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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Thursday, October 1 2020

06:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Hog Heaven Las Vegas-based forensic drama. An undercover cop's biker gang turn against him when his cover is unexpectedly blown. (S9, ep 23) 
06:55CSI: Crime Scene Investigation All In Las Vegas-based forensic drama. Five people's lives are disrupted when two of the group find a valuable stash of casino chips. (S9, ep 24) 
07:50CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Family Affair Las Vegas-based forensic drama. When a starlet dies in a car crash, her stalker appears to be the prime suspect. But is there more to the case than meets the eye? (S10, ep 1) 
08:50Elementary Art In the Blood. A seemingly routine murder case gets an international twist when Holmes crosses paths with MI6. Also, Joan rethinks her future with Mycroft. (S2, ep 23) 
09:50Ray Donovan The Captain Season two concludes as Mickey heads to the races. Contains very strong language, violence, scenes of a sexual nature & flashing images. (S2, ep 12) 
11:00Blue Bloods The Job Danny's family are caught in the crossfire when he confronts an armed man, while Frank is haunted by memories of 9/11. Oscar winner F Murray Abraham guest stars. (S2, ep 12) 
12:00Blue Bloods Leap Of Faith Danny investigates when a wealthy woman dies of an apparent heart attack and her daughter claims she received a message from God saying her mother was murdered. (S2, ep 13) 
13:00The British Treasure Island This factual series tells the story of our nation through CGI, re-enactments & interviews with famous faces. (1/7) 
14:00Richard E Grant's Hotel Secrets Living & Dying Richard E Grant checks into opulent hotels where the rich and famous have lived, died and fallen in love, including The Dorchester in London. (S1, ep 2) 
15:00Elementary The Grand Experiment In the season two finale, Holmes and Watson join forces to disprove the murder and treason charges levied at Sherlock's brother Mycroft. (S2, ep 24) 
16:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Ghost Town The son of a notorious serial killer is arrested for a murder he may not have committed. Can the team get past their instinctive prejudices and find the real killer? (S10, ep 2) 
17:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Coup De Grace Las Vegas-based forensic drama. A cop is accidentally shot by a fellow officer but the CSI's investigation reveals that the killing may not have been a mistake. (S10, ep 4) 
18:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Death And The Maiden Las Vegas-based forensic drama. Two apparently unrelated cases of murder turn out to be linked to a single revenge plot. (S10, ep 6) 
19:00Blue Bloods Parenthood A shooting causes the Reagans to debate how far they would go to protect their family, while Frank faces a dilemma following arrests at a student protest. (S2, ep 14) 
20:00Blue Bloods The Life We Chose When Danny's colleague and friend is killed in the line of duty, the hunt for a ruthless killer ensues as an innocent family are put in danger. (S2, ep 15) 
21:00New: I Hate Suzie New & Exclusive. Anger: Suzie tries to keep her cool and focus on balancing work and family. Naomi finds herself struggling. (S1, ep 7) 
21:45The Third Day New & Exclusive. Saturday - The Ghost: Unsure of who to trust, Sam tries to regain control and flee the island. Contains strong language, violence and distressing scenes. (S1, ep 3) 
22:55The Sopranos Big Girls Don't Cry Tony's new recruit Furio is settling in well, but the reshuffle is not to everyone's liking... Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S2, ep 5) 
00:05The Sopranos The Happy Wanderer A beef from Tony's professional life spills into his personal one. Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S2, ep 6) 
01:101994 New & Exclusive The government is about to fall and Di Pietro decides to resign. Leonardo and Veronica's wedding day arrives, but Pietro complicates things. (S1, ep 7) 
02:201994 New & Exclusive. It's November 2011: Berlusconi's fourth government is about to fall, again. How will Leonardo, Veronica and Pietro's stories end? Season finale. (S1, ep 8) 
03:30CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Working Stiffs When a low-level worker at a casino dies, the team learn that he was a computer geek who had a dangerous plan to make his dreams come true. (S10, ep 3) 
04:20Fish Town Documentary series offering an eye-opening insight into the working lives of the residents of Brixham, Devon, one of UK's oldest and busiest fishing ports. (1/10) 
05:10Fish Town Brixham plunders Devon's colourful piracy past, playing host to the annual Pirate Festival. Elsewhere, back at sea, fisherman Nathan sets off in search of 'Black Gold'... (2/10) 
06:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Ghost Town The son of a notorious serial killer is arrested for a murder he may not have committed. Can the team get past their instinctive prejudices and find the real killer? (S10, ep 2)