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Listings for Paramount on Thursday, June 20 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00The Office (U.S.) Company Picnic Michael and Holly reunite to create a skit on the history of Dunder Mifflin at the company picnic, bringing back romantic feelings. Pam and Jim discover a major surprise. (S5, E28) 
08:35The Office (U.S.) Costume Contest It's Halloween at the Scraton branch and that means costume competition time! Meanwhile, Michael and Darryl find themselves going head-to-head over a great idea. (S7, E06) 
09:00My Name Is Earl Sticks & Stones Earl makes up for teasing a mustached girl in school, and it forces him to confront his fear of taking his shirt off in public. (S2, E03) 
09:30My Name Is Earl Larceny of a Kitty Cat: Randy has a crush on the next woman on Earl's list, so he pretends to be a cat lover. Earl knows that this one will end badly. (S2, E04) 
10:00Friends The One With The Jam After breaking up with Richard, Monica uses her free time to make jam and considers insemination via a sperm bank. Guest stars David Arquette. (S3, E03) 
10:30Friends The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel Ross panics when he sees his son with a Barbie doll. Meanwhile, Phoebe poses as Joey's agent and manages to get him some good roles. (S3, E04) 
11:00Friends The One With Frank, Jr Phoebe's half-brother visits, but they have trouble bonding. Ross is asked to name the five celebrities he'd like to sleep with most. Guest star Isabella Rosselini. (S3, E05) 
11:30Friends The One With The Flashback When Janice asks the gang if any of them have ever slept together, the friends flash back to a time three years before. (S3, E06) 
12:00Impractical Jokers The guys do and say whatever they're told while posing as dentists, and then compete head-to-head in trying not to laugh while the other makes a hilarious scene at a donut shop. (S11, E04) 
12:30Impractical Jokers The guys attempt to trick receptionists with ridiculous disguises and try to get approval for an e-mail they're writing. This week's loser has to act as a dance teacher's assistant. (S11, E05) 
13:00Friends The One With The Cat Phoebe believes that the cat that jumped into her guitar case in Central Perk contains the spirit of her adoptive mum. (S4, E02) 
13:30Friends The One With The 'Cuffs: Monica tries to prove that she can cater a gourmet meal for her mother. Meanwhile, Chandler gets into an embarrassing situation while dating Rachel's boss. (S4, E03) 
14:00Friends The One With The Ballroom Dancing Joey teaches the building superintendent ballroom dancing in order to prevent him from evicting Rachel and Monica. (S4, E04) 
14:30Friends The One With Joey's New Girlfriend Joey thinks that Chandler hates Joey's new girlfriend, Kathy. However, little does he know, it's exactly the opposite. (S4, E05) 
15:00Friends The One With The Dirty Girl Ross's new girlfriend seems nearly perfect until he discovers that her apartment is incredibly dirty. Chandler becomes more familiar with Joey's girlfriend. (S4, E06) 
15:30Friends The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line Chandler is guilt-ridden after kissing Kathy. Ross starts playing the keyboard again and everyone apart from Phoebe thinks he's terrible. (S4, E07) 
16:00My Name Is Earl Van Hickey Earl has to get his old band back together to take care of an elderly man on his list. But it only brings out a nasty secret which ultimately forces Earl to marry Ralph's mom. (S2, E05) 
16:30My Name Is Earl Made a Lady Think I Was God Earl wants to make amends to an angry trailer park manager (Roseanne Barr) for playing a trick on her - but it caused her to change her life for the better. (S2, E06) 
17:00Friends The One With Chandler In A Box On Thanksgiving, Joey punishes Chandler for kissing Kathy and Monica gets a surprise when she visits an eye doctor who turns out to be Richard's son. (S4, E08) 
17:30Friends The One Where They're Going To Party! The guys try to be spontaneous and wild and Monica must decide between a steady job as head chef of a restaurant or her catering business with Phoebe. (S4, E09) 
18:00Friends The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie Ross struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Monica conjures a scheme to establish authority at her new restaurant job. (S4, E10) 
18:30Friends The One With Phoebe's Uterus Phoebe's half-brother makes an astounding announcement which involves a massive decision for Phoebe. (S4, E11) 
19:00Friends The One With The Embryos Phoebe undergoes an embryo transplant and becomes pregnant. Meanwhile, a simple challenge escalates into a full blown contest between the guys and the girls. (S4, E12) 
19:30Friends The One With Rachel's Crush Chandler has a hard time handling Kathy's new role in a play, in which she pretends to have sex with a handsome man, whilst Rachel is attracted to a customer. (S4, E13) 
20:00New: Takeshi's Castle All new Takeshi's Castle with host Roman Kemp and guest Chris Hughes. Together they try and make sense of the craziest game show ever made! There will be lolz and falls along the way. (S6, E01) 
20:30Takeshi's Castle Roman Kemp and former The Apprentice contestant Andrew Brady watch as a brand new set of lucky hopefuls battle it out to reach Takeshi's Castle. (S5, E05) 
21:00Lee Evans: Monsters Lee's manic energy, uncanny observations, hilarious delivery and side-splitting material have made him a must-see for comedy fans worldwide and Monsters sees Lee back doing what he does best! 
22:00Forgetting Sarah Marshall Film Peter (Jason Segel) takes a Hawaiian vacation in order to deal with a break-up. His ex (Kristen Bell) is also traveling to the same resort - and she's bringing her new man (Russell Brand). (2008) 
00:10Kevin Hart: Seriously Funny Kevin Hart performs in front of a sold out crowd live from Cleveland, Ohio - where he delivers his hilarious and unique brand of comedy. Kevin is in rare form and funny as ever! 
01:05New: The Daily Show Brand new and exclusive. Joining Trevor tonight is Arturo Castro, star and creator of Comedy Central's "Alternatino with Arturo Castro". 
01:40South Park Cartman's Silly Hate Crime Things go from bad to worse for Cartman after he throws a rock at Token - it's jail time for this racist! Will the boys win the sled race without lardy on board? (S4, E02) 
02:10South Park Timmy! 2000 The boys copy Timmy's behaviour (who has ADD) in order to get out of doing homework. Timmy is heading for rock stardom - but not if Phil Collins has anything to do with it! (S4, E03) 
02:40South Park Quintuplets 2000 After seeing the Cirque Du Cheville the boys decide to start their own circus. The Romanian contorting quintuplets from the show want to stay in USA - can the boys help? (S4, E04) 
03:05South Park Cartman Joins NAMBLA Cartman joins The North American Man Boy Love Association but does he know what they really want? Meanwhile, Kenny will do anything to stop his parents having a kid. (S4, E05) 
03:30South Park Cherokee Hair Tampons When Kyle falls ill his mum goes to Miss Information's holistic medicine store - can herbs supplied by 2 "native" Americans really help? Guest stars Cheech and Chong. (S4, E06) 
03:50South Park Chef Goes Nanners Chef and Uncle Jimbo go head-to-head over South Park's racist flag but the townsfolk aren't fussed either way. Will the flag be made PC? Not if the KKK have a say! (S4, E07) 
04:15The Office (U.S.) Weight Loss (Part 1): Over eight weeks of the summer, a Dunder Mifflin weight-loss initiative causes the branch to diet and become obsessed with their weight. (S5, E01) 
04:35The Office (U.S.) Weight Loss (Part 2): Andy plans his wedding to Angela; while she continues her affair with Dwight, Jim misses Pam, and a disgraced Ryan returns... (S5, E02) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.