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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Tuesday, July 7 2020

06:00Fish Town Brixham plunders Devon's colourful piracy past, playing host to the annual Pirate Festival. Elsewhere, back at sea, fisherman Nathan sets off in search of 'Black Gold'... (2/10) 
07:00Urban Secrets Experience actor Alan Cumming's tour of the UK, as he uncovers the secrets of Britain's cities. Beginning in London, he travels from St Paul's Cathedral to Soho. (1/8) 
08:00Richard E Grant's Hotel... ...Secrets. Miami: The lively travelogue returns as Richard E Grant visits more extravagant, scandalous and exclusive hotels, beginning in Miami. (S2, ep 1) 
09:00Elementary The Rat Race Holmes puts the banking trade under the lens when a Wall Street hotshot appears to have overdosed on heroin. Watson tackles the dating game. (S1, ep 4) 
10:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Hollywood Brass Captain Brass calls on the help of old colleague Captain Kramer (Donna Murphy) when a friend of his daughter goes missing. (S5, ep 20) 
11:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Committed The team face a dangerous challenge when a murder case leads them to a mental hospital for sexually violent criminals and the criminally insane. (S5, ep 21) 
12:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Weeping Willows Catherine unwittingly finds herself involved with a suspect when a woman is found dead at the same bar the investigator recently met a man in. (S5, ep 22) 
13:00Elementary Lesser Evils Holmes utilises Watson's medical knowledge to prove that a string of deaths presumed to be natural were in fact committed by an 'angel of mercy'. (S1, ep 5) 
14:00Blue Bloods Silver Star Danny receives an emotional blast from the past when he's sent to investigate the murder of an ex-Marine - an area of the forces that the cop also used to serve in. (S1, ep 17) 
15:00Blue Bloods To Tell The Truth Danny is faced with his toughest decision yet when his professional life becomes personal and he has to choose between family and the force. (S1, ep 18) 
16:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Iced The CSIs investigate two troublesome cases, involving a basketball player found dead in his college dorm and a body discovered in what appears to be a crop circle. (S5, ep 23) 
17:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Grave Danger It's a race against the clock for the CSIs when a killer with a vendetta kidnaps Nick and buries him alive, forcing the team to watch through a hidden webcam. (S5, ep 24) 
18:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Grave Danger, Part 2: Grissom delivers the ransom money to Nick's captor, who then takes his own life, leaving no clues as to the whereabouts of a rapidly declining Nick. (S5, ep 25) 
19:00Blue Bloods Model Behaviour Danny investigates when a TV presenter dies, while, at home, Frank looks into the family priest's surprising transfer to a church in Bolivia. (S1, ep 19) 
20:00Blue Bloods All That Glitters When a tourist is shot and killed outside a Lower East Side restaurant, Frank is forced to handle the media storm while Danny leads the investigation. (S1, ep 20) 
21:00Jarhead Film Sam Mendes war drama based on US Marine Anthony Swofford's memoirs. A sniper in the Gulf War struggles with the possibility his girlfriend may be cheating back home. Jake Gyllenhaal stars. 
23:20Six Feet Under The Trap Nate meets up with Brenda, much to Lisa's chagrin, while David gets an unwelcome blast from the past. Plus, the Fishers hire an apprentice (The Office's Rainn Wilson). (S3, ep 5) 
00:35Six Feet Under Making Love Work Tempers fray when Nate and Lisa go camping, bringing their problems to a head. Claire and Russell's relationship gets back on track, and Ruth bonds with Arthur. (S3, ep 6) 
01:45Penny Dreadful: City Of Angels New & Exclusive. Santa Muerte: Detective Tiago Vega investigates a murder. Meanwhile, his brother battles a local councilman. Contains gore, violence and strong language (S1, ep 1) 
03:00Elementary Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu take on the iconic roles of Holmes and Watson to investigate a deranged serial killer nicknamed The Balloon Man. (S1, ep 3) 
04:00The British Revolution The factual series charges forwards to the Tudor and Stuart dynasties. CGI and guest stars give fresh insights on Henry VIII and the English Civil War. (3/7) 
05:00The British Dirty Money The factual series proves money does create power. CGI, action-packed drama and guest stars chart how slavery, sex and the empire built Britain's riches. (4/7) 
06:00Fish Town Dreams become a reality when 17-year-old Logan takes to the high seas as an apprentice deck hand. Plus, landlady Pat enjoys a trip down memory lane, recalling the old days. (3/10)