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Listings for Watch on Monday, May 25 2020

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:10Flip or Flop Facelift Flip More flipping fun with the El Moussas. The couple buy a four-bedroom house on a short sale, but an unpermitted back addition could wipe out their profits. S1 Ep10 
06:35Mr Stink Film Heart-warming adaptation from the book by David Walliams. A lonely schoolgirl has no friends at her new school so she bonds with a tramp and his dog in the local park. 
07:50The Boy In The Dress Film Billy Kennedy stars as a normal 12-year-old frustrated by the boring grey world he inhabits in the comic adaptation of David Walliams's bestselling children's book. 
09:10Inside the Ambulance Paramedics collect a seriously injured man airlifted in from Wales, deal with a distressed pensioner who has taken a tumble, and treat a toddler struggling to breathe. S9 Ep1 
10:10Inside the Ambulance The Stoke crews cope with a major heart attack and a nasty football injury, while in Dudley, the paramedics help an elderly diabetic man with severe stomach pains. S9 Ep2 
11:10Inside the Ambulance The paramedic crews treat a drug user with a burst abscess, an elderly woman whose face has swollen, and a distraught young woman who may be suffering a miscarriage. S9 Ep3 
12:10Inside the Ambulance Paramedics attend an accident at a bus station, and treat a feisty pensioner who has angina, a young mum with a suspected stroke, and a child hit by a cricket bat. S9 Ep4 
13:10Inside the Ambulance In Dudley, paramedics attend a road accident, while in Stoke, the crews work out how to move a woman with a bad fracture, and answer a call from a woman whose carer has fainted. S9 Ep5 
14:10Inside the Ambulance The paramedic crews are called to an unconscious child in a park, a seriously unwell man with blood in his colostomy bag, and a deaf woman with chest pains. S9 Ep6 
15:10Inside the Ambulance The crews reassure a frightened elderly patient with a dislocated hip, treat a baby with a dangerously high temperature, attend a woman with a fast heart rate and help an alcoholic. S9 Ep7 
16:10Hook Film (1991) Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman star in Steven Spielberg's fantasy adventure. A grown-up Peter Pan must return to Neverland to rescue his children from Captain Hook. 
19:00My Dream Home Drew and Jonathan Scott come to the aid of Angie and Tito, who are looking to move from a cramped apartment into a large, modern family home. S3 Ep7 
20:00Inside the Ambulance Reality series following the paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service. Loz and Dan are called to a woman with agonising chest pain and a dangerously high heart rate. S1 Ep1 
21:00New: One Born Every Minute... ...Australia. Alexandra struggles with not being able to have a natural birth, midwife Janet is having her third baby and doesn't want any help, and Marisa must go through chemo while pregnant. S1 Ep3 
22:00New: Emma Willis: Special Births Emma visits David and Hayley, who spent three years trying to conceive and eventually had twins, and sets out to watch Fay's water birth - but things don't go according to plan. S1 Ep1 
23:00Inside the Ambulance Time is against ambulance crew mates Laura and Jason as they treat a 74-year-old woman who is having a stroke. Olly and V are called to a man whose heart is beating dangerously fast. S8 Ep7 
00:00One Born Every Minute Heart-warming documentary series set on a buzzing maternity ward. Mum-to-be Katie was forced to break the news of her pregnancy to her baby's father over the internet. S4 Ep7 
01:00MasterChef Junior USA The contestants travel to a restaurant named Melisse, where the judges challenge the teams to prepare two appetisers and entrees from the menu. S7 Ep12 
01:50Brainwashing Stacey Anti-Abortion Camp Stacey Dooley examines controversial movements by living among them. She travels to California to meet Survivors, an extreme anti-abortion group. S1 Ep1 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.