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Listings for P ITV 1 on Saturday, February 13 2016

06:00Bottom Knocker Street Councillor Cowdairy Children's comedy series. Councillor Cowdrey sees his chance for world domination - or at least a chain of cheese shops. [SL] S1 Ep1 
06:15Bottom Knocker Street He Came from Outta Space A dull and routine day is interrupted by the arrival of an alien on a mission - to collect a mug of water to fuel his planet's life support system. [SL] S1 Ep2 
06:25Dino Dan Where the Dinosaurs Are While Dan and his friends have a sleepover at the Royal Ontario Museum, Dan has to get a T-Rex claw back from some dinosaurs before the museum opens. [SL] S1 Ep51 
06:50Signed Stories: Share a Story Flashman Signed programme which goes behind the scenes of the Share a Story competition, meeting the competitors and the animators who turned their stories into short films. [SL] 
06:55Sooty The Wendy House Soo has lost her favourite necklace. Sooty and Sweep want to cheer her up so they decide to decorate her old wendy house. S1 Ep11 
07:05Super 4 Silence of the Statues Animated series. A statue of the fairy queen suddenly has the power to turn anyone who looks at it into stone. Our heroes must find a way to stop it. S1 Ep32 
07:15Looped Dodge This The animated adventures of Luc and Theo, two friends who are stuck in a time loop. Luc and Theo use the loop to avoid getting hit during a game of dodgeball. 
07:30Scrambled! Luke Franks, London Hughes, Sam Homewood and Arielle Free have more fun, games and sketches in the Scrambled! flat. Check for further details on the CITV website. 
07:35Scrambled! Mr Bean Jurassic Bean A clueless yet clever loner bungles his way through life in London. Mr Bean goes in search of wildlife, but he is not expecting to see anything prehistoric! S2 Ep18 
07:50Scrambled! Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Tells the Truth The animated adventures of the mischievous anti-hero. Henry discovers that telling the truth is not always easy, especially when it is Moody Margaret. S4 Ep11 
08:10Scrambled! Nerds & Monsters Tickle Stick Animated comedy series. When Becky is accidentally zapped by an electric sea creature, her braces light up and the Monsters use her for their various electrical needs. 
08:30Scrambled! Jessie The Jessie-nator Grudgement Day: US sitcom. A Jessie from the future warns present-day Jessie that in 60 years time, Ravi's inventions plot to destroy Jessie and rule the world. 
09:05Scrambled! The Tom and Jerry Show Haunted Mouse Animated series. Tuffy's house is haunted so she asks Tom and Jerry for help. 
09:25Columbo: It's All in the Game The sleuth investigates the murder of a playboy gambler, but finds the dead man's girlfriend a distraction. 
11:15The Jeremy Kyle Show Jeremy Kyle deals with more dilemmas, fiery confrontations and topical issues all in front of a studio audience. 
12:20ITV News & Weather The latest headlines from around the world. Followed by national and local weather forecasts. 
12:25The Jeremy Kyle Show Jeremy Kyle deals with more dilemmas, fiery confrontations and topical issues all in front of a studio audience. 
13:30Judge Rinder Studio courtroom show in which criminal barrister Robert Rinder rules on real life cases. 
14:30Tipping Point Ben Shephard hosts the quiz show in which four players take on an extraordinary machine in the hope of winning its 10,000 pound jackpot. 
15:30Doc Martin Martin does not take kindly to the influx of holidaymakers in Portwenn - and his attempts to point out the dangers of sunbathing to one woman do not go over very well. S1 Ep6 
16:30The Martin Lewis Money Show Martin Lewis and Saira Khan with money-saving tips including how to get compensation for delayed flights, the cheapest way to get an MOT, and tips for under 18 savers. S5 Ep10 
17:00The Chase Quiz show hosted by Bradley Walsh. Four contestants must pit their wits against the Chaser, a ruthless quiz genius determined to stop them winning the prize cash. 
18:00ITV News London Regional news update for the capital and the South East, plus local weather. 
18:15ITV News & Weather Ranvir Singh presents the latest headlines from around the world. Followed by a national weather forecast. 
18:30New: You've Been Framed! More viewer home videos narrated by Harry Hill. Nan is cocooned in silly string, a pelican pushes a boy off a pier and a bodybuilder hits himself in the eye with a dumbbell. 
19:00New: Ninja Warrior UK Ben Shephard, Rochelle Humes and Chris Kamara host the final. Who will get the chance to conquer Mount Midoriyama and be crowned this year's Ninja Warrior? S2 Ep8 
20:00New: Take Me Out Paddy McGuinness hosts the hilarious dating show. Braving the love lift this time are Scott from London, Keshav from Leeds, Cory from Newcastle and Adam from Bedfordshire. S8 Ep7 
21:20New: The Jonathan Ross Show Jonathan welcomes comic actor Sacha Baron Cohen in the guise of Nobby the football hooligan, as well as Stephen Fry, Amy Poehler and Shawn Mendes, who performs his hit Stitches. S10 Ep6 
22:20ITV News & Weather Ranvir Singh presents the latest headlines from around the world. Followed by national and local weather forecasts. 
22:35Twins Film Comedy starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, 1988. Two very different twin brothers, born as a result of a genetic experiment, team up after spending years apart. 
00:30Jackpot247 Join the presenters live and play roulette on your telly. Find out how or join in now at 
03:00Murder, She Wrote Deadline for Murder Another case for Jessica Fletcher, novelist and amateur sleuth. Jessica and her friend Haskell Drake unravel the mysterious death of a corrupt newspaper mogul. [SL] S3 Ep7 
03:50ITV Nightscreen Text-based information service. 
06:00Bottom Knocker Street Magpie Thief Children's comedy series. A spate of magpie disappearances leads the kids to test their investigative skills. [SL] S1 Ep3