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Listings for Watch on Sunday, August 27 2017

06:00MasterChef Australia Australian version of the culinary competition. The contestants must rely on their home cooking skills by using simple kitchen equipment in a tricky mystery box challenge. (Also in HD). S9 Ep6 New. 
07:20MasterChef Australia More competitive cooking from the culinary contest. Three amateur chefs must follow and recreate Gary's roasted chicken dish - without a recipe - in order to survive. (Also in HD). S9 Ep7 New. 
08:25MasterChef Australia Australian version of the culinary competition. Three contestants prepare a savoury dinner plate for the chance to compete against Jarrod Di Blasi for an immunity pin. (Also in HD). S9 Ep8 New. 
09:25MasterChef Australia Another slice of the hit culinary contest. The amatur chefs must serve an Italian three-course meal for 250 guests in a team challenge at 400 Gradi Pizzeria. (Also in HD). S9 Ep9 New. 
10:25MasterChef Australia Australian version of the popular culinary competition. The losing chefs from the team challenge face a two-round elimination challenge featuring potatoes. (Also in HD). S9 Ep10 New. 
12:30My Restaurant in India Sarah Todd continues her attempt to open her first restaurant in Goa, India. Seven days out from the restaurant soft launch, Sarah finds herself in construction chaos. (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 New. 
13:00Doctor Who Robot of Sherwood Another adventure through time and space with the Doctor and Clara. When robots threaten Sherwood Forest, the Doctor must join forces with Robin Hood. (Also in HD). S54 Ep3 
14:00Doctor Who Listen A terrifying outing for the Eleventh Doctor at the end of the universe. Ghosts of the past and future crowd into the lives of the Doctor and Clara. Listen! (Also in HD). S54 Ep4 
15:00Doctor Who Time Heist More time-travelling adventures with the Doctor and Clara. The Doctor is given a task he cannot refuse - steal from the most dangerous bank in the cosmos! (Also in HD). S54 Ep5 
16:10The Neverending Story Film Classic fantasy. A young boy starts to a magical book which transports him to the world of Fantasia where he volunteers to save the Empress. (Also in HD). 
18:00Outnumbered More semi-improvised laughs in the hit sitcom. The Brockmans try to endure the hell of being trapped in a foreign airport, where a game of 'I Spy' takes an unexpected turn. S2 Ep4 
18:40Outnumbered The hit sitcom that all parents can relate to. A baby-sitter has a night to remember when Mum and Dad go out for a meal. Ben gets thrown out of his sister's pretend restaurant. S2 Ep5 
19:20Outnumbered Inspired sitcom. Chaos reigns in the Brockman household as six-year-old Karen denounces Satan, Ben gets on the wrong side of a referee, and Grandad's fate hangs in the balance. S2 Ep6 
20:00One Born Every Minute Fly-on-the-wall series at a busy labour ward in Bristol. Stephanie, who was told she could never have children, checks into the ward to have her miracle baby. (Also in HD). S5 Ep9 New. 
21:00One Born: What Happened Next? Heart-warming series which catches up with families featured on One Born Every Minute. Caring for their blended brood of five is a juggling act for Dawn and Paul. (Also in HD). S3 Ep6 
22:00Life and Death Row Judgement Series which examines capital punishment through the eyes of young people. The trial of Guy Heinze Jr, accused of beating eight members of his family to death. (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 
23:00Inside the Ambulance The West Midlands Ambulance paramedics answer the call of more people in need. Hannah and Amy treat a teenager whose pain has left her unable to speak. (Also in HD). S1 Ep8 
00:00One Born Every Minute Maternity series set on a buzzing ward in Leeds. Becky and John are naming their baby after their favourite Star Wars character, while Leah's partner will miss the birth. (Also in HD). S4 Ep10 
01:00Your Home In Their Hands Interior designer Celia Sawyer presents the home makeover series. The Daley family are too embarrassed to invite people around to their run-down home. Time for a makeover! (Also in HD). S1 Ep6 
02:05W1A The razor-sharp sequel to Twenty Twelve continues. The debate about the future of the BBC is not helped when Ian Fletcher's salary comes under intense scrutiny in the press. (Also in HD). S1 Ep3 
02:35Judge Faith Too Legit to Evict Reality courtroom series. In this edition Judge Faith has to settle a landlord/tenant dispute that gets out of hand. (Also in HD). S1 Ep34 
03:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.