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Listings for Vh 1 on Friday, December 13 2019

06:00Laguna Beach Rocky throws Tessa a surprise birthday party, but it's Chase who delivers her the best present. Meanwhile, a relationship between Kyndra & Cameron heats up behind Jessica's back. (S3, ep2) 
06:20The Hills Kristin thinks she's tamed Justin but he doesn't seem to be over Audrina. When Holly loses control at an event, it's up to Heidi to make her sister confront her drinking problem. (S5, ep14) 
06:45The Hills Justin plays hard to get with Kristin, but his plan backfires. Holly's drinking leads to an intervention. Brody and Jayde get into a fight, and they reconsider their relationship. (S5, ep15) 
07:05The Hills Justin finds himself in hot water after Kristin and Audrina finally meet face to face. All Heidi wants for her birthday is a baby, but Spencer has something else in mind. (S5, ep16) 
07:30The Hills Kristin and Brody consider dating again, but a run-in with Jayde proves it may be easier said than done. Audrina and Justin discuss their future, and Spencer takes drastic measures. (S5, ep17) 
07:50The Hills Kristin clashes with Jayde when she comes back to reclaim Brody. Heidi hatches a plan to get pregnant, and Audrina copes with the fact that Justin still has feelings for Kristin. (S5, ep18) 
08:15The Hills A wild weekend in Vegas makes Kristin unsure if she has real feelings for Justin. Spencer comes up with a plan to find out if Heidi has stopped taking her birth control pills. (S5, ep19) 
08:40The Hills Kristin decides she doesn't want to be with Justin. Brody gets cold feet when Jayde wants to move in with him. Spencer worries that Heidi might be pregnant. Last in the series. (S5, ep20) 
09:10The Hills Heidi's homecoming is ruined when her mother disapproves of her surgery. Kristin and the girls head to Miami for the weekend, but the trip goes sour when Kristin parties too hard. (S6, ep1) 
09:40The Hills When rumours spread about Kristin's partying, the blame falls on Stephanie. Audrina starts dating a new guy, and Spencer gets upset when he runs into Stephanie at Kristin's party. (S6, ep2) 
10:05The Hills Heidi throws a party for her neighbour, but it's overshadowed when Spencer gets angry with Holly. Kristin urges Audrina to commit to Ryan, then moves in to get closer to Brody. (S6, ep3) 
10:35The Hills Heidi and Spencer's actions cause their friends and family to make a hard choice. Kristin and Brody hook up but agree to stay single. Ryan disappoints Audrina when he misses a night out. (S6, ep4) 
11:00The Hills Brody puts his friendship with Kristin on the line when he starts seeing another girl. Lo sets Stephanie up on a double date. Ryan gives Audrina's friends another chance. (S6, ep5) 
11:30The Hills Kristin has a hard time moving on from Brody. After bumping in to Justin, Audrina starts to have doubts about her relationship with Ryan. Lo befriends Brody's new girlfriend. (S6, ep6) 
12:00The Hills Brody's new love interest angers Kristin when she brings Kristin's rival to a party. Ryan comes back from tour, but Audrina doesn't mention that she saw Justin while he was away. (S6, ep7) 
12:30The Hills Audrina's relationship with Ryan is tested when he meets Justin for the first time, and Brody sides with Kristin when Allie picks a fight with her. Stephanie has a bad second date. (S6, ep8). 
12:55The Hills Just as Audrina ends things with Ryan, Justin surprises her on her birthday. McKaela's friend Allie stirs up more trouble with Kristin, and Brody gives Justin a piece of his mind. (S6, ep9) 
13:20The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Sheree is determined to prove she can dance, Cynthia is caught off guard when Peter surprises her with a sneaky proposal, and Phaedra packs in preparation for the birth of her baby. (S3, ep7) 
14:20The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Phaedra and Apollo arrive in Augusta where her doctor will induce the baby. Meanwhile, Nene meets with a local TV station in hopes of snagging a job as an entertainment reporter. (S3, ep8) 
15:15The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Phaedra brings her new baby home from the hospital, Kim wrestles with her daughter's questions about sex. Kandi rewrites "The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing" to make it more Kim-friendly. (S3, ep9) 
16:10The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kim faces her fears, Sheree is ready to take her newfound passion for acting to the next level, while Phaedra and Apollo bask in the joys of new parenthood. (S3, ep10) 
17:10The Real Housewives Of Atlanta It's time for Kim to start rehearsing for her upcoming tour with Kandi, but she's more interested in get-skinny-quick treatments than learning the choreography for her show. (S3, ep11) 
18:05The Real Housewives Of Atlanta With her tour quickly approaching, Kandi has only a week to finish her new album and make sure that Kim is stage ready as her opening act. Cynthia tries to reconcile with NeNe. (S3, ep12) 
19:00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Phaedra is worried about having Kim at their ultra southern baby debut. Meanwhile, NeNe has no worries about nailing her interview with Jermaine Dupri, until she is thrown a curve ball. (S3, ep13) 
20:00The Real Housewives Of Atlanta NeNe presents her first interview, but Kim takes NeNe's on-air mention of Tardy for the Party as a deliberate jab. Peter reveals to Cynthia that their financial situation is dire. (S3, ep14) 
21:00Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race. The queens perform in a collegiate acappella sing-off. With guest judges Ester Dean of "Pitch Perfect", choreographer Jamal Sims and RuPaul's music producer Lucian Piane. (S8, ep2) 
22:30Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked. This is the access-all-areas pass to the drama that you didn't see on the runway. (S8, ep2) 
23:00Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race. The queens get their Cookie on in two Empire-inspired scenes. With guest judges Tasha Smith and singer-songwriter Faith Evans. (S8, ep3) 
23:55Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked. This is the access-all-areas pass to the drama that you didn't see on the runway. (S8, ep3) 
00:25Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race. The queens have to sing live in '80s style New Wave girl bands. Blondie's Debbie Harry and Chris Stein guest judge, plus RuPaul's music producer Lucian Piane. (S8, ep4) 
01:15Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked. This is the access-all-areas pass to the drama that you didn't see on the runway. (S8, ep4) 
01:45Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race. The queens impersonate celebrities in a TV game show, and dress in iconic Madonna looks for the runway. With supermodel guest judges Gigi Hadid and Chanel Iman. (S8, ep 5) 
02:30Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked. This is the access-all-areas pass to the drama that you didn't see on the runway. (S8, ep5) 
02:50Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race. The queens give cast members of Little Women: LA drag makeovers in the style of The Wizard of Oz. Marc Jacobs and singer-songwriter Todrick Hall guest judge. (S8, ep6) 
03:35Drag December RuPaul's Drag Race Untucked. This is the access-all-areas pass to the drama that you didn't see on the runway. (S8, ep6) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Strip Date Dating show that takes two strangers and transforms them into each other's perfect date. Part-time model Sherry meets 21-year-old Zack, who has just started his own clothing line. (S1, ep5)