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Listings for Paramount 2 on Monday, February 25 2019

06:00Life In Pieces Eyebrow Anonymous Trapped Gem When Tim accidentally shaves off a huge chunk of eyebrow before an important photoshoot, he hopes Jen and Colleen's grooming expertise can fix it. (S2, E03) 
06:20Life In Pieces Cheap Promotion Flying Birthday Tim attempts to fire Heather from her receptionist position at his office, John tries to break Sophia's fear of flying by taking her on a small plane. (S2, E04) 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
09:00Friends The One Where Paul's The Man While Ross and Elizabeth are on a romantic weekend getaway at her family's cabin, Elizabeth's father (Bruce Willis) and Rachel show up unexpectedly. (S6, E22) 
09:30Friends The One With The Ring Chandler finds the perfect engagement ring, and then loses it. Rachel tries to get Paul (Bruce Willis) to reveal his emotions, but now he can't stop blubbering. (S6, E23) 
10:00Scrubs My Comedy Show J.D. & Turk organize their historically unfunny annual sketch show with the new interns, but are mortified to discover that the biggest joke of the night is at their expense. (S8, E10) 
10:30Scrubs My Nah Nah Nah Turk is inspired to perform a procedure by a sports show, Jordan is mad at Perry for wearing a wedding ring, and the Janitor thinks his new relationship is in trouble. (S8, E11) 
11:00Impractical Jokers The guys pose as waiters in a Hooters restaurant, try to get people in a mall to remember lyrics to a song, and must invade people's personal space in the park. (S9, E21) 
11:30Impractical Jokers The guys are at a glasses store doing and saying whatever the others tell them to, and then try to get people on their side in a ridiculous protest. (S9, E22) 
12:00Impractical Jokers The Jokers attend a singles night, ask strangers in the park if they can borrow their phone, and Q pretends to be a disturbed children's book author, reading an inappropriate story aloud. (S5, E07) 
12:30Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show. The Jokers present footage from the cutting room floor, a challenge that was never aired, and the reaction of someone being pranked. (S5, E08) 
13:00Friends The One With The Proposal (1): Chandler's romantic marriage proposal is ruined when Monica's former boyfriend (Tom Selleck) returns. Joey accidentally buys a boat at a silent auction. (S6, E24) 
13:30Friends The One With The Proposal (2): Chandler fools Monica into believing he hates the idea of marriage, but his plan backfires as she seeks consolation with Richard (Tom Selleck). (S6, E25) 
14:00Wipeout USA Contestants make their way through an action-packed giant obstacle course to win a cash prize. This episode features 'The Unimpressionist' Scott Torgan and 'Flying Monkey' Mark Halliday. (S3, E07) 
15:00Takeshi's Castle One hundred contestants are gearing up in an attempt to storm Takeshi's Castle. Taking on the super slippery Wet Paint, they'll have to prove they've got what it takes to defeat the guards. (S3, E01) 
15:30Takeshi's Castle Prepare for thrills, spills and a whole load of soggy shorts as they encounter Flying Mushroom and Stepping Stone. (S3, E02) 
16:00The Middle Homecoming II - The Tailgate: Frankie worries that her mother will ruin the annual homecoming tailgate party. Meanwhile, Mike asks Brick to help him win the cornhole tournament. (S7, E07) 
16:30The Middle The Convention When the surgery is taken over by a conglomerate, Frankie is informed she must attend a convention - so she ropes Mike into going too! Axl proves popular on Sue's campus. (S7, E09) 
17:00The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Something for Nothing Will gets lucky at a fund raiser and wins some money. When Will doesn't follow the clubs tradition, it starts rumours about the Banks family. (S2, E12) 
17:30The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will's Christmas Show Will finds out that his mum is seeing a new man while on a holiday skiing trip. When the adults go out for a party, a knock on the door brings the kids trouble. (S2, E13) 
18:00Impractical Jokers The guys are judged on the skills, or lack thereof, that they've displayed over the years as host Joey Fatone is joined by championship athletes and past punishers to see how the guys measure up. 
18:30Impractical Jokers: Punishment... ...Countdown Joey Fatone takes a look at the biggest and best punishments from the lastest season. 
19:00Impractical Jokers The guys do and say whatever they are told while at a buffet restaurant, team-up for construction presentations, and play another game of "repeat after me". (S9, E23) 
19:30Impractical Jokers The jokers work at a pawn shop, and try to give free hugs after incredibly bizarre apologies. This week's loser has to perform a song on stage. (S9, E24) 
20:00The Office (U.S.) The Incentive Robert challenges the Dunder Mifflin staffers to double their sales. Andy decides to create an incentive program, but might end up regretting the promise he makes... (S8, E02) 
20:30The Office (U.S.) Lotto The entire warehouse staff quits after winning the lottery, leaving Andy and Darryl to scramble for replacements, while Jim, Kevin, Erin get a taste of the warehouse life. (S8, E03) 
21:00Bob's Burgers The Frond Files During Wagstaff Middle School's open house, Mr. Frond speaks with Bob and Linda in private about Gene's, Louise's, and Tina's allegedly offensive stories about school life. (S4, E12) 
21:30Bob's Burgers Uncle Teddy Bob & Linda ask Teddy to babysit the kids while they're on a romantic getaway at a Burger Convention. Teddy earns the title "Uncle Teddy" when he puts Tina's crush in his place. (S4, E14) 
22:00South Park: From The Beginning... An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig Kyle calls in genetic engineer Dr. Mephisto to crossbreed his pet elephant and Cartman's pot-bellied pig in a bid to win a science competition. (S1, E05) 
22:30South Park: From The Beginning... Death Stan's ancient grandfather attempts to trick the boys into killing him. Meanwhile, the parents of South Park lobby a TV network to rid the airwaves of Terrance and Phillip. (S1, E06) 
23:00South Park: From The Beginning... Pink Eye It's Halloween and Kenny is killed by a falling space station and turned into a zombie by some embalming fluid contaminated with Worcester sauce. The zombie disease spreads. (S1, E07) 
23:30South Park: From The Beginning... Starvin' Marvin: During a Terrance & Phillip ad-break the boys decide to adopt an Ethiopian child, swayed by the promise of a free digital watch. Mobs of wild turkeys rampage through town! (S1, E08) 
00:00Jason Manford Live: First World... ...Problems Jason Manford's brilliant new live show, filmed in Liverpool during his mammoth 2014 UK tour. First World Problems is observational comedy at its very best. 
01:00Alan Carr: Yap Yap Yap No stranger to yap, Alan Carr yapped his way around the UK & Ireland. The BAFTA winning comedian, author and chat show supremo returns to his stand up roots with his hilarious take on life. Yap it up. 
02:008 Out of 10 Cats A panel show based on statistics and polls, hosted by Jimmy Carr. Team captains are Sean Lock and Dave Spikey; joined by Eamonn Holmes, Vic Reeves, Joan Rivers and Holly Willoughby. (S3, E08) 
02:35Nathan For You Electronics Store Nathan tries to help a struggling electronics store by advertising TVs at an extremely low price and making it extremely difficult, but not impossible, to claim the deal. (S3, E01) 
03:00Nathan For You Toy Company / Movie Theatre: Nathan markets an unappealing children's toy, devises a way to shame people who share their movie snacks and pitches a reality show. (S2, E08) 
03:20The Chris Ramsey Show Chris Ramsey is joined in his basement by Made In Chelsea's Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and comedian Matt Richardson; for daft games, ludicrous challenges, and physical feats! (S2, E03) 
03:45You're the Worst A Rapidly Mutating Virus Jimmy gets closer to his bartender friend, Nina. Gretchen accompanies Sam to do a radio interview. Edgar attempts to make inroads with Dorothy's comedy friends. (S2, E11) 
04:05Bob's Burgers The Equestranauts In a homage to the "Bronies" subculture, Tina attends her first Equestra-con, a convention based on her favourite animated pony show, "The Equestranauts". (S4, E17) 
04:30Frankenfood Outrageous Frankenfood creations compete for a spot on the menu & a $10K prize in Dallas. A Far East twist on peanut butter & jelly, a dish with spirit, and candy coated game. (S1, E10) 
04:50Takeshi's Castle Jonathan Ross narrates as one hundred brave contestants battle it out to reach Takeshi's castle. There's water, there's mud and there's lots of other unsightly things waiting for them. (S2, E10) 
05:10Puppies Make You LOL Clip show featuring entertaining pups, including Oakley, the puppy whose version of Frozen song `Let It Go' has entertained millions. There's also a miserable-looking canine called Grumpy Puppy. 
06:00Life In Pieces Dinner Professor Steps Lesbian Lark takes her first steps while Greg is away on business; and Colleen, Heather, Jen and Dougie have a ladies' night out. (S2, E05)