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Listings for Dave on Thursday, November 21 2019

06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
07:10Cops UK: Bodycam Squad A police pursuit results in a car being driven the wrong way up the M1 and reports emerge of two youths on mopeds threatening a man with a knife. S4 Ep6 
08:00American Pickers Beetle in a Haystack: A lead on a rare VW Beetle turns out to be true, but it will take some seriously heavy metal to shift it from its rustic home. S9 Ep5 
09:00Storage Hunters The Dancing Bear Fiery US reality series. Papa Bear bids on two mysterious bins from Brazil. Brandon and Lori are flummoxed by a 3D printer, but are delighted with the valuation. S3 Ep7 
09:30Storage Hunters Up In Flames Bargain-hunting couple Brandon and Lori bid on the items which others have left behind in storage units - this time that includes a flamethrower. S1 Ep15 
10:00American Pickers Best of: Biggest Buys: A look at the top 12 big ticket items that Mike and Frank picked in previous shows. S9 Ep6 
11:00American Pickers Raze the Roof Antique prices are going through the roof in the hit US reality series. A Kentucky collector is desperate to shift his collection before the ceiling caves in. S7 Ep9 
12:00Last Stop Garage Labrador Snowtanker The boys help to get some much-needed fuel to the northern communities by creating a one-of-a-kind fuel tanker sled and a pumped-up snowmobile built to haul it. S1 Ep5 
12:30Last Stop Garage Fan Boat The boys build an all-season fan boat for a local hunter so that he can travel over thin ice and shallow water. S1 Ep6 
13:00Top Gear The most-watched factual TV series... in the world. The lads take a nostalgic look at Peugeot, while Richard coos over the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Olly Murs guests. S22 Ep5 
14:00Cops UK: Bodycam Squad Following an ANPR ping, Stu assists with an armed vehicle stop believed to be connected to a firearms incident in Gloucester. PC Parkes visits a woman who failed to hand herself in. S4 Ep7 
15:00Last Stop Garage Monster Mud Truck The CRB crew builds an off-road truck for a local trapper who needs to cross rugged and mucky terrain. S1 Ep7 
15:30Last Stop Garage Hot Rod Wagon The boys build an ugly hot rod station wagon as a birthday present for a demanding client's wife. S1 Ep8 
16:00World's Most Dangerous Roads Bolivia Funnymen Phill Jupitus and Marcus Brigstocke find their high-altitude road trip in South America is no joke as they grapple with Bolivian bandits and the Road of Death! S3 Ep3 
17:00Top Gear The boys race three front-engined supercars on an epic trip starting in Las Vegas - last one to the Mexican border is a rotten egg. The Mac drummer Mick Fleetwood guests. S19 Ep2 
18:00Top Gear More motoring mayhem. Jeremy and Richard tackle the interconnected issues of an ageing population and the complexity of modern cars by designing a vehicle for pensioners. S19 Ep5 
19:00Room 101 Richard Osman, Joan Bakewell and Roisin Conaty coax Frank Skinner into ridding the world of their bugbears, including cobblers, Bambi and selfies. The latter gets our vote. S3 Ep1 
19:40Room 101 Frank Skinner hosts as crotchety guests Henning Wehn, Michael Ball and Caroline Quentin hope to banish the royals, junk mail and clairvoyants to Orwell's eponymous chamber. S3 Ep2 
20:20Insert Name Here Mary Stephen Mangan, Mel Giedroyc, Nish Kumar and Suzannah Lipscomb join Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe to answer Sue Perkins' questions about famous people who share the name Mary. S2 Ep3 New. 
21:00Live at the Apollo Jack Whitehall is the man in charge, performing himself, before introducing routines by Canadian comedienne Katherine Ryan and deadpan American jokester Rich Hall. S9 Ep5 New. 
22:00Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier Modern Living Jon and guests Richard Osman, Jessie Cave and Darren Harriott discuss, categorise and rank worries to do with Modern Living. Has inventing got out of hand? Is magic dead? S2 Ep2 
23:00Comedians Giving Lectures Stand-up comedians Ed Gamble, Katherine Ryan and Sindhu Vee are given the titles of real lectures and invited to give their own version. Presented by Sara Pascoe. S1 Ep2 
23:40Room 101 Lee Mack, Dave Myers and Ruby Wax vent their spleens as they reveal to host Frank Skinner what really grinds their gears: Top Gear, wigs and even one of their own mums! S3 Ep3 
00:20Room 101 Frank Skinner hosts the revamped panel show. Miles Jupp, Vernon Kay and Kelly Hoppen badger Frank to pull the Room 101 lever on loud noises, litterbugs and weak handshakes. S3 Ep4 
01:00Insert Name Here Mary Stephen Mangan, Mel Giedroyc, Nish Kumar and Suzannah Lipscomb join Richard Osman and Josh Widdicombe to answer Sue Perkins' questions about famous people who share the name Mary. S2 Ep3 
01:40Red Dwarf XI Officer Rimmer Rimmer is promoted after some outrageous luck and opens an officer's club filled with versions of himself. S11 Ep4 
02:25Red Dwarf XI Krysis The useless mob reunite for the space comedy that's on another planet. The gang step in when Kryten has a mid-life crisis and changes his body cover to Ferrari red. S11 Ep5 
02:55Red Dwarf XI Can of Worms The Enterprise crew they ain't - surreal space antics with the hapless smegheads. Cat falls head over heels in love, but the object of his desire has a secret. S11 Ep6 
03:25The Indestructibles No Snow, No Problem Adrenaline-fuelled action sport antics. Tim and Gendle take multi-terrain boardsports to the next level, from speedy slaloms on grass to dry ski loops. S1 Ep4 
04:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home. 
06:00Teleshopping Shopping from Home.