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Listings for Watch on Sunday, February 14 2016

03:00Home Shopping Shopping from home. 
06:10Bondi Rescue If you thought a trip to the beach was all about sandcastles and ice-cream, think again! Two boys are swept from a treacherous rock and a surfer thinks she's broken her back. S1 Ep7 
06:40Bondi Rescue It's a snappy start to the day for the lifeguards as a shark is found swimming in the kiddies' pool. Things don't get any calmer as a cyclonic swell heads for Bondi. S1 Ep8 
07:05Bondi Rescue Action-packed episode of the Australian show which follows lifeguards on Bondi Beach. A former Iron Woman joins the training squad, while a shark visits shallow waters. S2 Ep1 
07:40Bondi Rescue Action-packed episode of the Australian show which follows lifeguards on Bondi Beach. Rookie lifeguard Blake and ex-Iron Woman Brooke go head to head in an underwater race. S2 Ep2 
08:10Bondi Rescue The work of lifeguards on Australia's Bondi Beach. Brooke proves her worth to her colleagues and a man is found out cold on the cliffs after a near-fatal fall. S2 Ep3 
08:40Bondi Rescue Action-packed episode of the Australian show which follows lifeguards on Bondi Beach. A mass rescue operation is mounted to save numerous swimmers who have been swept out to sea. S2 Ep4 
09:10Passport Patrol Reality series from New Zealand. A passenger from Somalia brings in a native drug from his home country, but is unaware that it is considered a class C drug in New Zealand. S1 Ep7 
09:40Passport Patrol Reality series from New Zealand. A man who is using marijuana for medicinal purposes in the United States is singled out by the sniffer dog. S1 Ep8 
10:10Passport Patrol Reality series from New Zealand. Quarantine officers find a stowaway lizard and a French woman's apple costs more than she expected. S1 Ep9 
10:40Passport Patrol Reality series from New Zealand. A team of customs officers head to East Timor in order to clear United Nations troops before they return to New Zealand. S1 Ep10 
11:10Passport Patrol Reality series from New Zealand. A passenger attempts to smuggle some cannabis and another tries to import some live insects. S2 Ep1 
11:40Passport Patrol Reality series from New Zealand. A passenger has his honey confiscated and officers investigate an arms dealer. S2 Ep2 
12:10One Born Every Minute One expectant mother is left in the dark when her partner is unable to be contacted. Another dad-to-be is in for a surprise after an unforeseen change to the birth plan. S2 Ep4 
13:10One Born Every Minute Award-winning and life-affirming documentary series. Two older mums wait anxiously in the labour ward. Julia's child may be her only one and Sara's last labour was traumatic. S2 Ep5 
14:15One Born Every Minute The expectant mums and dads tug at our heartstrings again! Rosie and Johnny are awaiting the birth of their first baby, but still coming to terms with the death of Rosie's dad. S2 Ep11 
15:20One Born Every Minute Hearts are in mouths in this award-winning documentary series set on a bustling maternity ward, as Caroline's triplets are to be delivered a staggering ten weeks early. S2 Ep12 
16:25Betty White's Off Their Rockers The Golden Girls star hosts the hilarious show where the elderly play pranks upon the public. (Also in HD). S2 Ep2 
16:55Peggy Mitchell: Queen of the Vic A tribute to one of Albert Square's most memorable characters. Barbara Windsor reflects on the life of her popular alter-ego, Peggy Mitchell. 
17:20Doctor Who Dark Water Peter Capaldi stars in the popular sci-fi drama. In the mysterious Nethersphere, Missy is about to come face to face with the Doctor - but who is she? (Also in HD). S54 Ep11 
18:20Doctor Who Death in Heaven Series finale of the hit sci-fi drama starring Peter Capaldi. With Cybermen on the streets of London, the Doctor faces his greatest challenge. (Also in HD). S54 Ep12 
19:40Jonathan Creek The House of Monkeys Light-hearted mystery drama. A scientist is found inside a locked room having been stabbed in the back with a Samurai sword. Will Jonathan get the point? S1 Ep5 
21:00The Musketeers Sleight of Hand Swashbuckling historical drama series. Will the Musketeers stop a dangerous criminal threatening the monarchy and will the untested d'Artagnan prove his worth? (Also in HD). S1 Ep2 
22:15Kate and Leopold Film X-Men star Hugh Jackman is entranced by Meg Ryan in this charming romantic comedy. A nineteenth-century aristocrat is transported to present-day New York, where he falls in love. (Also in HD). 
00:35CSI: NY All Access More forensic drama from New York. The team probe the murder of a limo driver at a Kid Rock concert. Mac finds an unconscious Stella next to her dead boyfriend. (Also in HD). S2 Ep21 
01:30CSI: NY Stealing Home Gary Sinise and the CSI team try to solve more New York murder cases. Danny and Lindsay investigate when a 'mermaid' is found dead in a bed of kelp. (Also in HD). S2 Ep22 
02:15Extreme Makeover: Home Edition The Hill Family Incredible human stories and property makeovers. In Connecticut, the Hills need more space now their family of six has been joined by seven nieces and nephews. S7 Ep1 
03:00Home Shopping Shopping from home.