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Listings for Sky Two on Thursday, March 28 2019

06:0060 Minute Makeover Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S8, ep 20) 
07:0060 Minute Makeover Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S8, ep 21) 
08:0060 Minute Makeover Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S8, ep 22) 
09:0060 Minute Makeover Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S8, ep 23) 
10:00The Biggest Loser Australia The Log Jam Challenge sets pulses racing, but the drama explodes in the elimination room, when one contestant is accused of being a traitor. (S11, ep 10) 
11:00The Biggest Loser Australia New & Exclusive. The Biggest Loser: Transformed continues. Follow the transformational journey of the contestants as they overhaul their mind, body and spirit. (S11, ep 11) 
12:00Animal 999 Callum's Day Inspector Callum provides a behind-the-scenes insight into the work of the Scottish SPCA in the Outer Hebrides. (S4, ep 3) 
12:30Animal 999 Hulk the Lizard A lizard with a serious leg injury is found in the less than tropical climes of Glasgow. (S4, ep 4) 
13:00Animal 999 Dennistoun Cats SSPCA inspector Stacey is called to a chaotic flat in Glasgow to come to the rescue of a number of abandoned cats. (S4, ep 5) 
13:30Animal 999 Summer the Fox The Scottish SPCA comes to the aid of Summer, a fox badly injured after being hit with a car. (S4, ep 6) 
14:00The Dog Whisperer Harley, Annabelle and Memphis Debbie loves Labrador Harley, but he's too much for her to handle. Can Cesar put him on the straight and narrow? (S5, ep 18) 
15:00Stargate SG-1 2010 Ten years have passed since an alien race known as the Aschen saved Earth and cured cancer but Carter discovers the awful truth behind this seemingly infallible race. (S4, ep 16) 
16:00Stargate SG-1 Absolute Power SG-1 notice a change in Daniel Jackson after he is reunited with the Harsesis child, Shifu (Lane Gates). (S4, ep 17) 
17:00A Town Called Eureka One Small Step While Carter and Taggart investigate the mystery of a melted cow, Jo questions what she wants from life. A malfunction strands Andy on Titan, too. (S4, ep 19) 
18:00Supergirl Myriad Kara, Maxwell Lord and Cat Grant must pull together to save the city as Non and Indigo put their devastating plan into motion. Violence/flashing images. (S1, ep 19) 
19:00Stargate Atlantis Vengeance While investigating a village that had previously gone missing, Sheppard and his team stumble onto a Wraith experiment built to create large, deadly insects. (S3, ep 19) 
20:00Brit Cops: Law & Disorder Documentary series charting the exploits of the City of London police, charged with safeguarding the Square Mile at the heart of the crime-ridden capital. (S4, ep 7) 
21:00Magnum P.I. New & Exclusive. Nowhere to Hide: Magnum helps a woman find her Russian fugitive cousin. There's danger for Higgins and Kumu when they get drawn into a case. (S1, ep 11) 
22:00Bounty Hunters New & Exclusive. Nina and Leah must team up to save Barnaby when he's nabbed by Colin McQueen. At the same time, the Shermans' bounty hunter closes in. (S2, ep 4) 
22:30A League Of Their Own The sports panel show runs into extra time with a special episode featuring never-before-seen footage from series nine of the riotous panel show. (S9, ep 12) 
23:00The Russell Howard Hour Join Russell as he mocks the madness of the news, talks to Michelle Wolf about being trolled on Twitter by Trump, and takes an ice bath with Paul Chowdhry. (S2, ep 5) 
00:00The Flash New & Exclusive. Cause and XS: Nora races to save her mother when Iris lands herself in serious danger. Cisco goes on a date, while Barry tries to finish the metahuman cure. (S5, ep 14) 
01:00Strike Back: Silent War New & Exclusive. The team take explosive action when the nukes fall into the wrong hands. Novin heads undercover, and ghosts return to haunt Wyatt. (S7, ep 5) 
02:00Comedians Watching Football... ...with Friends. New & Exclusive. There's more laughs as Sean Lock, Lee Mack and Adrian Chiles check out this week's England games. With Vick Hope, David Seaman and Matt Forde. (S1, ep 4) 
02:30A League Of Their Own The best moments from series nine of the riotous panel show hosted by James Corden, with Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff and Jack Whitehall. (S9, ep 9) 
03:00The Rookie New & Exclusive. Crash Course: Talia forces Nolan to confront his personal moral instincts. Lucy is placed with a new training officer who tests her patience. (S1, ep 2) 
04:00Duck Quacks Don't Echo Danny Baker, Roisin Conaty and Jack Dee join host Lee Mack to test out more obscure theories in the studio. (S5, ep 5) 
05:00Monkey Life The first primates arrive at the Vietnam rescue centre to begin their rehabilitation. Back on home soil, Paddy's chimpanzee group welcome a new addition into the fold. (S2, ep 11) 
05:30Monkey Life A tense day of introductions is in store for Monkey World's chimpanzees and gibbons. Plus, the team embark on their biggest and most ambitious mission yet. (S2, ep 12) 
06:0060 Minute Makeover Design series in which a makeover team has just one hour to improve a home. (S8, ep 24)