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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, July 19 2020

06:00The Librarian: Quest for the Spear Film Following the theft of a valuable artefact, a librarian teams up with a martial arts expert and embarks on a quest to track down the culprit. (2004) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Atlantic Rim Film The US government's only option to protect the Eastern Seaboard from giant monsters is issuing three maverick soldiers with robot exoskeletons. (2013) 
13:00Collision Earth Film The military attempt to save the Earth from a giant asteroid, but when their efforts fail, the planet appears doomed. Eric Roberts stars. (2020) 
15:00Flight of the Navigator Film A young boy learns that his brain holds hidden memories of a trip to a distant planet aboard an alien spaceship. With Sarah Jessica Parker and Paul Reubens. (1986) 
17:00The Librarian: Return to King... Film ...Solomon's Mines: Flynn Carsen, the librarian-turned-adventurer in charge of a collection of legendary artefacts, embarks on a mission to locate King Solomon's Mines. (2006) 
19:00Black Knight Film After a knock on the head, an employee at a mediaeval theme park (Martin Lawrence) finds himself in the 14th century for real. (2001) 
21:00Need for Speed Film Fresh out of prison, a street racer enters a competition and plots revenge on the associate who framed him. Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper and Imogen Poots star. (2014) 
23:50Spides Contact Nora finds her visions becoming more intense. David confronts Mitosch. Dr Herter is taken unawares. (S1 Ep5) 
00:50The Leftovers Off Ramp Laurie, who has returned to practising therapy, travels around the country with Tom helping GR members. (S2 Ep3) 
02:00The Leftovers Orange Sticker Nora wakes on the night of the earthquake to find Kevin and the girls missing, but can they admit where he really was? (S2 Ep4) 
03:10Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files The Real Battle of LA/Queen Mary Menace The team investigate a cover-up during World War II and visit RMS Queen Mary, allegedly one of the planet's most haunted places. (S2 Ep1) 
04:00Crystal Inferno Film A fire in a skyscraper traps two teens on the 20th floor, and their parents on the 60th. Will they be able to escape? (2016) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Infinite Regress Part of a Borg cube is recovered and brought aboard Voyager. Seven of Nine begins to take on some of the traits from those assimilated by the cube. (S5 Ep7)