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Monday, 10 October 2005

Wrote the first version of ginbox after getting back from the pub. Unfortunately, LWP::UserAgent and Mail::Webmail::Gmail itself both need little tweaks to work with the current Gmail. I'll document these on the ginbox webpage, although I think the hosting of it on will be more useful (assuming people are happy with the theoretical possibility I can read their email).

The only slight glitch is that there's no way of knowing the size of a message without fetching it: that means I'm currently hardcoding the size, but I imagine I'll make the fetching an option for flexibility.

Sunday, 09 October 2005

Season 4 of Enterprise kicked off properly, and Manny Coto's touch is easily visible. Subtle touches like the bridge background sound effects being more like the Classic Trek ones, and Soong's quest for a perfect humanity reflecting his descendants same desire. But whilst one's led to criminal and morally bereft eugenics, the other led to androids.

In the evening, realised I could plug Mail::Webmail::Gmail and Net::Server::POP3 together to make ginbox - a POP3 proxy to Gmail to allow the download of a single folder, rather than all messages since the last POP3 fetch. This'll be a lot better when I'm using a PDA or mobile phone only occasionally to check and deal with my mail, when I use the web interface most of the time. With ginbox I'll be able to sync whatever's currently in my inbox, unprocessed.

Saturday, 08 October 2005

Mum and Dad round again to help with the DIY. This time we repaired the dishwasher (the spring on the door had come off); changed light fittings and a few other bits and bobs.

Played with getting the Maemo LiveCD working in Virtual PC on the Mac. It booted well, but trying to use wget to download the Maemopad source for the tutorial didn't work as Knoppix/Kanotix couldn't get the network card working (Salvare had no problems).

Finally sussed it by using the "wrong" network driver. Once booted, open a separate terminal and type:

sudo modprobe de4x5
sudo pump -i eth0

Friday, 07 October 2005

Worrying stuff. Wearing a coat and carrying a laptop bag is obviously enough to make you suspicious enough not only to be questioned, but to cause a security alert on the Tube and get arrested under the Terrorism Act; your flat raided and your girlfriend left wondering WTF's happened to you. A question you might well be asking yourself.

He should count himself lucky, though, that he wasn't held for 3 months until they could get enough evidence on him.

Annoyingly leaving my Archos Gmini 400 on all night, connected to the Mac, has caused the hard disk to seize (I think). Pressing the power button causes the startup screen to flash, but then it shuts down without the HDD spinning up. Archos say it needs to be returned to be repaired, and I've just found out someone's found an exploitable buffer overflow and written a Sega Master System emulator for it! Which I can't try. Damn.

Tuesday, 04 October 2005

The Nokia 770's delay is official; but combined with a rumour of a $250 rather than $350 price tag.

Monday, 03 October 2005

Private entry

Sunday, 02 October 2005

Bad head. Up at noon(ish).

Saturday, 01 October 2005

Mum and Dad came round and helped us build two wardrobes, move one bed, build another and fit the dishwasher.

In the evening, we all (including David and Alison, but excluding Robert) went to Stockton Church's combined harvest supper/barn dance. It was surprisingly enjoyable, although we were the only ones who'd gone to the effort of at least trying to dress slightly country & western. I did get to wear my hat, though ;-)

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