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Thursday, 26 May 2005

Saturday, 21 May 2005

Allen & Carol came to visit (just for the day).

Doctor Who was pretty scary - but very enjoyable. Also won an "as new" Gmini 400 on eBay: it's in Bracknell so hopefully'll be able to go and pick it up tomorrow and have it for the train on Monday! In preparation knocked up a little script to fetch and transcode the last hour of the Today programme so, from noonish on a weekday it'll be available to download as an MP3: perfect for the train home since the radio reception's so crap.

Friday, 20 May 2005

An Archos Gmini 400 looks like a fantastic MP3 cum video player though. Not sure we can afford one, perhaps I can justify it as photo storage for our holiday ;-)

Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Ouch, really bad head: got up at 5pm, which'd be late even if I hadn't gone to bed with it. After dinner started sorting out the disk, upgrading the kernel etc. Hopefully will be able to go back and refit it into the rack tomorrow evening.

Upgraded the kernel to 2.6 (and udev, no devfs here - eugh) and Apache to Apache 2. Getting mod_perl working was a bit fiddly, even with the migration guide.

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Coming down with a cold and had a growing migraine all day. Headed to Maidenhead after work though, to swap coto's disk (finally). Unfortunately once I got there I went really off so bundled the box into the back of the car, drove home on auto-pilot and crashed into bed.

Monday, 16 May 2005

Sunday, 15 May 2005

In the morning went back to the new house to produce a snags list. If only we'd been able to buy it before it was completed we'd be able to have proper generic cabling throughout. No idea how we're going to retrofit (at a minimum) TV, phone and audio points where we want them.

Saturday, 14 May 2005

Went to the UK Lotus 7 Club's sprint day - Dad wasn't competing but there were some very fast times... and lovely bacon and egg fried butties from the burger van :-)

Friday, 13 May 2005

After school, Mel drove up to Stockton and I got on the actual train I'd be using once we've moved. I made sure I had a reservation this time, but would've actually been able to get on even without one! Sod's law, eh?

David didn't go out on the town, but instead came round to see us whilst Mum & Dad went out. Watched half of Attack of the Clones after HIGNFY.

Friday, 06 May 2005

Well, Labour's won again but (and this is something everyone should be pleased with) with a reduced majority. Shockingly, the BBC/ITV/MORI exit poll was almost exactly spot on.

Tuesday, 03 May 2005

We've sold the house! The couple who came round on Sunday have made an asking price offer after one viewing. Woohoo!!!

Sunday, 01 May 2005

Watched last night's Doctor Who. The Dalek was very cool and everything, but I'm not sure it was scary enough for new viewers. Doctor Who Confidential described why the Daleks were always terrifying: they were remorseless, they were identical, there was always another one behind it. Unfortunately, all of those were knocked down in this story, making it only really effective if you already know what a Dalek's capable of.

Having said that, the Ottaker's bookshop in town has had a Dalek in its sci-fi section for ages, but we saw a little 8 year-old girl run up to it shouting "It's a Dalek, eeek!" - which, you've got to admit is pretty cool :-)

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