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Listings for Paramount on Sunday, December 15 2019

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Impractical Jokers Christmas Q, Sal, Joe and Murr act as not-so-handy-men assembling furniture; Thanksgiving comes early for tonight's loser when he must talk turkey at a dating event. (S10, E11) 
08:35Friends The One Where Joey Dates Rachel Rachel feels she can't go on dates anymore due to her being pregnant, so Joey decides to take her on a date. (S8, E12) 
09:00Friends The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath Monica sways Chandler's dislike of baths but he soon becomes addicted to them. Meanwhile, Monica mistakenly tells Phoebe that Joey has a crush on her. (S8, E13) 
09:30Friends The One With The Secret Closet Chandler becomes obsessed with finding out what is behind the door of Monica's secret closet. (S8, E14) 
10:00Friends The One With The Birthing Video Monica prepares a special Valentine's Day for Chandler which doesn't quite go to plan. Meanwhile, Joey ends up telling Ross about his feelings for Rachel. (S8, E15) 
10:30Takeshi's Castle Comedian/actor Guz Khan and special guest comedian Dane Baptiste (who's featured on "Live at The Apollo" and "8 Out of 10 Cats") pass comment on our contestants as they battle to the castle! (S7, E09) 
11:05Takeshi's Castle Comedian/actor Guz Khan and special guest comedian Jayde Adams (who's featured on "8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown") pass judgement on our contestants as they battle their way to the castle! (S7, E10) 
11:30Goosebumps Film Teenager Zach Cooper teams up with young adult horror author R. L. Stine (Jack Black) and his daughter after the writer's imaginary demons are set free on the town of Madison, Delaware. (2015) 
13:30Friends The One Where Joey Tells Rachel The guys agree that Joey should tell Rachel about his feelings for her over dinner, regardless of the potential consequences. (S8, E16) 
14:00Friends The One With The Tea Leaves After studying tea leaves, Phoebe believes she will encounter the man of her dreams - and she soon meets a very handsome guy, Parker (Alec Baldwin). (S8, E17) 
14:30Friends The One In Massapequa Monica writes a speech for her parents' 35th wedding anniversary. Phoebe dates Parker (Alec Baldwin), whose enthusiasm for everything begins to wear on everyone. (S8, E18) 
15:00Friends Christmas The One With The Monkey The gang makes, then breaks, a pact to celebrate New Year's Eve without dates. Ross compensates for his loneliness by getting a roommate... a monkey named Marcel. (S1, E10) 
15:30Friends Christmas The One With Phoebe's Dad Phoebe tries to track down her real father. Meanwhile, Ross asks Rachel to make a list of pros and cons about him. (S2, E09) 
16:00Friends Christmas The One Where Rachel Quits Ross accidentally breaks a girl's leg, and attempts to make it up to her by selling cookies so she can win a trip. (S3, E10) 
16:30Friends Christmas The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie Ross struggles to maintain a long-distance relationship. Meanwhile, Monica conjures a scheme to establish authority at her new restaurant job. (S4, E10) 
17:00Friends Christmas The One With The Inappropriate Sister A bored Ross creates havoc in Joey and Chandler's lives, whilst Rachel is disturbed by her date's inappropriate relationship with his sister. (S5, E10) 
17:30Friends Christmas The One With All The Resolutions The friends all make New Year's resolutions, but Rachel's resolution to stop gossiping is becoming the hardest to keep. (S5, E11) 
18:00Friends Christmas The One With The Routine Joey plots the perfect opportunity to kiss Janine on a New Year's Eve dance show. Ross and Monica resurrect their high school dance routine for the broadcast. (S6, E10) 
18:30Friends Christmas The One With The Holiday Armadillo Ross dresses up as an Armadillo to try and teach Ben about Hanukkah. Meanwhile, Phoebe worries that Rachel wants to continue living with Joey. (S7, E10) 
19:00Friends Christmas The One With Ross' Step Forward: Ross freaks out when Mona wants to send out joint Christmas cards which leads to her wanting to have "the talk" about their relationship. (S8, E11) 
19:30Friends Christmas The One With Christmas in Tulsa When Chandler has to spend Christmas in Tulsa, Monica suspects the worst when she discovers that he will be joined by a beautiful co-worker, Wendy. (S9, E10) 
20:00Your Face or Mine Christmas In this Christmas special Jodie Kidd and Joseph Bates must get in the festive spirit and judge all kinds of faces for the chance to win thousands of pounds. (S6, E11) 
20:30Your Face or Mine Christmas Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan host a Christmas special of the gameshow that puts couples to the test. It's game on for Ex on the Beach's Charlotte and Matt to win thousands for charity! (S4, E12) 
21:00Starsky & Hutch Film In 1970s USA, detectives David Starsky (Ben Stiller) and Ken 'Hutch' Hutchinson (Owen Wilson) set out to bust a drug lord (Vince Vaughn) with the help of informant Huggy Bear (Snoop Dogg). (2004) 
23:00Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies Film Friends Harold and Kumar set out on a Friday night to satisfy their munchies with hamburgers from White Castle, but it soon turns into a wild road trip of epic proportions. (2004) 
00:55Jon Richardson: Nidiot Live Recorded live in front of a sold out audience at the legendary Hammersmith Apollo we find that becoming happy hasn't necessarily ruined Jon's life. 
01:55The Cleveland Show Christmas A Cleveland Brown Christmas Cleveland gets drunk as a Santa Claus and shatters Rallo's Christmas by telling him that his biological father is a deadbeat. (S1, E09) 
02:25The Cleveland Show Christmas Murray Christmas Rallo befriends a Jewish man at the retirement home during the holidays, and Cleveland finally stands up to his father physically, but gives him a heart attack. (S2, E08) 
02:55The Cleveland Show Christmas Die Semi-Hard While staging their own live nativity scene, Cleveland tells his family his version of the greatest holiday-themed blockbuster movie ever told. (S3, E07) 
03:15The Cleveland Show Christmas Tis the Cleveland to Be Sorry Cleveland discovers that the food served at the local homeless shelter is much better than it is at home, so he pretends to be homeless so he can eat there. (S4, E06) 
03:35Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Comedy... ...Central Live. Its comedy at its raunchiest tonight as Kiri joins Comedy Central Live for her very own special. Kiri takes us through her past relationships and 'micro-cheating' on social media. 
04:00Impractical Jokers The guys volunteer to take ridiculous notes to a focus group, and they try to get a bystander to back up their story to a store manager after falling into a tower of cereal boxes. (S11, E14) 
04:20Impractical Jokers The guys make scenes while stealing tips from the tip jar at a pizza shop, and then go through a hilarious text exchange challenge at the food court. (S11, E15) 
04:40Impractical Jokers The guys conduct interviews for DNA testing and cause mischief at the grocery store while wearing bath robes. (S11, E16) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.