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Listings for Paramount on Tuesday, February 27 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Scrubs His Story II This episode we see the world from the perspective of Turk - will he mail out his wedding invites? J.D. covers Elliot's stint as the hospital clown with help from the Janitor! (S3, E18) 
08:35Scrubs My Choosiest Choice of All J.D. and Elliot's relationship complicates further with the re-appearance of Sean. Dr. Cox realizes he has a crush on Dr. Miller, and Jordan picks up on it. (S3, E19) 
09:008 Simple Rules Good Moms Gone Wild Kerry and Bridget are caught partying on the evening news while the family is vacationing at Cate's parents' home in Florida. (S1, E22) 
09:308 Simple Rules Career Woman Rory wants a monkey, so Paul gives him baseball cards instead. But Rory won't give up so easily... Meanwhile Cate is in line for a promotion. (S1, E23) 
10:00Friends: Season 3 The One With A Chick And A Duck When Pete buys a restaurant, Monica must decide whether to accept his offer of employment there. Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler adopt a duck and a chick. (S3, E21) 
10:30Friends: Season 3 The One With The Screamer Ross thinks that Rachel's date (Ben Stiller) is crazy. Joey falls in love with Kate, but when she's offered a job in Los Angeles, she takes it. (S3, E22) 
11:00Friends: Season 3 The One With Ross's Thing Ross finds a strange growth on his buttocks and Phoebe can't choose between two guys. Meanwhile, Monica's boyfriend surprises her by not proposing...(S3, E23) 
11:30Friends: Season 3 The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion Phoebe sets Ross up on a date with a woman who used to be bald. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal guest star. (S3, E24) 
12:00Friends: Season 3 The One At The Beach The gang goes to the beach. Phoebe meets a family friend with links to her family's past and Ross discovers that Rachel still loves him. (S3, E25) 
12:30Friends: Season 4 The One With The Jellyfish Ross dates Rachel again after unwittingly agreeing to take responsibility for their breakup. Meanwhile, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. (S4, E01) 
13:00Impractical Jokers The guys hit the ice rink to play a slippery balloon game and try to get support for ridiculous causes at the park. Tonight's punishment involves a trip to the movies. (S7, E08) 
13:30Impractical Jokers The guys try to kiss unsuspecting strangers at a mall, they focus-group their absurd life stories as potential movies, and the big loser gets a room full of enemies. (S7, E09) 
14:00Friends: Season 4 The One With All The Haste Monica and Rachel will do anything to get their old apartment back from the guys. Meanwhile, Ross spontaneously pops the question to Emily. (S4, E19) 
14:30Friends: Season 4 The One With All The Wedding Dresses Monica has an aspirational phase of wearing Emily's wedding dress. Meanwhile, Chandler forces Joey to get treatment for his snoring at a sleep clinic. (S4, E20) 
15:00Friends: Season 4 The One With The Invitation The friends get invitations to Ross's wedding, but not all of them are going. Ross and Rachel reminisce separately about when they dated each other. (S4, E21) 
15:30Friends: Season 4 The One With The Worst Best Man Ever After Joey almost loses Ross' wedding ring, Ross asks both Joey and Chandler to be his best man. Meanwhile, the girls host a baby shower for Phoebe. (S4, E22) 
16:008 Simple Rules Queen Bees and King Bees When Paul is left out from the sports writers' poker nights he enlists Bridget to help get him back in. (S1, E24) 
16:308 Simple Rules Bake Sale Bridget and Kyle are paired up to take care of a flour sack as if it were a real baby for a school project. Meanwhile Kerry bakes cookies for the Great American Bake sale. (S1, E25) 
17:00Friends: Season 4 The One With Ross's Wedding (1): Most of the gang are in London for Ross' wedding. After talking with Phoebe, Rachel realizes she still loves Ross, resulting in a spontaneous decision...(S4, E23) 
17:30Friends: Season 4 The One With Ross's Wedding (2): Phoebe tries to warn the gang that Rachel is coming to London to declare her love to Ross. Meanwhile, Ross and Emily's parents are quarrelling over money. (S4, E24) 
18:00Friends: Season 5 The One After Ross Says Rachel Ross and Emily get married, but Emily cannot forgive him for calling her Rachel at the altar. Meanwhile, Chandler and Monica continue their secret romance. (S5, E01) 
18:30Friends: Season 5 The One With All The Kissing Chandler kisses both Rachel and Phoebe in order to cover up a kiss he gave to Monica. Rachel finally tells Ross her feelings and Phoebe goes into labour. (S5, E02) 
19:00Friends: Season 5 The One With The Triplets Phoebe goes into labour and is stuck with a doctor who is obsessed with the show "Happy Days". Meanwhile, Joey experiences his own pain from kidney stones. (S5, E03) 
19:30Friends: Season 5 The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS Phoebe's hatred for PBS arises after Joey helps out with a pledge drive. Emily tells Ross she'll give him a second chance if he cuts all ties with Rachel. (S5, E04) 
20:00New: The Middle New Year's Revelations As New Year's Eve approaches Sue admits to Frankie that she likes Sean Donahue. Meanwhile, Axl, Brick, Mike and Big Mike go for a drive with a surprise. (S9, E11) 
20:30New: Life In Pieces Burn Vasectomy Milkshake Pong Greg is still bitter over an accident that ended a competitive game of ping-pong he and Matt had started years ago, so they decide to finally settle the score. (S1, E10) 
21:00Step Brothers Film When lazy, unemployed Brennan's (Will Ferrell) mother and lazy, unemployed Dale's (John C. Reilly) father marry and move in together, it turns the overgrown boys' worlds upside down. (2008) 
23:00Chris Ramsey Live: All Growed Up Join Chris as he explores growing up, getting older, taking responsibility and all of the other terrifying realisations that come with being dragged kicking and screaming into modern adulthood. 
00:008 Out of 10 Cats A panel show based on statistics and polls, hosted by Jimmy Carr. Team captains are Sean Lock and Jason Manford; joined by Gabby Logan, Johnny Vaughan, John Bishop and Denise Lewis. (S9, E03) 
00:30Roast Battle Hosted by Jimmy Carr, with judges Russell Brand and Katherine Ryan. Featuring a battle between father and son Mark and Elliot Steel, also Jayde Adams vs. Alex Edelman. (S1, E06) 
01:00New: The Daily Show Brand new and exclusive. Join Trevor Noah and his team as they take a satirical sideswipe at the latest in news and current affairs. Emmy Award winning irreverence from Comedy Central. 
01:30South Park Hell On Earth 2006 Satan has a Sweet 16 style party in L.A. on Halloween! The gang perform a ritual and mange to summon Biggie Smalls - who demands Butters helps him get to the party! (S10, E11) 
02:00South Park Go God Go (1): Cartman is impatient to get his hands on the latest games console. Result? A visit to the atheistic future of 2546! Richard Dawkins pays a visit to South Park Elementary. (S10, E12) 
02:30South Park Go God Go XII (2): Cartman is stuck in the future, caught up in a battle between atheists and sea otters! And what will become of Richard Dawkins and Mrs. Garrison's love affair? (S10, E13) 
03:00South Park Stanley's Cup In a parody of underdog sports films, Stan is sentenced to community service and ends up coaching the Park County Pee-Wee hockey team - can he turn these losers into winners? (S10, E14) 
03:25The Cleveland Show Frapp Attack! After Donna becomes jealous when Cleveland gets too close to a female co-worker, a music video made from footage of his workplace shenanigans goes viral. (S3, E16) 
03:50The Cleveland Show American Prankster One of Rallo's pranks goes too far and gets Cleveland, Jr. kicked out of the scouts. Cleveland takes matters into his own hands... (S3, E17) 
04:15Two And A Half Men The Squat and The Hover Walden goes a little off the rails when he's served with divorce papers. Will trying to pick up lesbians with Alan really help? Jane Lynch guest-stars. (S9, E06) 
04:35Two And A Half Men Those Fancy Japanese Toilets Alan gets rather excited when Charlie's secret safety deposit box is discovered, but what's inside? Walden decides the beach house is in need of a new look. (S9, E07) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.