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Listings for Watch on Sunday, March 8 2015

03:00Home Shopping Shopping from home. 
06:10Toughest Place to Be a... ...Midwife Fascinating series where British workers do their usual jobs in some of the world's most challenging locations. Suzanne Saunders-Blundell works in Liberia as a midwife. (Also in HD). 
07:00Baby Geniuses Film Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd star in a comedy about two research doctors who discover that babies communicate with each other using a sophisticated language. (Also in HD). 
09:00MasterChef New Zealand More creative cooking in the popular culinary contest. The two remaining duos receive a final masterclass, featuring a perfect plate of pasta and a delightful duck dish. (Also in HD). 
10:00MasterChef New Zealand The New Zealand version of the popular cooking contest concludes as the two remaining pairs compete in three final challenges. Which duo will take the coveted culinary title? (Also in HD). 
12:00EastEnders Greatest Exits A riveting look back at the most dramatic exits in the history of the well-loved soap, including Peggy's final walk past the Old Vic and Bradley's rooftop plunge. 
14:00Doctor Who The Girl in the Fireplace 04/13. David Tennant stars in a haunting episode of Britain's favourite sci-fi series. The court at Versailles is under attack from clockwork killers. 
15:00Doctor Who Rise of the Cybermen 05/13. A fantastic adventure for David Tennant. The evil Cybermen are back, and they're coming to delete us! The Tardis crew are trapped on a parallel Earth. 
16:00Doctor Who The Age of Steel 06/13. Fantasy adventure with David Tennant. The Cybermen take control of London and start 'upgrading'. An attack on the Cyberfactory is humanity's only chance. 
17:00Doctor Who The Idiot's Lantern 07/13. Time-twisting adventure with David Tennant. Our heroes visit 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Written by Mark 'League of Gentlemen' Gatiss. 
18:00Doctor Who The Impossible Planet 08/13. One of the scariest new Who stories so far! David Tennant's Doctor arrives on a bleak planet in the orbit of a black hole, where a great evil is waking. 
19:00One Born Every Minute Emotionally charged series following the babies, parents and staff on a hectic labour ward. Kelly is set to give birth to her fifth child, while Joy prepares to have her first. 
20:00Emergency Bikers More real-life drama on Britain's roads. Cornwall-based biker paramedic Iain Hooper assists a man who has fallen from his roof and landed head-first on his van. (Also in HD). 
21:00Grimm Highway of Tears More twisted tales in the fantasy drama series. Juliette helps Nick become a Grimm again. A group of Wesens use a stretch of highway for a horrific ritual. (Also in HD). 
22:00Crisis Found The US drama series starring Gillian Anderson continues. As the FBI nears the location of the mansion, Finley and Dunn make a startling discovery. (Also in HD). 
23:00Traffic Cops Bash Cash Everyday heroism with the officers keeping our streets safe. A suspicious accident on an empty motorway slip road bears all the hallmarks of a 'crash for cash'. (Also in HD). 
00:20Beauty and the Beast Ever After Kristin Kreuk stars in the romantic US supernatural drama series. Cat and Vincent take Agent Knox up on his offer of a normal life. (Also in HD). 
01:20Doctor Who: Earthshock Peter Davison stars in a feature-length adventure with a tragic end for one of the Fifth Doctor's companions. The Cybermen plan to crash a starship into prehistoric Earth. 
03:00Home Shopping Shopping from home.