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Listings for Dave on Thursday, October 25 2018

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
07:10Scrapheap Challenge Sharp Shooters There's a lot of junk on TV these days, so why not build something out of it? This scrapyard contest sees two teams fashion automatic arrow-firing machines out of old rubbish. S8 Ep3 
08:00American Pickers You Betcha Antique-accumulating antics with the pro pickers who buy low and sell high. The chaps are in Kentucky, where a mysterious wooden box captures Mike's attention. S5 Ep22 
09:00Top Gear Jeremy races the new Jaguar XJ against something even bigger and more powerful - the rotation of the Earth! The boys egg on John Prescott to take to the track for a few laps. S16 Ep6 
10:00American Pickers Bonnie, Clyde and the King The criminally good antique-picking gang lawfully loot a Bonnie and Clyde museum. A roadie's rock'n'roll collection also hits the right notes. S6 Ep9 
11:00American Pickers Hot Rod Hero Mike and Frank discover a fleet of amazing concept cars, but there's a snag, as some are so unique they don't even know where to start in pricing them. S12 Ep7 
12:00American Pickers Signs of Struggle Mike struggles to free a huge sign from a tight corner, before striking a deal with the 'Sign Boss'. Danielle and Frank take a last ride in a 1956 Chevy. S9 Ep19 
13:00Sin City Motors Power Packing F100 Pickup Clapped-out motors get revamped by a crack Vegas garage crew. An electrical lineman tasks Steve's team with customising a trusty old 1970s Ford pickup. S3 Ep4 
14:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad The cutting-edge series following the work of Staffordshire Police. It's Halloween weekend and the squad are called in to investigate a hair-raising skirmish at a nightclub. S2 Ep6 
15:00Steve Austin's Broken Skull... ...Challenge. Put up or shut up!: Wrestling great Steve Austin challenges tough guys to prove their worth. Will one of them finally beat Tommy's time on the Skullbuster? S2 Ep9 
16:00Sin City Motors Son of a...: Wondrous works of automotive art. Steve aims to make a big rig rat rod out of a client's '79 Peterbilt - only for cousin Dave to go rogue and paint the truck! S3 Ep5 
17:00Top Gear Ciao! Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May travel to Italy for a series of challenges and increasingly loud arguments. Geordie randomist Ross Noble guests. S17 Ep2 
18:00Top Gear Automotive antics courtesy of Jeremy Clarkson and James May. Jezza makes a public information film, James puts his foot down, and Hugh Grant is the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. S9 Ep2 
19:00New: American Pickers Woody's Picking Paradise Mike and Frank come across a huge 200,000-square-foot factory that now houses the private collection of Woody, its dumpster-diving owner. S12 Ep8 
20:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Reality series. Trouble breaks out when vigilantes confront a man who they believe is a paedophile. And the team search for a suspect believed to be armed with a meat cleaver. S3 Ep6 
21:00QI Lucky Losers Alan's in with a chance as the panelist with the lowest score wins this edition of the mind-bending quiz. With Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Danny Baker. S12 Ep13 
22:00Red Dwarf XI Krysis The useless mob reunite for the space comedy that's on another planet. The gang step in when Kryten has a mid-life crisis and changes his body cover to Ferrari red. S11 Ep5 
22:40Zapped Chef Brian pitches for a job in the pub while Herman helps an old warrior friend. Barbara finds herself in charge of the Munty Pet show, which Howell is attempting to fix. S3 Ep2 
23:20Mock the Week Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis take satirical look at the week's events, with guests Angela Barnes, Gary Delaney, Ed Gamble, Kerry Godliman and Nish Kumar. S16 Ep3 
00:00Have I Got a Bit More News for You Comedian Jack Whitehall is the fresh meat in the hosts' chair as Paul Merton and Ian Hislop team up with Richard Bacon and Janet Street-Porter for a supersized slice of satire. S46 Ep7 
01:00QI Little and Large A suitably multi-sized line-up of Richard Osman, Lucy Porter, Phill Jupitus and Alan Davies join Stephen Fry in this extra-large helping of wit and wisdom. S12 Ep14 
01:55Mock the Week Rob Beckett, Ed Gamble, Milton Jones, Romesh Ranganathan and Tiff Stevenson join Dara and Hugh for some topical mockery and 'things you didn't hear at the Olympics'! S15 Ep7 
02:40Alan Davies As Yet Untitled Reece Shearsmith joins Lucy Porter, Gemma Cairney, Dave Johns and Alan to see the mirth in bad super glue and weird celeb encounters. Droll, agenda-free chat. S5 Ep7 
03:30The Indestructibles Human Marble Run Adrenaline junkies execute incredible sport-inspired stunts. Tim and Gendle try to create a human marble run using motorbikes and riders wearing zorbs! S1 Ep6 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from home.