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Listings for 4music on Wednesday, July 15 2020

03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00All The Hits, All Summer Long! We've got the biggest hits and the hottest videos right now to last you all summer long! 
08:00Fresh Mornings Your day starts here! Join us as we've compiled for you all the freshest hits from your favourite artists that'll help you get ready for the day ahead in no time! 
08:30Fresh In Lockdown While our studios are shut, the music does not stop! Soak up intimate live performances direct from the homes of Fresh alumni Becky Hill, Tom Walker, Ray BLK and more. 
09:00Top 10: UK Music Video Chart We've teamed up with YouTube to compile a chart of the most watched videos that's packed with future hits and all the biggest tracks around! 
09:504Music's Latest Vids We're bringing you the newest and best videos right now to see you through the night! 
10:0025 Superstars Of The 10s Join us as we countdown 25 music superstars from the 10s... 
12:00The Showdown: Dua Lipa Vs Ariana Two of pop music's biggest stars Dua Lipa & Ariana Grande go head to head in a showdown of their biggest hits! Will Dua write some 'New Rules'? Or will Ariana 'Break Free' from them? 
12:15Charmed Forget Me... Not: When baby Wyatt brings a dragon to life, entities known as the Cleaners kidnap the youngster and erase all memories of his existence. Leo gives Chris a new assignment. 
13:10Sabrina the Teenage Witch Sabrina has to fight a bad case of spring fever and deal with Dreama who has been turned into a mouse. (S4e18) 
13:35Sabrina the Teenage Witch When upset with all the rules in her life, Sabrina is sent to an old west town that has no rules. (S4e19) 
14:00Don't Tell the Bride Former boxing champ Jordan plans a fight-night wedding in front of thousands, while his bride-to-be Danielle has dreams of a girly and intimate day. 
15:00Don't Tell the Bride Jack plans a haunting, horror-themed wedding, while his bride-to-be Becka dreams of a traditional Scottish affair. Will Jack's concept prove a screaming success? 
16:00Charmed The Power of Three Blondes Three evil sisters magically steal the identities of the Halliwells and take their powers. Leo tries to find out who imprisoned him on the island of Valhalla. 
17:00Malcolm in the Middle When Lois gets sick, Malcolm and his brothers convince her that it's Sunday so that they can stay hope from school. Meanwhile, Hal heeds the siren song of a Porsche dealership. (S1, ep15) 
17:30Malcolm in the Middle Malcolm and Reese spend the day fighting at a water park, Francis gets into a different kind of pool match with Spangler, and Dewey stays home with an odd babysitter. (S1, ep16) 
18:00Sabrina the Teenage Witch Amanda shows up all of the sudden being Sabrina's best friend. Something has to be up with her. (S4e20) 
18:30Sabrina the Teenage Witch Four Sabrina's appear when she is indecisive about her college choice and is being pushed toward four different schools by her friends and her aunts. (S4e21) 
19:00Scrubs My Choosiest Choice of All JD hooks up with Danni again but can't forget about his passionate night with Elliot. Dr Cox realises he might have a crush on a doctor he loathes. 
19:30Scrubs My Fault When Elliot asks Sean to move in with her, JD decides the time has come to take action. Turk and Carla get very stressed about their wedding. 
20:00How I Met Your Mother Platonish The gang recall the evening six months earlier when Barney accepted a series of romantic challenges from Lily and Robin. Bryan Cranston guests. (S9 Ep9/24) 
20:30How I Met Your Mother Mom and Dad Seeing his mother and father together for the first time in years, Barney becomes convinced that he can reunite them. John Lithgow guest stars. (S9 Ep10/24) 
21:008 Out of 10 Cats S17, E01. Jimmy Carr and captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock front the topical comedy panel show. Their guests are Paul Hollywood, Dawn O'Porter, Joe Wilkinson and Rob Beckett. 
21:50Tattoo Fixers on Holiday Sketch meets Peter, whose shocking tattoo is double trouble. Glen rids Kieren of a reminder of a holiday fling. Alice gives Jenny a tribute to her organ donor. 
22:50Celebrity Coach Trip The tour reaches Albenga, Italy, and it's smiles all round as some special new arrivals join the party. But Brendan has 'equipment' issues while rock climbing. (S2 Ep6/10) 
23:50First Dates Abroad Wicklow bad boy Brian tries to restore Sarah's faith in Irish men, while laid-back barista Eoghan unleashes his special dating blend on fund accountant Karen. 
00:50Anger Management S2 E82. After a night of partying in Vegas, Charlie discovers that he got married to Sasha. 
01:20Anger Management S2 E83. Charlie needs to learn how to skydive to satisfy his thrill-seeking girlfriend, and Lacey and Patrick go into business together designing women's shoes. 
01:45Anger Management S2 E84. Charlie wants to make a business deal with Jordan's ex-husband, but he knows Jordan won't go along if she knows the identity of the business partner. 
02:10Anger Management S2 E85. Charlie tries to get out of a wild dream so that he isn't late to officiate Ed and his wife's renewal of their wedding vows. 
02:35Confess Auburn reluctantly lets her friends take her out for her birthday. The next morning, she wakes up in a situation she promised herself she wouldn't get into. 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.