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Listings for P ITV 3 on Saturday, April 20 2019

06:00On the Buses What the Stars Foretell Sitcom about a bus company. Two women compete for the inspector's affections. [SL] S7 Ep10 
06:30Carry On Cowboy Film Classic British comedy starring Sid James and Jim Dale, 1965. When Stodge City is terrorised by the lawless Rumpo Kid, only sanitation engineer Marshall P Knutt can save the day. 
08:25Carry On Screaming! Film Horror spoof starring Harry H Corbett and Kenneth Williams, 1966. The search for several missing women leads two bumbling Victorian detectives to the eerie house of Dr Watt. 
10:20Carry On...Follow That Camel Film British comedy starring Phil Silvers and Kenneth Williams, 1967. An unjustly disgraced aristocrat joins the Foreign Legion and comes across a fort full of nervous legionnaires. 
12:10Carry On...Don't Lose Your Head Film Classic British comedy starring Sid James and Jim Dale, 1966. Two English noblemen decide to rescue their French counterparts from the revolting masses and Madame Guillotine. 
13:55Carry On Up the Jungle Film Bawdy British comedy starring Terry Scott and Sid James, 1970. A team of explorers on a jungle safari find themselves plunging in and out of the foliage in search of a rare bird. 
15:40Carry On Up the Khyber Film British comedy starring Sid James and Kenneth Williams, 1968. 1895 - the natives of India are ready to revolt and are only prevented from doing so by fear of a Scottish regiment. 
17:25Vera Little Lazarus Detective drama. Vera rescues a boy from a pond after he escapes from a violent attack which left his mother dead. Does the key to the murder lie in his memory? S1 Ep4 
19:30Midsomer Murders Schooled in Murder When a woman is crushed to death by a giant round of cheese at the home of the world-famous Midsomer Blue, Barnaby and Jones are soon on the case. S15 Ep6 
21:20New: The Comedy Years 1984 In 1984, as the miners' strike took over the news, political figures were on the receiving end of the most irreverent comedy series ever seen on TV - Spitting Image. Ep2 
22:20Carry On Forever This episode chronicles what is considered to be the golden era of the Carry On brand - the late 60s. Carry On veteran Jim Dale talks about his role in Carry On Spying. S1 Ep2 
23:20Vera The Deer Hunters Detective drama series. When a suspected poacher is found dead from a gunshot wound, Vera must unearth the truth behind his return to the Northumberland moors. S4 Ep3 
01:25Classic Emmerdale Chris takes a big gamble with something dear to his heart and Frank wields the axe at Tate Haulage. The Feldmanns watch their possessions being auctioned off. 
01:55Classic Emmerdale Amos bids an emotional farewell to Mr Wilks and the Woolpack on his last day in Beckindale. Joe takes advantage of a quiet moment with Kim. 
02:25ITV3 Nightscreen Text-based information service. 
02:30Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Carry On Cruising Film British comedy starring Sid James and Kenneth Williams, 1962. The captain of a cruise ship needs a replacement crew fast, but the substitutes aren't what the captain expected.