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Listings for Tcm on Monday, May 1 2017

06:00Hollywood's Best Film Directors Film-maker Jay Roach talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as the Austin Powers and Meet the Parents series. EP59 
06:30Trail of the Yukon Film A mounted officer and his faithful dog tail bank robbers. American western directed by William Beaudine and starring Kirby Grant. (1949) 
07:50Badman's Country Film Four of the frontier west's law officers join together to defend the city of Abilene from a gang (1958) 
09:10Gunsmoke in Tucson Film Two brothers on opposite sides of the law become embroiled in an Arizona range war between cattlemen and farmers (1958) 
10:45The Big Trees Film Kirk Douglas stars in this rousing adventure saga that takes place in a lumberjack community. Action, romance, excitement. D: Felix E. Feist (1952) 
12:30How the West Was Won Film Three great directors combine forces with an all-star cast to create a magnificent panorama of how the American West was won. D: John Ford, Henry Hathaway, George Marshall (1963) 
15:30The Naked Spur Film The Colorado Rockies form a magnificent backdrop to this action-packed Western about a Civil War veteran tracking a vicious killer. D: Anthony Mann (1953) 
17:20High Noon Film Critically acclaimed western with Gary Cooper as a just-married (to Grace Kelly) lawman about to retire when he learns a gunslinger is due to arrive at noon to settle an old score. 
19:05Ride The High Country Film Sam Peckinpah's elegiac Western, with Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea as two ageing cowboys reflecting on their lives. A bittersweet salute to a lost age. D: Sam Peckinpah (1962) 
21:00Zoolander Film Comedy directed by and starring Ben Stiller as a male model involved in a plot to assassinate the Malaysian Prime Minister. With Owen Wilson, Will Ferrel. (2001) 
22:55Horrible Bosses Film Comedy with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston. Three suffering employees take some dubious advice from a hustling ex-con to get rid of their employers...permanently. (2011) 
00:55Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ...Ventura Go face-to-face with a man who claims he's one of the killers trained by the government to use mind control that turns ordinary citizens into programmed assassins. S1EP6 
01:55Conspiracy Theory with Jesse... ...Ventura Jessie investigates whether top secret underground bunkers are being built. Is the government preparing to protect the elite, leaving us to fend for ourselves? S1EP7 
02:55Hollywood's Best Film Directors Film-maker Doug Liman talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as Swingers, Go, Edge of Tomorrow and Mr & Mrs Smith. EP26 
03:30Hollywood's Best Film Directors Film-maker Milos Forman talks about his career, which has included directing classics such as Amadeus, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and Man On The Moon. EP30 
04:00Hollywood's Best Film Directors Film-maker Paul Schrader talks about his career, which has included directing American Gigolo, Auto Focus and writing Taxi Driver. EP31 
04:30Hollywood's Best Film Directors Profile of film-maker Alan Parker's career, which has included directing Bugsy Malone, Midnight Express and Pink Floyd - The Wall. EP32 
05:00Hollywood's Best Film Directors Film-maker Wolfgang Petersen talks about his career, which has included directing hits such as Das Boot, the NeverEnding Story and Air Force One. EP61 
05:30Hollywood's Best Film Directors Profile of Stephen Frears, filmmaker behind such classic films as My Beautiful Laundrette, Dangerous Liaisons, High Fidelity, The Queen and Philomena. EP63