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Listings for P ITV 4 on Friday, September 5 2014

06:00Cheers Let Sleeping Drakes Lie Sharp comedy from the Boston bar. Rebecca is caught out having sexual fantasies in the bedroom of her boss when he returns unexpectedly. [SL] 
06:25Cheers Airport V: Sharp comedy from the Boston bar. Carla attends Frasier's 'fear of flying' workshop, and Sam suspects Rebecca of buttering up a critic who gives the bar a glowing review. [SL] 
06:50The Professionals The Female Factor Action-packed drama series. A prostitute looking for Doyle ends up dead, and a blackmail plot involves a pornographic film and the KGB. [SL] 
07:40Police, Camera, Action! Motorway Madness The worst habits of motorway drivers, from abuse of the hard shoulder to hogging the middle lane - all which raise stress levels on what should be our safest roads. 
08:05Police, Camera, Action! Eco Unfriendly Police footage of smoking gas-guzzlers, tips for drivers to help save the planet, and what the UK's police forces are doing to reduce their impact on the environment. 
08:35Kojak Summer of 69 (Part 1): A psychotic killer comes back to haunt Kojak, reopening an old case by imitating the actions of a suspect. 
09:35Magnum P.I. The Return of Luther Gillis Another case for the Hawaii-based detective. Magnum teams up with an old-fashioned private eye after Higgins is kidnapped. 
10:35The Sweeney Cover Story Regan becomes romantically involved with a crime journalist, but when she is implicated in lawbreaking, her innocence comes into question. 
11:40The New Avengers The Eagle's Nest Classic British secret agent fantasy adventure series. Investigating the murder of agent Stannard, the team uncover a plot by Nazis to form a new Third Reich. 
12:50The Professionals Old Dog with New Tricks A gangster plans to free his brother from jail by taking a VIP hostage. But he doesn't realise the hostage is Cowley masquerading as the Home Secretary. 
13:50Cycling: La Vuelta A Espana... ...Highlights. Today's stage is eight laps of a 20.8 km circuit around the city of Logrono in northern Spain. The day's racing should finish with a bunch sprint on the line. 
14:50Kojak Summer of 69 (Part 2): A killer comes back to haunt Kojak. After Kojak is placed on suspension, he continues to review the eight-year-old case while a serial killer strikes again. 
15:50Magnum P.I. Let the Punishment Fit the Crime Detective drama series set in Hawaii. A woman talks Magnum into finding her brother, and Higgins into letting her be in his stage production. 
16:55The Sweeney Golden Boy Regan uncovers a plot to ship out gold bullion to the Middle East disguised as weights for an international weight-lifting competition. 
17:55The New Avengers The Midas Touch The murder of Steed's old adversary Hong Kong Harry leads the team to Professor Turner and his creation Midas, who is a carrier of every disease known to man. 
19:00Cycling: La Vuelta A Espana... ...Highlights. Stage 12 sees the peloton arrive in Cantabri, with a 188.7 km route through Cabarceno Natural Park from Belorado to Obregon. It could favour a breakaway over a bunch sprint. 
20:00On Her Majesty's Secret Service Film Spy adventure starring George Lazenby and Diana Rigg, 1969. James Bond quits the secret service to track down Blofeld, who is developing dangerous biological weapons. 
22:55Waterworld Film Big-budget action fantasy starring Kevin Costner and Dennis Hopper, 1995. Tale of a battle for survival in a world where dry land has disappeared with the melting of the polar ice caps. 
01:35Police, Camera, Action! Search and Rescue Featuring dramatic pictures of daring rescues that reveal the lesser known role of the police. Cameras follow South Yorkshire police both in the air and underwater. 
02:05Cycling: La Vuelta A Espana... ...Highlights. Stage 12 sees the peloton arrive in Cantabri, with a 188.7 km route through Cabarceno Natural Park from Belorado to Obregon. It could favour a breakaway over a bunch sprint. 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Cheers Pudd'nhead Boyd Sitcom set in a Boston bar. Woody is hired as the understudy for a local play and, in order to prepare for the part, he turns up each night in his costume. [SL]