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Listings for P ITV 4 on Friday, September 4 2015

06:00Hat-trick Heroes Short film featuring some of football's three-goal specialists. 
06:15Alias Smith and Jones The Men That Corrupted Hadleyburg US comedy drama series about two outlaws. Captured by a prospecting family, Heyes and Curry face prison - unless they can come up with a plan. S2 Ep18 
07:05Minder The Balance of Power When Arthur's used car lot is threatened by a compulsory purchase order, he decides to stand as an independent candidate in the local council by-election. [SL] S5 Ep8 
08:00Hogan's Heroes Reverend Kommandant Klink Classic American comedy. Hogan restores a French pilot's confidence when he sneaks the pilot's fiancee into the camp and cons Klink into marrying them. S2 Ep25 
08:35Kojak Be Careful what You Pray For Police drama series. Three Puerto Ricans who are planning a robbery upset a crime syndicate. S3 Ep5 
09:40Magnum P.I. Going Home Detective drama series set in Hawaii. Magnum goes home after 13 years to attend his grandfather's funeral, but waiting for him are many unresolved relationship issues. S6 Ep7 
10:40Alias Smith and Jones The Biggest Game in the West American comedy drama series about two likeable outlaws. Hayes and Curry use counterfeit money to play in a high-stakes poker game. S2 Ep19 
11:50The Professionals Slush Fund CI5 investigates the criminal behaviour of a European consortium which is building a fighter plane branded as a potential death-trap. S4 Ep9 
12:50Minder Around the Corner Arthur buys a dodgy greyhound and gets conned over some bent videos. But are the police too busy fighting with each other to catch him red-handed? S5 Ep9 
13:55Cycling: La Vuelta A Espana... ...Highlights. After a full day in Andorra, stage 12 returns to Spain with one of the last opportunities for the sprinters. 172.5 predominantly flat kilometres from Escaldes to Lleida. 
14:50Hogan's Heroes The Tower Comedy series. Hogan blackmails a general to stop the transfer of Colonel Klink from Stalag 13. S2 Ep27 
15:20Hogan's Heroes Colonel Klink's Secret Weapon Classic American sitcom. Colonel Klink becomes the victim of a ruthless troubleshooter. S2 Ep28 
15:55Magnum P.I. Paniolo Detective drama series set in Hawaii. Magnum is called in to investigate an outbreak of cattle-rustling on the island. S6 Ep8 
16:55Kojak Secret Snow, Deadly Snow US police drama series. Kojak has gathered iron-clad evidence for a murder charge against a big-time drug dealer, but then new evidence confuses matters. S3 Ep6 
18:00The Professionals Stopover Drama series about two intelligence agents. Bodie and Doyle find themselves up against the KGB after a CI5 agent is seemingly raised from the dead. S3 Ep3 
19:00Pawn Stars Backroom Brawl The Pawn Stars puzzle over a pocket-sized sundial that's concealing an interesting secret. Corey and Chumlee target a rifle sharp-shooting arcade game from the 60s. S2 Ep23 
19:30Euro 2016 Qualifier: Germany v... ...Poland. Jacqui Oatley is joined by former East German international and Leeds boss, Uwe Rosler, and Guy Poyet for live coverage as Germany entertain Poland in Frankfurt. 
22:00Cycling: La Vuelta A Espana... ...Highlights. Stage 13 is a bumpy 168km from Calatayud to Tarazona where strong winds may be a factor. Today looks tailor-made for either a breakaway or a bunch sprint. 
23:00Smokin' Aces Film Complex crime thriller starring Jeremy Piven and Ben Affleck, 2006. When a man offers to testify against the mob, the FBI must protect him from assassins chasing a large bounty. 
01:15Cycling: La Vuelta A Espana... ...Highlights. Stage 13 is a bumpy 168km from Calatayud to Tarazona where strong winds may be a factor. Today looks tailor-made for either a breakaway or a bunch sprint. 
02:10River Monsters Another compilation of the best bits from this extreme fishing series, which sees Jeremy Wade uncovering myths and legends surrounding freshwater predators. 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Football's Greatest: Thierry Henry Short film celebrating some of football's greatest ever players. In this edition, the ex-Arsenal superstar from France - Thierry Henry.