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Listings for Nickelodeon on Saturday, May 30 2020

06:00Sam & Cat Knock Out When Sam and Cat try to help Goomer with a supposed bully at his gym, Sam ends up knocking out an MMA champ, and gets pulled into the world of professional fighting. (S1, ep 34) Also in HD. 
06:31Sam & Cat We Steal A Rock Star When Sam and Cat accidentally knock out musician Del DeVille, things quickly escalate as they try to avoid getting in trouble. (S1, ep 35) Also in HD. 
07:00Victorious Tori and Jade's Play Date Tori and Jade play a married couple putting their acting and friendship to the test. Cat and Robbie start a service to deliver bad news in a nice way. (S3, ep 6) Also in HD. 
07:31Victorious The Gorilla Club In an effort to take more risks as an actress, Tori goes to an underground spot called The Gorilla Club. Andre and Robbie lose a very interesting bet to Jade. (S3, ep 7) Also in HD. 
08:00Henry Danger Budget Cuts When the Vice Mayor cuts Captain Man and Kid Danger's budget to build a high speed railway in Swellview, Captain Man and Kid Danger must find creative ways to save money. (S4, ep 10) 
08:31Henry Danger Car Trek Charlotte's birthday road trip to see the Boo Man Group perform gets sidetracked by a Captain Man and Kid Danger emergency. (S4, ep 12) 
09:00It's Pony Pet Pony/ When pets are banned from the building, Annie and Pony have to convince the landlord to reconsider. (S1, ep 7a) 
09:15It's Pony Dog Day When the dog from next door, Pony's sworn enemy, comes to stay with them, Annie needs to find a way to make them get along. (S1, ep 7b) 
09:30Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Goes to Work It's 'Take Your Child to Work Day' and Henry is looking forward to a fun day of computer games, but Dad has other ideas! (S1, ep 13) 
09:45Horrid Henry Horrid Henry's Birthday Having promised everyone the best birthday ever, can Henry make it happen? (S1, ep 14) 
10:00The Thundermans On the Straight and Arrow Cherry asks Max to use his spowers to help her get her driver's licence, but Phoebe's jealousy threatens her relationship with her best friend. (S3, ep 1) Also in HD. 
10:31The Thundermans Why You Buggin'? After discovering that Link's ex-girlfriend is a secret supervillain who wants Link for herself, Phoebe enlists Max's help in exposing her rival's true motives. (S3, ep 3) Also in HD 
11:00The Thundermans Exit Stage Theft Max tries to reestablish his evil cred with petty crimes, but when his best friends become a target, he must choose between them and his reputation. (S3, ep 4) Also in HD. 
11:31The Thundermans Are You Afraid of the Park? Max and Phoebe start a fight between Billy and Nora so they can avoid riding a roller coaster, but it all backfires when things get out of control. (S3, ep 5) Also in HD. 
12:00The Thundermans Evil Never Sleeps Phoebe's allegiance is torn when she learns her boyfriend's father might be plotting a return to evil, and she must decide whether to take him down. (S3, ep 6) Also in HD. 
12:31The Thundermans Give Me a Breakup Phoebe's relationship with her superhero boyfriend is put to the test when he is offered an assignment overseas. (S3, ep 7) Also in HD. 
13:00Victorious The Bad Roommate Andre stays with Tori to work on a song for class. They find they aren't the best roommates. Jade discovers an unflattering picture of herself on the internet. (S3, ep 22) Also in HD 
13:31Victorious Victori-Yes Mr. Sikowitz challenges the students to say yes to everything for one week. The gang agrees, and they soon find themselves out of their respective comfort zones. (S3, ep 23) Also in HD. 
14:00Victorious Brain Squeezers Tori is picked to go on a game show, and must choose three teammates. Everyone wants to be on it - but when they get there, it's not all fun and games! (S3, ep 24) Also in HD. 
14:31The Thundermans Never Friending Story Phoebe and Max worry that they will be stuck hanging out together all the time when their friends start to spend time with each other. (S2, ep 11) Also in HD. 
15:00Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Wedding Henry starring role as page boy at his cousin's wedding offers all sorts of opportunities for trouble, big and small! (S1, ep 43) 
15:15Horrid Henry Horrid Henry and the Alien Invasion When Moody Margaret starts being nice to Henry, it's obvious that she's been taken over by aliens. Even Miss Battleaxe seems to be in on the plot. (S2, ep 4) 
15:30Horrid Henry Horrid Henry Reads a Book The only way to win a book reading competition is to read some books - or is it?!! (S1, ep 51) 
15:45Horrid Henry Happy Birthday Peter Henry and Ralph help out with the magic show at Peter's birthday party, with disastrous consequences! (S1, ep 29) 
16:00It's Pony Pet Pony/ When pets are banned from the building, Annie and Pony have to convince the landlord to reconsider. (S1, ep 7a) 
16:15It's Pony Dog Day When the dog from next door, Pony's sworn enemy, comes to stay with them, Annie needs to find a way to make them get along. (S1, ep 7b) 
16:30The Casagrandes Copy Can't When Ronnie Anne notices that she's the only person Carlitos won't copy, she's determined to change it! (S1, ep 8b) 
16:45The Casagrandes Arr in the Family Ronnie Anne is determined to help CJ get onstage at a Pirate Dinner Show. (S1, ep 5a) 
17:00Henry Danger Jasper Danger When Jasper goes as Kid Danger for Halloween, he goes too far and is mistaken for the real deal. It's up to the real Kid Danger and Captain Man to rescue him. (S1, ep 7) Also in HD. 
17:31Henry Danger Super Volcano Activity in a dormant super volcano under Swellview makes Henry and Ray think the world is ending. Piper is convinced she has a gluten intolerance. (S1, ep 15) Also in HD. 
18:00Takeshi's Castle: Specials Big LOLs 1: Roman Kemp is back for a new series looking at the wild, weird and wacky world of Takeshi's Castle Indonesia, where contestants must win madcap games for great victory! (S2, ep 6) 
18:31Sam & Cat Secret Safe Sam opens a safe in her bedroom and discovers a tunnel that leads to a secret room. Cat films herself so that her future self can watch it ten years from now. (S1, ep 13) Also in HD. 
19:00Sam & Cat Doll Sitting On Halloween, Sam and Cat are hired to babysit a doll, with creepy results. Cat also thinks she may have accidentally turned Dice into a monkey with a magic spell. (S1, ep 14) Also in HD 
19:31Sam & Cat Oscar The Ouch Sam and Cat look after a young boy who's very prone to accidents. The girls are determined to show him a fun time while struggling to keep him out of harm's way. (S1, ep 15) Also in HD 
20:00Game Shakers Trip Steals the Jet Feeling pressure to fit in with Trip's rich friends, Babe convinces Trip to 'borrow' Dub's jet for the night. (S1, ep 7) Also in HD. 
20:31Game Shakers Scared Tripless Double G has scared Triple G every Halloween since he was a baby. This year he asks Babe and Kenzie to help, but they double-cross him by telling Trip! (S1, ep 8) Also in HD. 
21:00Game Shakers Lost on the Subway The Game Shakers take the subway to a boxing game pitch, but forget the gloves and send Trip and Hudson back for them. Dub goes to save Trip from the subway. (S1, ep 9) Also in HD. 
21:31Game Shakers You Bet Your Bunny The Game Shakers host a tournament to promote a new Sky Whale update. Double G bets Bunny, thinking Babe will beat one of her classmates. (S1, ep 10) Also in HD. 
22:00Game Shakers A Reggae Potato Christmas The Game Shakers visit Double G on the set of his live, self-indulgent Christmas special. (S1, ep 11) Also in HD. 
22:31Game Shakers Party Crashers Babe and Kenzie's plans to hang with cool guy Mason are ruined when Bunny and Ruthless crash a birthday party. Dub uses Hudson to make Trip jealous. (S1, ep 12) Also in HD. 
23:00iCarly: iGo to Japan Part 1: When Carly, Sam, and Freddie are nominated for an iWeb Award, they head off to Japan with Spencer and Mrs. Benson to compete in a live international web show competition. (S2, ep 1) Also in HD 
23:31iCarly: iGo to Japan Part 2: The iCarly gang befriends the hosts of a rival Japanese web show, but things turn sour when they kidnap Carly, Sam, and Freddie right before the web competition begins. (S2, ep 2) Also in HD. 
00:00The Thundermans Mall Time Crooks Phoebe and Max turn a trip to the mall to pick up Hank's birthday gift into chaos, with a run-in with security that threatens to derail their dad's birthday. (S2, ep 9) Also in HD. 
00:30The Thundermans You've Got Fail Max tries to win an epic fail video contest by submitting a "fail" video of Phoebe as she practices ballet. (S2, ep 10) Also in HD. 
01:00Henry Danger The Fate of Danger - Part 2: Kid Danger and Captain Man battle to stop Drex erasing Swellview's memory of Captain Man. One hero must stay behind to save the day. (S5, ep 40) 
01:25Henry Danger Mo' Danger, Mo' Problems: As Henry tries to adjust to his new role as Kid Danger, he struggles to balance his schedule between crime fighting, school, family and friends. (S1, ep 3) Also in HD. 
01:50Hunter Street Anika and Sal realise they've been tricked. Oliver must hide in plain sight at the Hunter House while Jasmyn is forced to cover for him at home, causing chaos all round! (S3, ep 13) Also in HD. 
02:15Hunter Street Jasmyn makes a discovery in the forest, but can't figure out how it connects to the treasure hunt. Jake is finally coming home from the hospital, but there's a big surprise. (S3, ep 14) Also in HD. 
02:40Ride We Need to Talk About Covington A journalist arrives and Kit reveals more than she should. Will is facing expulsion, and Nav tries to fix his horrible roommate problem. (S1, ep 13) 
03:05Ride Come Horse or High Water Kit and Nav leave Covington to search for TK. Anya and Josh plan a surprise party to cheer Kit up, but things do not go as planned. (S1, ep 14) 
03:30House of Anubis House of Revelations Amber is accepted to fashion school. Will Alfie lose her to America? Fabian decodes some of the message. Eddie and KT sneak into Miss Denby's house. (S3, ep5) Also in HD. 
04:00House of Anubis House of Questions Eddie and KT investigate Miss Denby. Patricia and Fabian think KT is working for Victor. Jerome and Mara take the business studies competition seriously. (S3, ep6) Also in HD. 
04:30Henry Danger Theranos Boot Henry and the other kids destroy Ray's prized movie prop. To replace it, Henry and Jasper travel to an alternate universe Man Cave before Ray finds out. (S5, ep 32) 
05:00SpongeBob SquarePants Can You Spare A Dime? Squidward is fed up and quits his job, but falls upon hard times. With nowhere else to turn, he asks SpongeBob if he can move in for a while. But he soon outstays his welcome. 
05:15SpongeBob SquarePants Rock-A-Bye Bivalve SpongeBob and Patrick find an abandoned baby clam and decide to rear the child as their own. SpongeBob takes on the role of mother, while Patrick becomes the father. 
05:30SpongeBob SquarePants Krusty Krab Training Video You are now a member of the official Krusty Krab crew! In this informative episode, you will learn all of the attributes necessary to become an excellent employee. 
05:45SpongeBob SquarePants Sun Bleached Everybody who's anybody is going to a big party in Bikini Bottom, but you have to be a certain shade of tan to get in. SpongeBob's tanning efforts have the opposite effect! 
06:00Sam & Cat Gettin' Wiggy: When Cat takes Dice to Arizona for a hair modelling gig, Sam is stuck at home with an unexpected new roommate for the weekend... Nona. (S1, ep 36) Also in HD.