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Listings for Watch on Saturday, December 27 2014

03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:15Primeval: New World Clean Up On Aisle Three Exclusive. More monsters on the rampage in the sci-fi drama series. The team search for a pack of Daemonosaurus, after a security guard is killed. (Also in HD). 
07:00Total Wipeout USA The fifth series of the wild and wacky game show. American contestants brave the slippery slope to success for the chance of winning a cash prize. (Also in HD). 
08:00Prehistoric Park T-Rex Returns Could a Tyrannosaurus Rex, saber-toothed cat and woolly mammoth survive alongside their present-day relatives? Zoologist Nigel Marven travels back in time to find out. (Also in HD). 
09:00Prehistoric Park A Mammoth Undertaking Wildlife adventurer Nigel Marven journeys into the prehistoric past. In this edition, he's on the trail of the last remaining woolly mammoths. (Also in HD). 
10:00Doctor Who The Christmas Invasion David Tennant stars as the cosmic hero in this 2005 special. Santa-shaped assassins and deadly Christmas trees herald the approach of a danger from the stars. 
11:20Doctor Who The Runaway Bride Catherine Tate joins David Tennant's hero in this 2006 Christmas special. The Doctor finds himself with a new companion, but she's running late for her wedding. 
12:40Doctor Who The Next Doctor A Christmas adventure for David Tennant's Time Lord. In snowy Victorian London, one Doctor meets another, and they must join forces to stop the rise of the CyberKing. 
14:00Doctor Who The End of Time - Part One: Epic finale as David Tennant bows out as the doctor, not before facing an old enemy and dealing with the end of time itself. (Also in HD). 
15:20Doctor Who The End of Time - Part Two: Dramatic finale calling time on David Tennant's doctor, as the Master's victory unleashes the greatest terror of all. (Also in HD). 
17:00Jonathan Creek The Problem at Gallows Gate, Part 1: 04/06. Quirky mystery series with QI's Alan Davies as a lateral-thinking detective. In a two-part story, the sister of a magician witnesses a murder. 
18:00Jonathan Creek The Problem at Gallows Gate, Part 2: 05/06. Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin star in the mystery drama. As this two-part story concludes, it seems a murder has been committed by a dead man. 
19:00The Toys That Made Christmas Robert Webb takes a look back at the toys which really made Christmas for children, including the Spirograph, Barbie, Meccano and Fuzzy Felt. 
21:00Splash Film Enchanting comedy about a young boy saved from drowning by a beautiful mermaid, only to fall in love with her 20 years later when she returns to seek him out. (Also in HD). 
23:10Air Force One Film Thriller starring Harrison Ford as the ice cool commander-in-chief who must save the day, and his family, when the US presidential aircraft is hijacked by communist radicals. (Also in HD). 
01:40Magic Disappearances The title says it all. This edition features some of the most impressive 'grand illusions' ever achieved and culminates in an effect never before seen on television. 
02:40Betty White's Off Their Rockers The Golden Girls star hosts the hilarious show where the elderly play pranks upon the public. (Also in HD). 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.