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Listings for P ITV 4 on Wednesday, April 1 2015

06:00Football's Greatest: Bobby Moore Shorts films celebrating some of football's greatest players. In this edition, the captain of England's 1966 World Cup team - the late Bobby Moore. 
06:10Pawn Stars Wheels Series following pawn shop owners in Las Vegas. The Pawn Stars have a chance to buy an incredibly rare 1970s Indian mini-motorcycle. S2 Ep12 
06:35The Professionals Weekend in the Country Action-packed drama series. An idyllic weekend in the country for Bodie and Doyle turns into a farmhouse siege of terror. [SL] S4 Ep13 
07:25Duck Dynasty Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner Phil plays judge as the men take on the women in a huge family cook-off. Later, he is in for a surprise when he pays a visit to the warehouse. S1 Ep14 
07:50Duck Dynasty Willie Stay or Willie Go Staff do little to hide their cynicism as Willie embarks them on a day of team building and trust exercises. Luckily, Phil steps into save the day. S1 Ep15 
08:20Minder Poetic Justice, Innit? Comedy drama series about a roguish entrepreneur and his bodyguard. Terry is left minding the fort when Arthur is called up for jury service. S3 Ep11 
09:25Ax Men Battle for Survival Tension following the Suemez manhunt drives Papac's site boss to quit. Meanwhile, Pihl's rigging slinger is in the hospital, so his brother comes over to help. S4 Ep5 
10:15Magnum P.I. Blood and Honor Detective drama series set in Hawaii. Magnum tries to eliminate a leak in the security system of a US naval base at Pearl Harbor. S6 Ep10 
11:15Minder Back in Good Old England Terry's pleasure at seeing 'Oily' Wragg again is cut short by the appearance of some less friendly faces from the past. S3 Ep12 
12:20The Professionals Weekend in the Country Action-packed drama series. An idyllic weekend in the country for Bodie and Doyle turns into a farmhouse siege of terror. S4 Ep13 
13:20Ax Men Judgment Day Papac's replacement yarder operator puts the crew at risk prompting the new site boss to bring the regular man back. Collins scores a load of logs just before a storm. S4 Ep6 
14:15Pawn Stars Guns and Rangers Series following pawn shop owners in Las Vegas. This time they get offered an antique key that shoots bullets as well as opening doors. S2 Ep16 
14:40Pawn Stars Tattoos and Tantrums The guys weigh up whether to buy a saddle used by Kevin Costner in the movie Dances With Wolves, and Corey considers making his mark in the tattoo business. S2 Ep17 
15:05Duck Dynasty Driving Miss Sadie Reality series. Sadie gets some driving lessons from Willie, Si, Jase and Jep with disastrous results, and Phil plays chaperone on John Luke's date. S2 Ep2 
15:35Duck Dynasty Si-Yonara Reality series following a Louisiana family's duck call business. When Si quits, Willie hires a replacement who proves less than popular with the other staff. S2 Ep4 
16:00Magnum P.I. Rapture Drama series about a Hawaii-based detective. While scuba diving with TC, Magnum thinks he sees the spirit of a boy who drowned in the area. S6 Ep11 
17:00The Professionals Wild Justice Drama series about two criminal-intelligence agents. Bodie's mental state is questioned after he becomes preoccupied with a gang of Hell's Angels. S4 Ep2 
18:00Pawn Stars Pinball Wizards Series following pawn shop owners in Las Vegas. They get the chance to buy a classic 1973 pinball machine and a 1924 gold coin from the US Mint. S2 Ep18 
18:30Pawn Stars Chopper Gamble Rick tries to convince the Old Man to buy a helicopter, before setting his sights on a 240-year-old lottery ticket that might be signed by George Washington. S2 Ep19 
19:00Pawn Stars Spooning Paul Revere The men get the chance to buy a spoon made by silversmith and American Revolution patriot Paul Revere, an 1800s cuckoo clock and a vintage archery bow. S2 Ep20 
19:30Pawn Stars Off the Wagon The Pawn Stars get the chance to buy a chunk of American history when a Civil War sword comes their way. One of the USA's rarest motorbikes also rolls into the shop. S2 Ep21 
20:00Jackie Chan's First Strike Film Martial arts adventure starring Jackie Chan and Jackson Lou, 1996. A Hong Kong detective is hired by both Russian intelligence and the CIA to recover a stolen nuclear warhead. 
21:45Movies Now The latest news and reviews of this week's film releases. 
22:00Anthony Joshua: The Journey Documentary charting the rise of British super heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua from starting out as an amateur, his Olympic Gold to his first steps in his career as a pro. 
23:00How I Spent My Summer Vacation Film Starring Mel Gibson and Kevin Hernandez, 2012. 
00:55D-Tox Film Fast-paced action thriller starring Sylvester Stallone and Kris Kristofferson, 2002. A cop whose wife was murdered checks himself into rehab and finds himself in the middle of another nightmare. 
02:35Benidorm Second series of the comedy. Everybody is back at the Solana for more sun, sangria and swinging - including Madge's new boyfriend Mel, Didsbury's answer to Julio Iglesias. S2 Ep1 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Movies Now The latest news and reviews of this week's film releases.