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Listings for P ITV 4 on Wednesday, February 4 2015

06:00UEFA Champions League Greatest... ...Goals. Another chance to see some of the greatest goals scored in the Champions League. 
06:10The Big Match Revisited Classic archive football action. Featuring a top-of-the-table clash between Spurs and Liverpool, plus action from Sunderland v Birmingham, and Southampton v Luton. 
07:00Minder All Things Brighton Beautiful The 100th episode sees Arthur's chum Sidney coming to him for protection from a murderer. [SL] 
08:00The Professionals Spy Probe Drama series about two criminal-intelligence agents. Bodie and Doyle pose as potential hitmen to infiltrate an organisation that hires out killers. 
09:00Hogan's Heroes Hogan Gives a Birthday Party American sitcom. Hogan plans to hijack a German bomber. 
09:35Hogan's Heroes The Schultz Brigade American sit-com. Colonel Klink faces a firing squad after being arrested for conspiring against his commanding general. 
10:05Magnum P.I. Paradise Blues Detective drama series set in Hawaii. A beautiful singer that Magnum and TC knew during their Vietnam days turns up in Hawaii on the run from dangerous drug dealers. 
11:05Minder All Things Brighton Beautiful The 100th episode sees Arthur's chum Sidney coming to him for protection from a murderer. 
12:10Ax Men The Big Hit Series following the work of North American lumberjacks as they risk their lives to cut timber. The storm season closes in, causing some crews to shut down. 
13:05The Professionals Cry Wolf Is Susan Grant crying wolf as the police think she is? Meanwhile, Cowley is asked to find out more about Henry Laughlin. 
14:05Magnum P.I. The Return of Luther Gillis Another case for the Hawaii-based detective. Magnum teams up with an old-fashioned private eye after Higgins is kidnapped. 
15:05Pawn Stars Monkey Business Series following pawn shop owners in Las Vegas. The men are faced with a hat said to have been worn by John Wayne and an etching allegedly made by Rembrandt. 
15:35Pawn Stars Packing Heat The guys check out a 1962 Cadillac Fleetwood limousine, a collection of 1990s Atlanta Braves championship World Series rings and two vintage pistol lighters. 
16:00Hogan's Heroes Diamonds in the Rough A German officer threatens to expose Hogan's espionage activity. 
16:35Hogan's Heroes Operation Briefcase Hogan is implicated in an assassination plot. 
17:05Highway Patrol More footage from Australia as we follow the men and women of the highways agencies as they patrol the country's roads and freeways. 
17:30Ax Men Market Meltdown Series following the work of North American lumberjacks as they risk their lives to cut timber. Pihl Logging needs to finish the pig farm job. 
18:30Africa Cup Of Nations Live Semi-final Matt Smith presents live semi-final action from the African Cup of Nations, with commentary from Sam Matterface and Efan Ekoku. 
21:30Memphis Belle Film Fact-based World War II drama starring Matthew Modine and Eric Stoltz, 1990. Story of the young crew of a Flying Fortress bomber, the Memphis Belle, on its final mission over Germany. 
23:40The Enforcer Film Police thriller sequel starring Clint Eastwood and Tyne Daly, 1976. Maverick cop Dirty Harry Callahan tackles a terrorist group while dealing with his new partner. 
01:35Hell on Wheels Bread and Circuses Western series. Joseph Black Moon and Reverend Nathaniel Cole travel into Cheyenne territory in the hope of peace talks. Cullen and Elam settle their differences. 
02:30Hogan's Heroes The Flame Grows Higher Hogan hunts a stool-pigeon along the underground escape route for Allied prisoners of war. 
02:50ITV4 Nightscreen Text-based information service. 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00UEFA Champions League Greatest... ...Matches. Uefa Champions League Greatest Matches: Another chance to see some of the greatest moments from the Champions League.