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Listings for Sky One on Sunday, January 20 2019

06:00New: The Hour Of Power Tune in for an inspirational boost of positive thinking in this colourful religious broadcast. Also in HD 
07:00Futurama A Fishful Of Dollars Fry discovers that a small amount of money left in his old bank account has accumulated into a fortune. Featuring the guest voice of Pamela Anderson. (S1, ep 6) Also in HD 
07:30Futurama My Three Suns Fry finds himself the ruler of an alien world after he accidentally consumes the planet's emperor. (S1, ep 7) Also in HD 
08:00Futurama A Big Piece Of Garbage A colossal chunk of stinking garbage threatens to destroy New New York City. Featuring the guest voice of inventor Ron Popeil as himself. (S1, ep 8) Also in HD 
08:30The Simpsons My Fair Laddy Groundskeeper Willie goes all Eliza Doolittle as Lisa tries to turn the uncouth Scot into a 'proper gentleman' before the science fair. Wouldn't it be luvverly... Also in HD 
09:00The Simpsons Million Dollar Abie Following a failed suicide attempt, Grampa gets a new outlook on life and decides to become Springfield's very own matador at the town's new bullfighting arena. Also in HD 
09:30The Simpsons Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore Homer is sent to work in India, where he is worshipped as a god by his new colleagues. But why do they like him so much? Guest starring Richard Dean Anderson. Also in HD 
10:00The Simpsons Wettest Stories Ever Told The family star in three tales set at sea: the journey of the Mayflower; the mutiny on the Bounty; and the capsizing of a cruise ship. Prepare for a soaking. Also in HD 
10:30The Simpsons Girls Just Want To Have Sums Lisa dresses as a boy so that she can attend maths classes. But Bart soon learns that his new friend is his sister... Frances McDormand guest stars. Also in HD 
11:00New: WWE Raw Highlights from another week of pulsating action on Raw, featuring all your favourite WWE superstars. This programme contains flashing images. Also in HD 
12:00S.W.A.T. K-Town SWAT mask up as robbers to smoke out the top dog of a drugs ring. But the fun stops when the son of a DEA agent (rap star MC Lyte) is kidnapped. (S1, ep 11) Also in HD 
13:00S.W.A.T. Contamination Two terrorists. Four missing barrels of cyanide. One SWAT team. Hondo and co race the clock to find two men bent on killing millions in LA. (S1, ep 12) Also in HD 
14:00S.W.A.T. Fences Hondo or her career? Jessica faces a tough decision when Michael Plank catches her and Hondo together. A mistake throws Jim into the spotlight. (S1, ep 13) Also in HD 
15:00MacGyver Bozer + Booze + Back To School: The team go undercover to smoke out a deep-cover operative who's recruiting students for deadly attacks. (S3, ep 3) Also in HD 
16:00Modern Family Schooled Phil and Claire drop Haley off at college, and trouble brews at Lily's kindergarten. Bridesmaids favourite Wendi McLendon-Covey guest stars. Sexual references. (S4, ep 2) Also in HD 
16:30Modern Family Snip Phil and Claire take steps to ensure their five-year plan stays on track, and Jay and Gloria butt heads over finding out the sex of the baby. Strong language. (S4, ep 3) Also in HD 
17:00Modern Family The Butler's Escape Gloria's pregnancy-induced snoring takes its toll on a sleep deprived Jay, and Cam becomes the new music teacher at Luke and Manny's school. Mature themes. (S4, ep 4) Also in HD 
17:30Modern Family Open House Of Horrors While a none-too-pleased Claire is told to tone down her Halloween hijinks, Mitch and Cam must deal with a curious Lily. Mature themes. (S4, ep 5) Also in HD 
18:00The Simpsons Haw-Haw Land Nelson gets jealous when Lisa falls for jazz pianist Brendan (voiced by Ed Sheeran). Meanwhile, Bart discovers he has a love for chemistry. (S29, ep 10) Also in HD 
18:30The Simpsons Frink Gets Testy Fearing Doomsday is coming, Mr Burns gets Dr Frink to test everyone to see who's worth saving. The results are a major shock to The Simpsons. (S29, ep 11) Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons Homer is Where the Art Isn't Homer's caught in a fix when he is accused of stealing a million-dollar painting. Can a 1970s detective clear his name? (S29, ep 12) Also in HD 
19:30The Simpsons 3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage Homer and Marge take a trip down memory lane as they check out how their kids have changed their lives. (S29, ep 13) Also in HD 
20:00New: MacGyver New & Exclusive. Guts + Fuel + Hope: Mac and Riley battle through a war-torn region occupied by rebels as they fight to get oxygen to a children's hospital. (S3, ep 4) Also in HD 
21:00New: Hawaii Five-0 New & Exclusive. A'ohe kio pohaku nalo i ke alo pali: A body turns up as McGarrett and Danny dig into black market sand. Junior escorts a fallen soldier home. (S9, ep 4) Also in HD 
22:00New: NCIS: Los Angeles New & Exclusive. Hit List: There's big danger when the team's names get added to a cartel hit list. Mosley gets a grilling about the Mexico mission. (S10, ep 4) Also in HD 
23:00S.W.A.T. Radical Hondo must save the day when a suicide bomber takes hostages at a college. He's also in for a shock when he challenges Hicks about Buck's dismissal. (S1, ep 4) Also in HD 
00:00The Force: North East Hidden Truths A call-out to a stabbing proves far from what it seems. Officers are left baffled when a suspected drink driver passes the breathalyser test. (S5, ep 6) Also in HD 
01:00The Force: North East New & Exclusive. Dog Days: The dog unit deal with a man who has barricaded himself in his house with a Rottweiler inside. Plus a woman thought to have overdosed disappears. (S5, ep 7) Also in HD 
02:00The Force: Manchester Fast-paced series following the 999 work of Greater Manchester Police. Officers have a tough time getting to the truth when they are called to a fight in Stockport. (S2, ep 2) Also in HD New. 
03:00Brit Cops: Rapid Response Action-packed documentary following rapid response officers, the fastest cops in Britain, as they crack down on crime. Time is of the essence! (S3, ep 1) Also in HD 
04:00Modern Family Yard Sale Old baggage of the literal and figurative variety resurfaces when the clan hold a yard sale, and Claire assesses Alex's new boyfriend. Moderate sexual references. (S4, ep 6) Also in HD 
04:30Modern Family Arrested Jay gets out of baby shopping, only to receive a visit from ex-wife Dede, and Phil and Claire need Mitch's help when Haley is arrested. Strong language/comic violence. (S4, ep 7) Also in HD 
05:00Modern Family Mistery Date Phil misreads the signs when he makes a new friend, and Mitch and Cam have a surprise for Jay and Gloria. Guest starring Matthew Broderick. (S4, ep 8) Also in HD 
05:30Modern Family When A Tree Falls Mitch joins Cam in his efforts to save an old tree, while Claire and Gloria enjoy an eventful shopping trip. Funnyman Paul Scheer guests. Contains violence. (S4, ep 9) Also in HD 
06:00Monkey Life Alison and Jeremy head to Germany to collect a lonely stumpie called Floh. Back in Dorset, the chimp team suspect Cherri might be pregnant. (S8, ep 4) Also in HD