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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Saturday, September 22 2018

06:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Monster In A Box The killer who leaves miniature crime scene replicas as a calling card sends an ominous gift to the CSIs that foreshadows the death of a woman and her cat. (S7, ep 16) 
07:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fallen Idols Las Vegas-based forensic crime drama. The team investigate the disappearance of a high school basketball star and his girlfriend. (S7, ep 17) 
08:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Empty Eyes Las Vegas-based forensic crime drama. While processing a murder scene, Sara is haunted by the last words, and eyes, of the sixth victim. (S7, ep 18) 
09:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Big Shots Las Vegas-based forensic crime drama. Greg learns that a murder victim has connections to a man he killed in self-defence. (S7, ep 19) 
10:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Lab Rats Las Vegas-based forensic crime drama. Hodges, Archie, Henry, Mandy and Wendy team up to try to solve the miniature killer cases. (S7, ep 20) 
11:00Cold Case Revenge Rush and Valens reopen the case of a murdered paedophile, and their investigation leads to a complex plot of kidnap, ransom and family betrayal. (S2, ep 16) 
12:00Cold Case Schadenfreude A new death causes Rush to return to a 1982 murder case. The victim's husband was found guilty, but new evidence suggests they got the wrong guy. (S2, ep 17) 
13:00Cold Case Ravaged Rush's colleague Nick Vera urges the team to look into the death of his childhood sweetheart's sister. It was ruled out as an accident in the late 90s. (S2, ep 18) 
14:00Without A Trace A Tree Falls The team investigate when an unidentified Hispanic boy is abducted in front of other children, but no family members come forward to report the disappearance. (S2, ep 7) 
15:00Without A Trace Trip Box When a firefighter vanishes after rescuing two colleagues from a warehouse fire, the team realises the friendship between the men is at the heart of the disappearance. (S2, ep 8) 
16:00Without A Trace Moving On The search for an esteemed neurosurgeon who vanished after jogging with her ex-husband yields several suspects who may be responsible. Lisa Edelstein guest stars. (S2, ep 9) 
17:00Without A Trace Coming Home When a well-liked family man vanishes after delivering a speech at his high school reunion, the team suspects he was living a double life. (S2, ep 10) 
18:00Without A Trace Exposure When the team searches for a missing paparazzo, they discover that his efforts to return to photojournalism may have led to his disappearance. (S2, ep 11) 
19:00David Attenborough: Micro Monsters Predator It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, and the documentary continues with a look at how the various critters defuse the defences of their prey. (Ep 2 of 6) 
19:30Attenborough's Flying Monsters David Attenborough embarks on a journey into the past to explore the ancient world of the pterosaur, a remarkable flying monster that ruled the skies 200 million years ago. 
21:00Game Of Thrones First of His Name Tywin and Cersei plot the Crown's next move, while, in the North, Jon embarks on a new mission. Violence/strong language/flashing images. (S4, ep 5) 
22:00Game Of Thrones The Laws of Gods and Men While Stannis sets sail with a new strategy, in King's Landing, Tyrion faces his father. Violence/sex/strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S4, ep 6) 
23:00Big Little Lies Living the Dream Madeline gets under Renata's skin in retaliation for snubbing Ziggy, Celeste and Perry see a counsellor, and Jane opens up about her past. (S1, ep 3) 
00:00Ballers New & Exclusive. No Small Talk: Spencer recruits Q to help him leverage a deal. With Reggie in tow, Joe talks business with some extreme skateboarders. (S4, ep 6) 
00:35Insecure New & Exclusive. Ready-Like: Issa plans a new project. Molly avoids a new guy's advances, and the girls are surprised by Tiffany's baby-shower attendees. (S3, ep 6) 
01:10Ray Donovan One Night in Yerevan Ray attempts to help Mickey. Bridget gets into a fight. (S3, ep 10) 
02:20Entourage The Boys are Back in Town Turtle feels underappreciated after Eric takes over as Vince's new manager. Gary Busey guest stars. Strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S2, ep 1) 
02:55Dexter Shrink Wrap Dexter visits a shrink suspected of murder, only to be surprised by a dark secret from his past. (S1, ep 8) 
04:00Richard E Grant's Hotel... ...Secrets. Venice: In the final episode of the series, Richard travels to Italy to explore the most exclusive and exciting hotels in the Floating City. (S2, ep 6) 
05:00Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets Power & Money Richard E Grant explores the world's most glamorous and notorious hotels in this luxury travel series. On the itinerary tonight: Caesars Palace. (S1, ep 1) 
06:00Richard E Grant's Hotel... ...Secrets. Miami: The lively travelogue returns as Richard E Grant visits more extravagant, scandalous and exclusive hotels, beginning in Miami. (S2, ep 1)