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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, April 11 2020

06:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFO Tech. Humanity's rapid technological advances have transformed the way humans live. Could extraterrestrials be involved and aided these scientific innovations? S2, Ep1 
07:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFOs And The Presidents FDR To JFK. Investigators reveal the secret history of US presidents and their knowledge of UFOs. Do they know more than we think and what are they hiding? S2, Ep2 
08:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFO Abduction. People have been claiming they were abducted by aliens since the first rumours of UFO sightings. Now, experts examine implants found in these possible victims. S2, Ep3 
09:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFOs And Sacred Sites. New evidence suggests contact with interstellar travellers in the distant past may have influenced many sacred sites. Experts examine the connection. S2, Ep4 
10:00NASA's Unexplained Files When astronaut Leroy Chao's high-risk spacewalk is interrupted by bright lights flying past, it sparks a major investigation. Could alien life forms be to blame? S1, Ep1 
11:00NASA's Unexplained Files Alien Death Ray. The Viking Lander may have found life on Mars. Meanwhile, how can a starship be spotted in the Aurora Borealis? And what exactly are NASA's mysterious Moon Pigeons? S1, Ep2 
12:00NASA's Unexplained Files Black Knight Rises. The Hubble Telescope spots thousands of unknown objects travelling faster than light. Are we being watched? Or could we ourselves be aliens from another world? S1, Ep3 
13:00NASA's Unexplained Files Interstellar Gold Rush. A planet shows evidence of an Earth-like atmosphere, while a mysterious glowing light suggests the impossible: an atmosphere on the Moon. S1, Ep4 
14:00Space Race Mysteries Space Race Mysteries. A giant cross in the Arizona desert presents mysteries about America's role in the Space Race. Was there a covert mission to send weapons into space? S1, Ep6 
15:00NASA's Unexplained Files JFK UFO Conspiracy. A potentially disastrous fuel leak forces three astronauts to make a risky return to earth. And a NASA lunar probe reveals a mysterious crashed craft on the moon. S3, Ep9 
16:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence American UFO Coverups. The US government denies the existence of extra-terrestrial life. But news of a secret UFO programme may reveal shocking evidence. S2, Ep9 
17:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence Police UFO Files. Using audio recordings, official transcripts and incident reports, experts examine rumoured encounters between law enforcement and UFOs. What really happened? S2, Ep5 
18:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence Nazi UFO Secrets. How did the Nazis produce technology that was far more advanced than anywhere else in a matter of years? Were they being helped by an extra-terrestrial source? S2, Ep6 
19:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence Native Americans And Star People. Native American myths and UFOs have been linked for thousands of years. Evidence and modern-day sightings cause experts to revisit these legends. S2, Ep7 
20:00UFOs: The Lost Evidence UFOs Vs. The Royal Air Force. The RAF is said to have encountered and engaged with UFOs since WWII, but the British government denies this. Why would they withhold UFO information? S2, Ep8 
21:00Storming Area 51 Joe and Emmett Hayes head to Nevada desert to observe, investigate and embrace the pandemonium of storming Area 51. And, they dive into the history of the facility. S1, Ep1 
22:00Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives In 1959, nine Russian students went deep into the Ural Mountains. A few weeks later their mutilated, semi-naked bodies were found. What could have caused this? 
00:00Gold Rush: Parker's Trail Hell's Crack. In an area known to locals as 'Hell's Crack,' Parker and his team navigate a dangerous river, battle extreme heat and fight machine breakdowns to prospect rich ground. S4, Ep4 
01:00Undercover Billionaire Million Dollar Bet. Billionaire Glenn Stearns takes on the daunting challenge of building a million-dollar business in just 90 days, starting with only $100 in his pocket. S1, Ep1 
02:00Undercover Billionaire Stand Up Or Die Trying. Glenn hits a breaking point that sends him to hospital and threatens to shut down his mission of building a million-dollar business before it has started. S1, Ep2 
03:00Undercover Billionaire Take The Bull By The Horns. Glenn decides to take a risk and bet all the money he's earned so far on his most ambitious scheme yet, however there's a big issue with the new venture. S1, Ep3 
03:50Undercover Billionaire House Of Cards. Glenn decides to double-down on his million-dollar idea with a bold new plan to expand the business, but a problem arises that could jeopardise everything. S1, Ep4 
04:40Undercover Billionaire No Pain, No Gain. Glenn is in hot water after losing a critical deal, and as the pressure mounts the rest of the Underdog team rally to flip a house that could save the business. S1, Ep5 
05:30How It's Made How do they make pewter flasks, potato salad and hydrogen fuel cells? Find out as more everyday items are put under the microscope. S19, Ep2 
06:00Houdini's Last Secrets The Torture Escape. How did Harry Houdini pull off his death-defying escapes? A team of experts investigate his illusions to reveal the secrets of this mysterious stunt. S1, Ep1