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Listings for Nickelodeon on Saturday, September 26 2020

06:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson A day out with Great Aunt Greta! Horrid Henry thinks this could be his worst nightmare, but sometimes things just don't turn out the way you think they will! (S3, ep 7) 
06:15Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Special Spa Day Horrid Henry's Mother's Day present is something really special, something that only someone as horrid as Henry can deliver! (S3, ep 17) 
06:30Horrid Henry Horrid Henry, Bogus Babysitter Horrid Henry discovers that babysitting can sometimes be useful, specially when you're about to get into trouble, big time! (S3, ep 27) 
06:45Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend Horrid Henry gets himself a new best friend, but it's not long before Nice Nicola turns into Nasty Nicola, and things go from bad to worse. (S3, ep 37) 
07:00It's Pony Unicorn When Pony thinks he has turned into a unicorn, Annie uses him to raise money to save their sports court from closing. (S1, ep 3b) 
07:15It's Pony Dog Day When the dog from next door, Pony's sworn enemy, comes to stay with them, Annie needs to find a way to make them get along. (S1, ep 7b) 
07:30Dorg Van Dango Dorg Rewinds When Dorg misses a school trip, the Magicals whip up a potion that will allow him to start his day over. (S1, ep 7a) 
07:45Dorg Van Dango Dorg and the Last Supperman The final issue of Dorg's favourite comic is almost out! But when the gang hijack the delivery for a sneak peek, they unleash Supperman himself! (S1, ep 7b) 
08:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry; Who's Who?: Henry finds out just how important your name is, specially when your name is Horrid Henry! (S4, ep 35) 
08:15Horrid Henry Horrid Henry's Animal Antics Fluffy and Fang get serious when a Boodle Poodle moves in next door. (S4, ep 45) 
08:29The Thundermans Ditch Day Max and Phoebe use their powers on Ditch Day, but when they remember the school has security cameras, they get Billy and Nora's help to keep their secret a secret! (S1, ep 7) Also in HD. 
09:00Henry Danger Dodging Danger When Henry uses his new super power to compete in a Dodge-A-Leen tournament, Ray, Schwoz, and Charlotte go undercover to teach Henry a lesson. (S3, ep 11) Also in HD. 
09:31New: Nickelodeon's Unfiltered It's Raining Penguins! Will you win the game or have to walk the plank?! Host Jay Pharoah introduces two mystery celebs hiding behind 3D animated filters. (S1,ep 5) 
10:00Danger Force Villains' Night: Danger Force and Captain Man go undercover as bad guys to catch a criminal. If their cover is blown, they'll have to fight all of Swellview's toughest villains at once! (S1, ep 4) 
10:31Nickelodeon The Substitute Ne-Yo Hidden camera prank show where celebrities are transformed by a team of special effects artists to go undercover as substitute teachers to surprise a class of unsuspecting students. (S1, ep 4) 
11:00Tyler Perry's Young Dylan Mother May I: Dylan writes a serious rap about his mother, prompting Martin to read his diary to find out if he's doing ok. Dylan catches him, triggering escalating invasions of privacy. (S1, ep 9) 
11:31Dorg Van Dango Dorg Rewinds When Dorg misses a school trip, the Magicals whip up a potion that will allow him to start his day over. (S1, ep 7a) 
11:46Dorg Van Dango Dorg Rewinds When Dorg misses a school trip, the Magicals whip up a potion that will allow him to start his day over. (S1, ep 7a) 
12:00Game Shakers Babe's Bench Babe blows the entire Game Shakers ad budget on a high-tech bus bench, only to find out the bench is a magnet for low-lifes and weirdos. (S2, ep 1) Also in HD. 
12:31Game Shakers Bunger Games When pop star Kayla Batch hires The Game Shakers to make a lifestyle game, she invites Babe to join her elite squad while Kenzie is left on the outside. (S2, ep 2) Also in HD. 
13:00Game Shakers Wedding Shower of Doom When Dub's brother invites everyone except Dub to his wedding, the kids ask him to bring his brother into the fold, promising to make Dub behave himself. (S2, ep 3) Also in HD. 
13:31Game Shakers Mason Kendal asks Kenzie to teach him coding. Seeing a chance to get closer to Mason, Babe convinces Kenzie, but gets jealous when Kenzie starts spending time with him. (S2, ep 4) Also in HD. 
14:00Game Shakers The Mason Experience Babe is upset to learn that Mason Kendal is moving, so Kenzie designs a virtual reality version of Mason. Babe loves it, but gets swept up in it all. (S2, ep 5) Also in HD. 
14:31Game Shakers Llama Llama Spit Spit After the Game Shakers are kicked out of Fooders to make room for a guest who has his photo on the wall, Babe is determined to get their own photo up. (S2, ep 6) Also in HD. 
15:00Game Shakers Baby Hater Dub's bid for mayor gets off to a rocky start after he snubs a newborn, so the Game Shakers step up to help him get over his fear of babies and end "Babygate". (S2, ep 7) Also in HD. 
15:31Game Shakers Bear Butt Laser Runner After learning that the exact same idea they're about to pitch was already released by another company, the team have 20 minutes to think up a new game. (S2, ep 8) Also in HD. 
16:00Tyler Perry's Young Dylan Mother May I: Dylan writes a serious rap about his mother, prompting Martin to read his diary to find out if he's doing ok. Dylan catches him, triggering escalating invasions of privacy. (S1, ep 9) 
16:31Danger Force Villains' Night: Danger Force and Captain Man go undercover as bad guys to catch a criminal. If their cover is blown, they'll have to fight all of Swellview's toughest villains at once! (S1, ep 4) 
17:00Henry Danger I Dream of Danger When Charlotte has a dream where she nearly kisses Kid Danger, she actively tries to avoid Henry for fear of the dream coming true. (S5, ep 16) 
17:31Henry Danger Holey Moley The gang thinks they have found the perfect tunnels to access all of Swellview, until they are confronted by the tunnels' original inhabitants. (S5, ep 17) 
18:00iCarly iHave A Lovesick Teacher Mrs. Ackerman breaks up with her boyfriend, and quarrels with her students. But a visit from Spencer to sort out the dispute soon turns into a date! (S1, ep 25) Also in HD. 
18:31iCarly: iGo to Japan Part 1: When Carly, Sam, and Freddie are nominated for an iWeb Award, they head off to Japan with Spencer and Mrs. Benson to compete in a live international web show competition. (S2, ep 1) Also in HD 
19:00iCarly: iGo to Japan Part 2: The iCarly gang befriends the hosts of a rival Japanese web show, but things turn sour when they kidnap Carly, Sam, and Freddie right before the web competition begins. (S2, ep 2) Also in HD. 
19:31iCarly: iGo to Japan Part 3: When their Japanese rivals leave them on the side of the road, Carly, Sam and Freddie must find their way to the web show competition before time runs out. (S2, ep 3) Also in HD. 
20:00Just Add Magic Just Add Mama P: After the Girls learn more of the book's secret history from an unexpected ally, they cook Mind Peering Peppermints to learn who cursed Grandma. (S1, ep 7) 
20:31Just Add Magic Just Add Besties When Kelly finally finds her magical mentor, her spell knowledge is put to the test. Darbie and Hannah's magic brings new meaning to the phrase "stick together". (S1, ep 8) 
21:00Victorious Jade Gets Crushed Andre is working on a song with Jade, and gets a crush on her. Tori tries to help him get over it, but Andre just can't keep his feelings a secret. (S2, ep 7) Also in HD. 
21:31Victorious Who Did It To Trina? Trina stars in Tori's directorial debut, but an accident takes Trina out. Lane wants to find out what went wrong. Was it a malfunction, or sabotage? (S2, ep 8) Also in HD. 
22:00Victorious Beggin' On Your Knees: When Tori gets the chance to work with a handsome guy on a project, she jumps at the chance. Is she right to be suspicious that he's everything he seems? (S2, ep 9) Also in HD. 
22:31Victorious Ice Cream for Ke$ha As a gift for Trina, Tori tries to win a contest where the prize is a private performance by Ke$ha. (S2, ep 10) Also in HD. 
23:00School of Rock Freddy is forced to join the school's acapella group, jeopardizing School of Rock's chance to record their song. Problems mount when Freddy starts to prefer his new group. (S2, ep 7) Also in HD. 
23:31Knight Squad Fright Knight The Princess defies her father's orders and attends the Party of Darkness, but when the Shadow Ghost threatens to possess her, the Phoenix Squad fights to save her. (S1, ep 7) 
00:00The Thundermans The Amazing Rat Race Max turns Billy into the world's fastest rat. Billy, getting a taste for running at super-speed, decides he does not want to go back to his human self. (S2, ep 14) Also in HD. 
00:31The Thundermans Winter Thunderland Max is at his Scroogiest on Christmas Eve, until the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future show up to put him in the holiday spirit. (S2, ep 15) Also in HD. 
01:00Henry Danger Henry's Frittle Problem When Henry's dad gets an offer for a new job, Henry and Ray go undercover to try and stop Henry's dad from getting the job and prevent Henry from having to move. (S4, ep 15) 
01:25Henry Danger Toddler Invasion When The Toddler takes control of the Man Cave, Charlotte and Jasper have to find a way to sneak into the Man Cave and free Kid Danger and Captain Man. (S4, ep 16) 
01:50SpongeBob SquarePants Enemy In Law When his mother starts dating again, Mr Krabs is unimpressed with her choice of paramour - Plankton! Convinced that it must be a trick, he tries to break up the romance. 
02:03SpongeBob SquarePants Patrick Smartpants During a day of jelly fishing, Patrick gets bonked on the head and loses consciousness. When he comes to, he's suddenly speaking in complete sentences - and even making sense! 
02:15Find Me in Paris Curse of the Fairy A scene study about a love triangle hits home when, Lena is cast as the ethereal sprite and love interest to Max, leaving Thea seething as the downtrodden wife. (S1, ep 7) 
02:40Hunter Street The Blue Diamond The Hunter kids put on a diamond exhibition to lure their nemesis out of hiding. (S1, ep 7) 
03:05Winx Club The Magical Union The Winx face their first challenge and obtain the gem of self-confidence. The Trix and Tritannus' mutants attack Gardenia to get more pollutants. (Series 5, episode 7) Also in HD. 
03:30Henry Danger Birthday Girl Down Henry is not invited to a party because he is accused of throwing the birthday girl off the roof the previous year. Captain Man helps Henry clear his name. (S1, ep 9) Also in HD. 
04:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Special Spinner When Dad decides it's time for Horrid Horrid Henry to lay off the TV and loud music, Henry finds that wise words can come from the strangest of places! (S3, ep 2) 
04:15Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Weird Werewolf It's a full moon tonight, and Horrid Henry knows that's when the werewolves come out to play. Perfect Peter's worried about having hairy hands. (S3, ep 3) 
04:30Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Delivers a Message Horrid Henry knows that teachers can be weird, but he doesn't realise just how weird they can be until he has to deliver a message or two! (S3, ep 4) 
04:45Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plane At last Horrid Henry gets a chance to fly the perfect plane, but then Stuck Up Steve turns up to spoil the fun! (S3, ep 5) 
05:00SpongeBob SquarePants The Fry Cook Games Mr Krabs enters SpongeBob in the Fry Cook Games. Patrick wants to join in, but he's not a fry cook. So he gets a job at The Chum Bucket - and the competition is on! 
05:15SpongeBob SquarePants Rule of Dumb An oversight in a Royal genealogy document reveals that Patrick is the next in line to receive a kingly title. It's not long before the power goes straight to the starfish's head. 
05:30SpongeBob SquarePants Born To Be Wild SpongeBob hears that a ferocious biker gang is coming to town, only no-one seems bothered. So SpongeBob dons his leather jacket, warms up his bike, and prepares to protect the town. 
05:45SpongeBob SquarePants Best Frenemies A new store opens, with smoothies so delicious that soon everyone in town wants one. That could hurt Mr. Krabs' profits, and if there's one thing he can't stand, it's losing money. 
06:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Climbing Frame Clincher It's the Purple Hand Gang vs the Secret Club when Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret can't agree on who gets to go on the climbing frame! (S3, ep 8)