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Listings for Channel 4 HD on Saturday, September 21 2019

06:00The King of Queens Furious George On the way to an over-eating support group, Doug notices an abusive relationship group and decides to join them instead. 
06:25The King of Queens Entertainment Weakly Doug's position as the office clown is threatened when a new employee wins over the workforce with his impersonations. 
06:45Frasier The Ann Who Came to Dinner Frasier invites Roz's insurance agent friend Ann, who he once shared a disastrous date with, over for dinner. 
07:10Frasier Freudian Sleep Frasier gets the wrong end of the stick when he overhears Martin inviting Eddie on his romantic weekend away with Ronee, and invites himself along. 
07:35The Big Bang Theory The Einstein Approximation Sheldon is baffled by a formula he's working on, so he gets a less mentally taxing job at the Cheesecake Factory to kick-start his creativity. (S3 Ep14/23) 
07:55The Big Bang Theory The Large Hadron Collision Sheldon is gutted when Leonard asks Penny to go to Switzerland on Valentine's Day to see the world's largest particle accelerator instead of him. (S3 Ep15/23) 
08:20The Simpsons Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes? Mr Burns tricks Homer into not suing him for a work-related injury by telling him he's won a bogus prize. 
08:50The Simpsons Kamp Krusty Bart forges his school report so Homer will let him and Lisa go to Kamp Krusty for the summer. But the dream camp turns out to be a sweatshop and Bart leads an uprising... 
09:20The Simpsons Tree House of Horror III The Simpsons' Halloween Special III: The Simpsons throw a Halloween party during which Lisa, Grampa and Bart each tell a scary story. 
09:50The Simpsons Marge in Chains In the middle of a flu epidemic that Homer started, Marge accidentally shoplifts and is sent to jail for 30 days. 
10:20World Chase Tag: 2019 World... ...Championships Take a playground classic, add the world's best free runners and let them loose on a specially designed obstacle course. There's just one golden rule: don't get caught. 
11:20Four in a Bed Rosie and Dexter welcome their rivals to the Bae Abermaw Hotel in Barmouth in Wales. The guests are wowed by the views and surprised by their hosts' romantic revelations and confessions. 
11:55Four in a Bed The second visit is to Rigsby's Guest House in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, run by Tracy Ward. The lack of en-suite bathrooms causes a stink, and some guests can't figure out the pricing. 
12:25Four in a Bed Pub landlord John and his friend Dennis welcome their rivals to The Somerset Arms in Semington in Wiltshire. But cleanliness issues and thin walls give cause for concern. 
12:55Four in a Bed Nici and Ros welcome their rivals to The Cross Keys Hotel in Saffron Walden in Essex. All of the guests love the luxury, but Tracy finds a mark on her towel. 
13:25Four in a Bed It's the final day of the competition and the B&B owners meet for the last time. After tension around the table, the payments are revealed and the winner is announced. 
13:55The Secret Life of the Zoo Jaguars Napo and Goshi haven't been breeding. Will training Napo to be more assertive change that? Young elephants Aayu and Nandita are seriously ill. Plus: gibbons and katydids. (S7 Ep7) 
14:55The Dog House Ten German shepherd puppies descend on Wood Green, ready to be socialised, but how will potential owners pick just one? And Staffordshire bull terrier Casper seeks a home. (Ep3/8) 
16:00A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun Simon and Mary Loyne have sold their Cheshire home and can't wait to move to Spain's Costa Almeria. Danni Menzies shows them five fabulous properties; what will they choose for 100,000? 
17:00Grand Designs Design engineer Mark Butler is paralysed from the waist down and needs a cutting-edge, wheelchair-friendly family home. Making it for 600k proves a huge emotional strain. 
18:00Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
18:30F1 Italian GP Qualifying... ...Highlights Qualifying on this street circuit can be more important than the race, so Hamilton will be looking for a similar performance to his impressive pole-winning lap last year. 
20:00New: Britain at Low Tide Exploring the inner reaches of the Firth of Forth in Scotland, Dr Tori Herridge and the team investigate the story of a long-forgotten harbour and discover a 19th-century pier. (S3 Ep2/3) 
21:00The Great Wall Film (2017) Fantasy adventure. In 11th-century China, Europeans searching for the secret of gunpowder are caught up in a war against alien monsters. Starring Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe. 
22:55Die Hard 2 Film (1990) Thriller. Cop John McClane (Bruce Willis) is in trouble at Washington's Dulles Airport, where an ex-CIA renegade plans to free a South American drugs baron. Violence/strong language. 
01:15Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon Ramsay tackles a struggling seafood restaurant in Manhattan. The Black Pearl is hampered by debts, kitchen problems and three different owners who are all trying to run things. 
02:05Hollyoaks Omnibus Ste is invited into Stuart and Jonny's big far-right plan, but is he in over his head? Diane is stunned to hear Sinead is engaged, while Juliet is desperate to put things right with Brooke. [SL] 
04:10Come Dine with Me This episode in Salford features A&E doctor Sukhi Bhullar, vocal support worker Louise Woodward-Styles, hunky boxer Shinny Davenport and HR manager Fiona Morris. 
05:00Lost and Found Lucy Alexander and Simon O'Brien team up with rescue charity Dogs Trust. Stray Ida's muscles are degenerating. Will she find an owner? Three puppies are looking for a forever home. 
05:55Cheers Let Me Count the Ways Distracted by a sports match, the gang don't pay attention to Diane's sadness over the death of her cat until Sam discovers the reason behind her grief. (S1 Ep14/22)