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Listings for Discovery on Sunday, September 27 2020

06:00Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Harlen's Dream Nissan Skyline. Car dealer supremo Mike Brewer and mechanic Marc 'Elvis' Priestley trade up to iconic Japanese sports car, the Nissan Skyline, for photographer Harlen. S1, Ep3 
07:00Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Adam's Dream TVR Cerbera. Car dealer supremo Mike Brewer and mechanic Marc 'Elvis' Priestley trade up to a British muscle car, the TVR Cerbera, for electrical engineer Adam. S1, Ep4 
08:00Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Jess's Dream VW Golf GTi. Mike Brewer and Marc 'Elvis' Priestley trade up to a VW Golf GTi for teaching assistant Jess. And the guys transform an old Fiat Doblo into a micro camper. S1, Ep5 
09:00Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Tom's Dream DeLorean. Mike Brewer and Marc 'Elvis' Priestley help farmer Tom trade up an old Jaguar and a tractor to a DeLorean. But with a 30,000 price tag it won't be easy. S1, Ep6 
10:00Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Deepak's Dream Porsche Cayenne. Car dealer supremo Mike Brewer and mechanic Marc 'Elvis' Priestley help police officer Deepak trade up his Nissan Juke to a stylish Porsche Cayenne. S1, Ep7 
11:00Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car Mike and Elvis deliver the ultimate guide to buying a dream car, featuring auctions, car shows, auto jumbles and Mike's very own forecourt. S1, Ep8 
12:00King Tut's Mystery Tomb Opened In 2006 a new tomb was unearthed in Egypt's Valley of the Kings revealing extraordinary artefacts and a sealed coffin; have archaeologists recovered a member of King Tut's family? 
13:00Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets. Philip Grossman examines the causes and outcomes of the events at the Chernobyl site. Was it an accident or one of the biggest sabotages in history? S1, Ep1 
14:00Hitler's Lost Bunker Hitler's Lost Bunker. The underground bunker of Adolf Hitler is home to some of the greatest secrets of the Nazi regime. Experts use cutting-edge technology to uncover new evidence. S4, Ep13 
15:00Twin Towers: The Hidden... ...Secrets. Hidden Secrets Of The Twin Towers. The World Trade Centre's iconic twin towers were an engineering marvel. Experts use pioneering technology to examine their secret history. S4, Ep24 
16:00JFK: The Lost Tapes The story of JFK's assassination, told through the unique perspective of newly released government tapes from Air Force One, as well as recordings from the police and reporters. 
17:00Legend of Deep Blue Shark experts Brandon McMillan and Jimi Partington return to Guadalupe Island to search for the largest great white in the world, Deep Blue. Can they unravel the mystery? 
18:00Combat Dealers: Reloaded Dressed To Kill. The team look for the most impressive and advanced uniforms of WW2, exploring the vital role of clothing and kit in gaining an advantage against the enemy. S1, Ep4 
19:00History In The Making Garand/Barrel/Sports Balls. Artisans restore World War II rifle, the M1 Garand. Plus, they create barrels using traditional methods and American sports balls from the 19th century. S1, Ep1 
19:30History In The Making Armour/Engraving and Printing. Artisans forge the Greek hoplite soldier's breastplate. And, they make a print using early industrial wood engraving and create a beaver fur top hat. S1, Ep2 
20:00New: Lost Kingdom Of Kush Lost Kingdom Of Kush. Pyramids in the deserts of Sudan are the ruins of a powerful lost civilisation that rivalled Egypt. However, why are the pyramids there and who built them? S4, Ep21 
21:00Disasters Engineered Experts examine how the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the Challenger space shuttle disaster happened. What were the consequences and how could they have been avoided? S1, Ep1 
22:00Richard Hammond's Big World's Longest Railway Tunnel. Richard ventures 2km beneath the Alps into the world's longest underground railway connection, the Brenner Base Tunnel, riding some giant machines! S1, Ep5 
23:00Ed Stafford: First Man Out Ed vs Will Lord. Ed faces his old bushcraft teacher, Will Lord, in Bashan, central China. Both without a knife, they must navigate huge cliffs and Asia's largest bamboo forest. S2, Ep1 
00:00Naked and Afraid XL Valley Of The Banished. 12 survivalists enter a punishing African location for their 40-day challenge. They encounter deadly crocodiles and territorial leopards. S5, Ep1 
02:00Wheeler Dealers 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Gti. The Golf GTi was a symbol of the 80s. Mike finds a prime example of a Rabbit, which he thinks can be transformed. Ant has a lot of work to do! S15, Ep2 
03:00Wheeler Dealers 1991 Toyota Mr2 Turbo. The guys are excited when they find a legendary 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo. But, one small fix becomes a big problem for Ant as the entire engine has to be removed. S15, Ep3 
03:50Wheeler Dealers 2002 Corvette C5 Z06. Mike finds a 2002 Chevy Corvette Z06 that can do zero to sixty in under four seconds. Ant is less than enthused when he sees the scale of the work needed. S15, Ep4 
04:40Wheeler Dealers 1991 Alfa Romeo 164l. Mike tracks down a rare '91 Alfa Romeo 164L. He loves the look, but Ant has his work cut out for him. The car has perfect bodywork, but it has a leaking engine. S15, Ep5 
05:30How Do They Do It? How do they make some world's smoothest writing ballpoint pens that don't leak or fade? And, how do they make pizza for soldiers on the frontline? S15, Ep7 
06:00Combat Dealers: Reloaded Paras. Ex-paras Bruce Crompton and Freddie Kruyer explore the troops' vital role in defeating the Germans in WW2. They collect authentic gear and uniforms before they jump. S1, Ep1