national and local weather forecasts. 
12:40The X Factor Dermot O'Leary hosts as the singing competition continues. The remaining contestants take to the stage once again to perform live for the judges and the audience at home. S13 Ep19 
14:30Midsomer Murders The House in the Woods Barnaby and Acting DC Ben Jones investigate the garrotting of a husband and wife outside a deserted cottage. S9 Ep1 
16:30Spotless Game show set against a backdrop of immaculate white rooms, in which two couples compete in fiendishly messy games where their only mission is to stay absolutely spotless. 
17:30Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pound jackpot. S5 Ep118 
18:30ITV News London Regional news update for the capital and the South East, plus local weather. 
18:45ITV News & Weather A round-up of all the latest news headlines. Followed by a national weather forecast. 
19:00New: The Chase: Celebrity Special TV presenter Matt Allwright, singer Stacey Solomon, newsreader Louise Minchin and actor Keith Allen take on the Chaser to win money for charity. Bradley Walsh hosts. S6 Ep8 
20:00New: The X Factor Results Dermot O'Leary hosts as the remaining acts find out who is safe for another week and who has scored the lowest number of votes. Who will leave the competition for good tonight? S13 Ep20 
21:00New: Tutankhamun In 1922 Carter finally discovers the tomb and its untold riches, but the rules of who owns the treasures in Egypt have changed and threaten to bankrupt Carnarvon and end the dig. S1 Ep3 
22:00ITV News & Weather The latest headlines from around the world. Followed by national and local weather forecasts. 
22:15Peston on Sunday Robert Peston and Allegra Stratton present a weekly political magazine show featuring a mix of big political interviews, topical guests, authors and a bit of satire. S2 Ep7 
23:15Rugby: Aviva Premiership... ...Highlights. The best of the action from round seven of the Aviva Premiership Rugby season. Matches include Northampton v Gloucester, Exeter v Bath and Saracens v Leicester. 
00:15Jackpot247 Join the presenters live and play roulette on your telly. Join in now at 
03:00Motorsport UK Highlights of the final two races from Rockingham Motor Speedway in Northamptonshire - round 17 of the Ginetta GT4 Supercup and round 24 of the F4 British Championship. 
03:50ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 
05:05The Jeremy Kyle Show Jeremy Kyle deals with more dilemmas, fiery confrontations and topical issues all in front of a studio audience. S14 Ep68 
06:00Good Morning Britain ITV's breakfast show bringing the latest news, sport and weather to the nation. Pop star David Gray chats about his new Best of album.