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Listings for Mtv on Monday, June 8 2020

06:00Daria Daria and her family participate in a strange and frightening ritual known as a family wedding. (S2, ep4) 
06:20Vidiots The Vidiots get "Cold" with Maroon 5, pop bottles with "Congratulations", shatter records with Paramore's "Ain't It Fun", and are Rick Rolled by Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". (S1, ep18) 
06:45Say It In Song Shani and Nay were close friends on their high school step dance team, but things have been frosty between them ever since Shani dated Nay's ex. Shani reaches out to Redfoo for help. (S1, ep12) 
07:10New: Lady Gaga Official Top 20 We use exclusive official charts stats to count down the biggest-selling songs from Lady Gaga. But which of her tracks will be Number 1? Tune in to find out. 
09:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Kayla and Luke sit down with Stephan and Madison. Brianna gets Braeson his first tricycle. Ashley is shocked when Bar asks for a paternity test. Rachel deals with Jacob's jealousy. (S2, ep12) 
10:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Kayla is hopeful that Stephan will start showing up for Izaiah. Ashley resolves to co-parent with Bar. Rachel takes a pregnancy test. Kiaya asks Teazha to talk to Amour's father. (S2, ep13) 
11:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant The guy Brianna's been talking to online makes a move. Ashley reaches a big milestone. Rachel wants her dad to meet her baby. Kayla's mom makes a decision that affects everyone. (S2, ep14) 
12:00Catfish: Backstabbers When Kristina met Faith in a chatroom, she didn't intend to fall in love and betray her IRL fiancÚ. Now Nev and co-host Tallulah Willis navigate a treacherous love triangle. (S7, ep30) 
13:00Catfish: Backstabbers Nev and co-host Elle King help Angel find her online love Remy. But the closest Angel has ever gotten to Remy was when he was creepily watching her from outside her car! (S7, ep32) 
14:00Catfish: Backstabbers Chanelle is the light Michael needed in his life, but out of the blue she's disappeared, leaving only Nev and Max to help him find his missing love. (S5, ep6) 
15:00Catfish: Backstabbers Nev and co-host Slick Woods help 19-year-old Aubri find her Snapchat love, Brian. Brian says he lives at Aubri's college but has shady excuses not to meet. Nev and Slick hit the campus. (S7, ep26) 
16:00Catfish: Backstabbers Joe was sceptical when Miss Teen USA, Kari, sent him a friend request. Now, after months of communication, Joe thinks it might be the real deal, and he might have found love with her. (S1, ep7) 
17:00Catfish: Backstabbers Nev and Max agree to help Chelsea finally meet Charles in person. While Chelsea has only spoken to Charles once on the phone, the guys soon show her that a picture speaks a thousand words. (S7, ep15) 
18:00Teen Mom UK Chloe argues with Sue over getting back with Jordan. Emma defends Nasseh. Amber's finding motherhood harder the second time round while Megan throws a birthday party. (S7, ep5) 
19:00Teen Mom OG Amber's new boyfriend comes to visit. Maci contemplates sending Bentley to a private school. Cheyenne enrolls Ryder in a preschool prep class while Cory is away competing on The Challenge. (S8, ep20) 
20:00New: Charlotte Crosby's Lockdown.. ... Luaghs. Charlotte Crosby's Lockdown Laughs features the funniest clips from across the world. This week we've got toilet roll workouts, bin night, and our 100m house sprint. (S1, ep5) 
20:30New: MTV Cribs: Footballers Stay.. ... Home. Premier League Golden Boot winner Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang displays his trophy collection and Borussia Dortmund favourite Axel Witsel gets interrupted by his dogs and cats. (S1, ep2) 
21:00One Night With My Ex A communication breakdown caused Emma and Scott's break-up. Sophy and Sam never properly ended their love affair. Aiden learns the reason Brendon broke up with him. (S1, ep5) 
22:00Young, Dumb & Banged Up In The Sun Waleed found himself framed for attempted robbery by a Thai market-keeper. Addy allowed herself to be used as a drug mule only to end up in a notorious Jamaica jail. (S1, ep5) 
23:00Murdered By: Killed On Camera 17-year-old Georgia Williams, a policeman's daughter, was tortured on camera by her friend Jamie Reynolds, who was already known to the police for his snuff movie fantasies. (S1, ep2) 
00:00New: Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo celebrate Glass-Eatin, run from some Street Cows and go into retail with the Ridic Shopping Network. (S16, ep16) 
00:30New: Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get in touch with their softer sides in Tough and Tender, watch some baby thieves in Tiny, Sticky Fingers, and experience a dose of pain in Triple Threats. (S16, ep17) 
01:00Geordie Shore Turns 21! Holly has a house party but there's a massive kick-off between the lads when Marnie tries to make Aaron jealous by necking on with Kyle. (S9, ep2) 
02:00Geordie Shore Turns 21! The Geordies head to Paris for a Tash-on Tours job. Vicky gets unprofessionally mortal at work, and, on returning to the Toon, Charlotte leaves for crisis talks with her boyfriend. (S9, ep3) 
02:50Geordie Shore Turns 21! Charlotte and Gary find themselves gravitating together after she returns from a showdown with her boyfriend. Vicky struggles to convince Marnie to take work seriously. (S9, ep4) 
03:40Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo get bent out of shape in 'Hinge Cringe', get trapped in a 'Giggle Prison' and take a visit to the angriest place on earth. (S16, ep3) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria Daria and Jane accompany Trent to a flea market, while Jake and Helen's old college friends drop in for a reunion weekend. (S2, ep5)