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Listings for Scifi on Friday, December 13 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager Spirit Folk The holographic village of Fair Haven has been running constantly on the holodeck. The villagers become self-aware, resulting in problems. (S6, Ep17) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Ashes to Ashes Disturbing events unravel when a deceased member of Voyager returns, claiming to have been resurrected by an unknown alien race. (S6, Ep18) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00The Librarians And the Hidden Sanctuary Cassandra takes a holiday to Havenport, 'the Safest Town in America'. But is something sinister happening beneath the surface? (S4 Ep8) 
12:00Merlin The Diamond of the Day - Part 1: Merlin is stripped of his magic and trapped in the Crystal Cave just when Camelot needs him most. (S5 Ep12) 
13:00Merlin The Diamond of the Day - Part 2: Camelot's story draws to its close, but the Once and Future King will rise again in Albion's hour of greatest need. (S5 Ep13) 
14:00The Land That Time Forgot Film Landing on an island, a group of castaways think they are saved - until they discover that the island is home to dinosaurs and a German U-boat crew. C Thomas Howell directs and stars. (2009) 
16:00The Librarians And a Town Called Feud The Librarians must find out what happened in the past to explain a haunted Civil War re-enactment in the present day. (S4 Ep9) 
17:00Atlantis The Queen Must Die Jason sets out to rescue his fellow prisoners, despite the terrible risks involved in returning to Atlantis. But will treachery undo his efforts? (S2 Ep12) 
18:00Atlantis The Queen Must Die - Part 2: As sorcery undoes all the heroes' work, a vision warns Jason of what he must do to bring down the resurrected Pasiphae. (S2 Ep13) 
19:00The Librarian: Quest for the Spear Film Following the theft of a valuable artefact, a librarian teams up with a martial arts expert and embarks on a quest to track down the culprit. (2004) 
21:0048 Hrs. Film A career criminal and a cop team up to track down a killer - but they only have two days and the clock is ticking. Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy star. (1982) 
23:00Another 48 Hrs. Film A San Francisco cop enlists the help of a recently freed convict to fight a manslaughter charge. But the crook has his own enemies in pursuit. Action sequel, with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte. (1990) 
01:00Stitchers The Guest At last Kirsten meets her half-sister, from whom she hopes to get information about her father. In return, she reveals details about an active case. (S2 Ep9) 
02:00Stitchers All In Seeking information about Daniel Stinger, Kirsten learns that Liam has been keeping secrets from her. Cameron tells Nina about his NSA work. (S2 Ep10) 
03:00Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Into The Vortex/Tavern Shapeshifter The team visits The Oregon Vortex, an attraction that is said to be the site of strange paranormal activity. (S2 Ep22) 
04:00Ba'al: The Storm God Film When an archaeologist tries to locate and retrieve some mythical amulets in order to cure his terminal cancer, his quest endangers the entire planet. (2008) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Child's Play When the family of a young Borg, Icheb, are found, Seven of Nine becomes suspicious and questions their motives in asking their son to return. (S6, Ep19)